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As a business, you want to solve the problems of your target audience, but you don’t know where to begin. You can do all the research in the world, but no one will provide you with valuable insights other than your audience yourself.

This is where a Facebook poll can come in to allow you to connect with your audience. You can leverage this to:

  • Understand the problems of your audience.
  • How you can solve those problems.
  • What business decisions you must make next?

Keep reading to learn how to create a poll on Facebook. You will also learn best practices to utilize Facebook for social media marketing.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook Groups

Facebook menu for groupsNot every small business can afford Facebook Ads. But, don’t require any investment to be on a Facebook group for your business.

All you have to do is join relevant groups, start posting, and create connections with your customers or other businesses in your industry.

Creating polls is a great way to foster community and engagement on a Facebook group. Here is how to create a poll on Facebook groups for your business:

Step 1: Select the Group of your Choice

As a business, you might be on many forums and groups on Facebook. You can select the relevant one for your poll on Facebook by clicking on the “Groups” icon.

Step 2: Time to Create a Post for your Poll

When you click on the Groups icon, you will see a section that says, “What’s on your mind.”

Click on this section, and it will open a pop-up for you, enabling you to add your post. On the bottom right-hand side, three dots will lead you to the poll option.

Step 3: Create a Facebook Poll

Facebook group pollWhen you click on the three dots, you will have options for various actions you can take. Click on the poll option and use the “Write something” section to create the poll.

Step 4: Post it on the Group

Add all the options you want in your poll. You can do this by going to “Poll options.”

These options will also enable you to add different items and whether your audience can select multiple options. After adding all options, click “Post” and publish it on the group.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook Story

list of creating Facebook poll on storyOver three hundred million people use Facebook Stories daily, so you can reach a wide audience. Your target audience is probably also checking your stories, which you can use to your advantage.

Creating a poll on your Facebook story will ensure you can address the audience directly and get the answers you need.

Let’s learn how to create a poll on Facebook story:

Step 1: Open Your Facebook Business Page

You must open your Facebook Business Page first. Find the page through your shortcuts or by going on the Pages button on your profile.

Step 2: Click the Add to Story Button

Once you go to your page, there will be a blue circle on your profile picture thumbnail:

  • You can click the circle, which will open a dropdown menu.
  • Then, you can click on “Create Story.”

Step 3: Time to Add Your Poll

Start swiping left on your story till you see a Poll card. You can fill the card by writing the question and providing options to your audience.

Customizing the poll is also easy with the different options Facebook provides. For example, you can select a color gradient for the background or upload a relevant photo from the camera roll.

Once you finish customizing the Facebook poll, click the Share Now button.

Step 4: Check the Results

Give the poll 24 hours for your target audience to answer them. Remember, your followers will also witness the percentage of votes on the poll.

However, you will see how many people voted for each option. Then, you can analyze the results and decide based on the poll.

How to Create an Event Poll on Facebook

Businesses host various events, from seminars to workshops, trainings, and more. Facebook is a powerful social media marketing tool to let your target audience know about the event you are hosting.

Here are some details you can take from your audience before deciding on an event:

  • Itinerary
  • Location, time, and date
  • Opinions about the event
  • Feedback (post-event)

If you want any of this information, here is how to create a poll on Facebook for business events:

Step 1: Go to your Business Event Page

First, you have to create an event for people to attend to. The events tab on your Facebook page will lead you to all the events you plan on hosting.

Step 2: Go on the Post Option

The event page will open a Discussion tab where you can add different posts. Click on “Add a Post.”

Step 3: Add the Poll

There will be a poll icon on the post screen. It will enable you to add the various questions you want to ask your audience and the options you want to give them.

Adding different options is easy by following these steps:

  • Click on the “+Add Option tab.”
  • Use “poll options.”
  • You can enable or disable people from choosing one or more answers.

Once you think the poll looks perfect, click the “Post” button and add the poll to your business event page.

How to Create a Facebook Poll on Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a fantastic way to connect with people directly. You can add a poll on Messenger on your account, as this feature is not yet available for businesses.

However, as a small business owner, you can use your personal account to create a group chat with your peers and carry out a quick survey.

Here is how to create a Facebook poll on Messenger:

Step 1: Open a Group Chat

You can create a new group chat with your colleagues, friends, and family to start your small business on the right foot. If you already have a group chat on Messenger, you can also open that.

Step 2: Click on the + Button

There will be a + button at the bottom that you can click. This will be next to the text box of the group chat.

Step 3: Tap the Poll Icon

As you click on the plus button, it will open a new pop-up screen for you. Here, you can add the question and the options you want to give your audience.

Click on “Create a Poll,” and Facebook will share this with your group chat.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook Videos

More than a few hundred million people watch Facebook videos daily, making it one of the top ways to engage with your audience. Add it to your marketing mix today with some poll content to make it even more engaging.

Learn how to create a poll on Facebook videos for your audience with our step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Add a Video

Create video content for your small business and add it to your Facebook page. You can also edit a previous video on your business page, but uploading a new one works best for poll engagement.

Step 2: Edit the Video

While uploading the video, you can click on the edit option. It will lead you to a new window where you can edit your video’s tags, caption, and title.

Step 3: Create Poll

After all the necessary editing, there will be a poll option. Click that and begin creating the poll.

Step 4: Add Question Options

On the left side, there will be a video with a slider. Move the slider to the video section where you want the poll to be.

Next, you can fill in the options of questions you want to ask on the poll. Facebook provides two options by default, but you can add a maximum of six.

Step 5: Finalize the Settings of your Poll

If you think your poll is complete, you can finalize the settings. Here are some things you can edit at this stage:

  • When you want the poll to show up on the video
  • How long do you want the poll to show up for
  • When you want to publish the poll results

Step 6: Save the Changes

Check the video and poll once more to ensure there are no mistakes. Finally, tap on the Save button to begin the poll and see the results when you want.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook: 5 Best Practices

list of best Facebook poll best practicesNow that you know how to create a poll on Facebook, having some guidelines for effective polls is good. Whether you make a poll on the Facebook app, mobile, or browser, here are some practices you can follow:

1.  Focus on Quick Insights

What are the areas of your business where you can make better decisions or know more about your audience? Ponder on this question for a while, and create Facebook polls to gain quick insights into these areas.

Facebook polls are an easy way to get quick insights into your audience. You can then take their input into account.

2.  Create Some Hype

Social media is all about creating the right hype around your brand. If you want to announce something important, you can do it through a Facebook poll.

For example, you can invite your target audience to join the new occasion by getting to know their views. It will make your audience feel as if they are part of your brand and their input is valuable.

3.  Get Creative with the Facebook Polls

Adhering to strict rules and guidelines will not get you anywhere. Instead, show your audience you are a fun brand by creating a good Facebook poll.

You can exaggerate the text and make it catchy to become more noticeable and memorable for your audience. So, think out of the box and decide how you will get creative for the poll.

4.  Create Community

Facebook was created keeping the community in mind. You can also encourage more community through your brand by building a relationship with your audience.

There are endless ways to interact on Facebook, from likes to messaging and more. Add Facebook polls to your mix by letting your audience share their opinions on what matters to them.

5.  Give your Audience what they want

Go to the source by engaging with your audience to learn what you need. You can use a poll to ask your audience:

  • What they would like to see next
  • How you can provide a better experience
  • Feedback on anything important
  • And more

Once you have this information, you can give your target audience what they want.


Can you still create a poll on Facebook?

Yes, businesses can use the power of polls to engage with their audience on Facebook. However, you might not be able to leverage this feature on your personal Facebook timeline or account.

Can you create a poll on Facebook Mobile?

You can create a poll on Facebook through mobile apps and your desktop. Simply download the iOS or Android Facebook app to begin creating your poll.

How do I change my poll settings on Facebook?

The settings you want to change will depend on where you have created the poll. Typically, the poll will have an edit option for you to make relevant changes.

Are Facebook polls useful?

Yes, polls are a fantastic way to begin a discussion with your audience, conduct market research, or boost awareness and engagement. You can use the poll for any of these reasons.

Final Thoughts

Facebook polls can be a fantastic tool in your marketing arsenal. It takes $0 to create and post Facebook polls, making it ideal for small businesses.

Now that you know how to create a poll on Facebook, implement the steps today and get the desired results. Let us know whether this marketing strategy worked for you or not.