Built with innovation at every step and crafted with a singular purpose - to be every media producer's dream come true; Qube Studio is Toronto's premier photo and video space. The facility boasts a 20 Qube-ic feet, infinite background backdrop acting as a canvas for a filmmaker's next magnum opus. The space is completely soundproofed and hold the only motorized grid system capable of heavy rigging for lighting and camera equipment. Qube Studio is available to book in hour, half-day, and full-day segments. Qube is dedicated to bringing projects to life.

Client Name
Qube Studios
  • WordPress Design & Development
  • Custom Website Functionalities
Client Deliverables
  • – 1 Main Pages
  • – Custom Coded CMS Booking Page

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Orangey Red



Enhancing the existing digital presence for a Toronto-based, futuristic photo and video studio. Qube’s web presence did not previously capture nor deliver to web visitors the value, uniqueness and utility that the production studio offers. Further, Qube studios inability to maximize on their growing email list has hurt booking numbers over the last few months.


The Dreams Agency assessed Qube’s challenges by consulting a modern approach to the User Experience flow. Qube’s website copy and lack of imagery hindered new audiences from understanding the facility’s USP and differentiation. With a website retouch and copy overhaul, The Dreams Agency has been able to minimize the website newcomer bounce rate and elevate coversions. Further, The Dreams Agency utilized Qube’s existing email list to push hand-crafted email campaigns that directly correlated with new bookings for the production studio.