SunnaCare is a life and religious coaching service working with the Muslim community to help people in distress. Their goal for website creation was to be better known in the region and visible in the digital realm. We created their website with an appealing design and the best SEO practices to ensure their website remains visible on search engines while providing people with the information they need in challenging times.

Client Name
Sunna Care
  • – 7 Main Pages
  • – 13 Collection Pages
  • – Custom product pages
  • – Shopify build & design

Colors & Material

Pearl Bush


Light Taupe


Brown Bear



SunnaCare offers religious and life coaching services to people looking to enhance their well-being. However, they lacked any digital presence that would attract clients to their business. With no website or social media presence, they required a solid foundation to begin building thier digital presence, and become known for their services in the region.


The Dreams Agency decided that creating a website with a booking form and a comprehensive overview of the services would urge people to seek the help of SunnaCare professionals. We decided their branding, and created the complete website with branding elements and a booking page that will help convert users to clients. Our team also suggested them to build a social media presence for even more visibility. We built their social media platforms, and create visually appealing content on a consistent basis to boost the visibility on different channels.