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Who We Are

A Toronto based digital marketing agency with a passion for design.

Established in 2020 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Dreams Agency is a team of 15+ marketing and advertising professionals with offices across Canada and the United States. We work with both SMB (small and medium sized businesses) and large enterprises across a variety of industries including: eCommerce, law, health & medical , SaaS, beauty & fitness, tourism, automotive, insurance, retail, fashion, professional services and more.

Our team has experience bringing in both e-commerce sales as well as service leads. With clients across five continents within two years of launch, our results speak for themselves.

Proven Results
Serving Clients Worldwide

Our Client Process

We believe design is a process

We prototype, we iterate

We design & build


Our mantra is making our clients dreams come true. The first step in our process is to define exactly what it is your needs are and define how we can craft a solution for you and your business. We like to meet potential clients as quickly and conveniently as possible. Fill out a Contact Us form and let’s get on a video call!


After understanding exactly what it is you need, its our job to work out how we can help. The design phase involves piecing together all the design, functionality and aesthetic elements that play into your tailor-made digital marketing solution.


Following the design phase, we’ll get your approval and get started. With the Dreams Agency, we play by your rules. In our building phase, we afford our clients multiple revisions and meetings that you can take advantage of to ensure your digital marketing solution is the one you’ve always dreamt of.

Save Yourself Time By Working With Dreams

Save Yourself Time and Money by working with Dreams

You’ve heard the typical story.

Business wants to grow.
Engages a marketing agency.
Marketing agency blows the budget.
No results generated.

We do things differently at Dreams.
Grow with Dreams. We’ve done it before. We’ll do it again.

Check out our work.

How can we help you?


We care about your brand, which is why we work with you.

Servicing Clients Worldwide

Dreams Agency is a team of professionals who work remotely & in-office. We are a full service agency and work with clients worldwide. Our clients range from startups to large corporations.

Certified Specialists

We have a team of certified specialists in many different job fields with systems in place to ensure your success.

Dedicated Support

Here at Dreams agency, we take pride in our customer service. While starting a project, we always set up your preferred method of communication so that we’re always in contact to answer any questions you may have. Our clients receive unlimited support with quick response times for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Fast Turnaround Time

We try our best to complete your project within acceptable deadlines while ensuring our quality of work remains the same.

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