Muslim Athletic Association is Canada’s premier Muslim sports organisation, and its aim is to enhance its social media presence. We created engaging and visually appealing Instagram posts and schedules to take their presence on social media to the next level.

Client Name
Muslim Athletic Association
Client Deliverables
  • – Simple social media design

Colors & Material

Salad Green




Green Vogue



MAA has an incredible presence, but they needed to enhance their social media by creating engaging posts. Their league players engage a lot on such platforms, and so a presence was necessary to attract even more players to the spots association. This is what MAA lacked before they came to The Dreams Agency.


The Dreams Agency created Instagram posts of the league’s schedules to ensure that everyone is up to date through social media with what is happening at MAA. We followed the brand guidelines, and created visually appealing posts that attracted an even higher digital presence on their Instgram. From standing to schedule posts, we made sure MAA has a wide range of posts that drive traffic and engagement.