was made with the goal to generate revenue though selling jewelry products online, scaling the business clientele & social presence. The Dreams Agency created CaliGrillz's website with 100+ products, 10+ collections, 7 custom pages, custom product page, & custom business functionalities.

Client Name
Cali Grillz
  • – 7 Main pages
  • – 13 Collection pages
  • – Custom product pages
  • – Custom website functionalities
  • – Shopify design & development

Brand Colours







E-Commerce Website Design & Development


The biggest challenge this client was facing is simply product upload & organization of pages. With 100+ products & 10+ Collections it is definetly a challenge to upload everything onto a website while maintaining a nice style & website design.


Here at Dreams Agency, we make your life easier. Whether you have 1 product or 100+ products, were able to create an aesthetically pleasing design while following your business functionality needs. For this client, we also focussed on making custom pages to insure all client service aspects of the business are present online.