Q4 Gems is one of the companies in Canada offering IT and cloud infrastructure solutions, as well as customized IT solutions for each business type based on their needs. Its mission is to provide its clientele a seamless customer journey and solutions to ensure growth and success.

Client Name
Q4 Gems
  • – 7 Main Pages
  • – 13 Collection Pages
  • – Custom product pages
  • – Shopify build & design
Q4 Gems

Colors & Material



Nice Blue


Cloud Burst



Q4 Gems has endless services, and they wanted to sort them into a website with flawless navigation and categories. They also wanted to work on their visual identity to ensure a consistent branding on the website and other platforms.


The Dreams Agency first consulted with its design team, and decided to create a new logo for the company that enhanced its visual identity, and kept its branding in mind. Our next step was to create a comprehensive website sorting all the services into different pages and categories. The result was a smooth user experience, as the new website is incredibly easy to navigate. Our SEO team also took rein of this project and optimized each website page with SEO best practices to make it discoverable to search engines, and help the website establish a solid digital presence.