Athena Narsingh required complete website creation with branding and flawless site navigation. She wanted to minimize clutter and ensure her site looked clean and loaded well. We created a new website for her from scratch with all the guidelines, and now the user experience is better than ever, compelling users to stay and engage with her website.

Client Name
Athena Law Office
  • – 7 Main Pages
  • – 13 Collection Pages
  • – Custom product pages
  • – Shopify build & design

Colors & Material







Website Design & Development


Athena Narsingh is a reputable family and real estate lawyer in the Scarborough region. She is great at what she does, but her website lacked functionality and responsiveness that affected the user experience negatively. Athena required a new website with her branding along with a great user experience to make people stay on her website. She also wanted a better digital presence on Google and required SEO services to rank her website and remain visible in the digital realm.


The Dreams Agency did a comprehensive website audit to understand what challenges Athena faced with her existing website. Then, we presented a solution to shift the website to WordPress and create a new and better one with complete branding and a smooth user experience. We reduced the page load time, and created a minimal yet informative website that compels users to stay. We also consulted with our team and did a complete copy overhaul with on-page SEO that incorporates the right keywords to help her website rank better. Slowly, her website is ranking on search engines and we are already noticing people staying on the website and engaging more, especially with the blogs!

Search Engine Optimization