Masonry Masters has been conducting exquisite craftsmanship on various properties, and with our website creation services, they can now serve even more clients. Our seamless website creation showcasing their work and allowing people to book will surely take Masonry Masters to even greater heights.

Client Name
Masonry Masters
  • – 7 Main Pages
  • – 13 Collection Pages
  • – Custom product pages
  • – Shopify build & design

Colors & Material

Desert Sand




River Bed





Brand Guidelines


Masonry Masters helps homes and commercial properties in Toronto benefit from the craft of masonry. They are well-known in the region, but required a digital presence to give people more information about their work and website.


The Dreams Agency decided to create a website that would showcase their work, and allow people to contact the business directly. From their logo branding to seamless website creation, their website was created from scratch to ensure that their digital presence begins on the right foot.