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YouTube is a highly effective advertising medium for brands of every size.

80% of B2B and B2C marketers in the United States believe that YouTube videos increase conversions.

For brands looking for a platform to run ad campaigns, there is no other place like YouTube, as it is the second-largest search engine.

To reach a wider audience, you need to use creatives smartly. 

Throwing video, pics, audience, and any more elements into the mix, your brand can find a permanent residence on YouTube, attracting 82% of all the global web traffic.

We have useful information and YouTube ad examples to gear you up to use the platform efficiently.

Let’s roll!

Amp Up Campaigns with YouTube Ads

To increase your user reach, you can advertise your content on YouTube or in search results by using Google Ads

This can be your video appearing in YouTube search results for the audience to watch in full or playing before someone watches another user’s video.

Each and every YouTube video is indexed by Google.

That means you can appear more than once in the same search results once you optimize a video’s title with keywords and connections to your website.

This increases the chances that potential clients will notice your business, whether they start by viewing your video or go to a landing page on your website.

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5 Types of YouTube Ads 

An infographic on the types of youtube adsCurrently, there are five main types of YouTube ads that you can use as per your expectations. 

Find the types and YouTube ad examples below:

1. TrueView Youtube Ads 

An example of a trueview youtube adWe will discuss this type in more detail than the others because it is the primary advertising style on YouTube.

Since TrueView has these advantages over alternative in-stream video ad formats, according to Google, eight out of ten viewers prefer it.

TrueView YouTube ads are a low-risk and excellent method for businesses to boost sales.

When viewers watch for at least half a minute or engage with an ad in some other way, like clicking on a call-to-action, the brands have to pay for the YouTube ads.

Additionally, because viewers have the option to skip ads they don’t want to see, advertisers can reach a more engaged audience while saving money.

Advertisers can get information on the effectiveness of their advertising by using the TrueView in-stream skippable ads through different testing and optimization efforts. 

For example, when you use your Google Ads account to run advertisements, you will have access to information about

  • The audience that has seen your advertisement fully or partially
  • Total number of clicks on the CTA 

Because of the YouTube ads and channel subscriptions, the advertiser can increase Return on Investment (ROI) by using the listed parameters to choose how and where to spend the advertising money.

According to YouTube, a TrueView video ad can run for a maximum of 6 minutes and a minimum of 12 seconds.

Next up, we’ll examine the Trueview YouTube ad examples and types.

Types of TrueView YouTube Ads 

Visual explanation of instream and discovery youtube adsIn-stream YouTube ads and discovery ads are the two main categories. 

Let’s take a look at each of them more closely.

Instream Ads

Before a viewer selects a video, TrueView in-stream ads begin to play.

A small countdown clock and a link to the offered website are also included in TrueView’s in-stream YouTube ads.

Additionally, TrueView in-stream advertisements have a corresponding banner advertisement that is seen in the right sidebar above the list of suggested videos.

Advertisers can add text overlays and calls-to-action to TrueView in-stream advertising to make them more distinctive.

Discovery Ads

In addition to showing up on the right-hand sidebar of watch pages above the suggested videos list, TrueView Discovery ads also display within the YouTube search results.

These YouTube ads are made up of a thumbnail image and up to three lines of text.

Users can view videos by visiting the YouTube watch page or the appropriate channel page by clicking on Discovery YouTube ads.

Furthermore, Google claims that using TrueView might result in up to a 500% boost in views for already-existing content for companies.

What You Need To Learn From TrueView YouTube Ad Examples

  • Audience engagement in the first 5 seconds
  • Making them curious 
  • Defining an issue, dramatizing, and solving it
  • Showcase business information

2. Pre-Roll YouTube Ads 

These YouTube ads can appear at any duration of the video. You can find the YouTube Ads at the end, middle, and even the beginning.

Pre-roll YouTube ads are similar to TrueView, but the users don’t have the option to skip them.

Non-skippable YouTube ads are widely known to be unpopular.

In fact, the 30-second unskippable ad format was discontinued by YouTube last year. 

In the present day, non-skippable advertisements are supposed to last for between 15 and 20 seconds.

What You Need To Learn From Pre-roll YouTube Ad Examples:

  • Offering High-quality content
  • Abstaining from hard-sell
  • Audience Involvement

3. YouTube Bumper Ads

An example of a bumper ad on youtubeA six-second, skippable video ad known as the YouTube bumper appears before each video. 

The finest bumper YouTube ad examples are great for expanding brand recognition and reach.

Although bumper ads can run as separate advertising campaigns, Google advises combining them with TrueView Ads to boost their potency.

On a CPM basis, bumper advertising is paid for by advertisers, much like non-skippable YouTube ads.

Bumper ads function according to a bidding pricing strategy, just like other YouTube and Google ad types

However, since only cost-per-impression (CPM) pricing is offered in this instance, you will be billed for 1,000 impressions.

Many businesses use them in larger YouTube advertising campaigns, including other ad forms.

Stories, reviews, or product demonstrations don’t work well with bumper advertising. 

However, the 6-second time limit can be a fantastic inspiration for fresh and innovative ideas.

What You Need to Learn From Bumper YouTube Ads Examples

  • Being Quick and Clear
  • Using eye-catching visuals 
  • The right design for the time limit 

4. Sponsored Card Ads

An example of a sponsored card ad on YouTubeYouTube sponsored cards are tiny call-to-action (CTA) pop-ups that show during videos.

A fairly subtle kind of YouTube advertising is sponsored cards. The card expands when a spectator clicks on the small “i” sign in the upper right corner of a video.

YouTube sponsored cards can feature products from Google Shopping and other YouTube videos.

Sponsored cards usually help in e-commerce SEO practices. 

They’re a great strategy for increasing website traffic and sales if you offer goods online. However, it might not be as useful for service brands.

What You Need To Learn From Sponsored Card YouTube Ad Examples:

  • Channel promotion by linking
  • Encouraging users to comment on the video

5. Overlay YouTube Ads

An example of overlay ads on youtubeIn-video overlay advertisements were displayed across the bottom of a video.

YouTube stopped overlay ads on April 6, 2023, to improve the viewing experience and promote interaction with more potent ad forms on desktop and mobile devices. 

Viewers have been said to be disturbed by overlay advertising, a former desktop-only format.

These video overlay ads used to be as straightforward as a text or image ad and appeared after the video started to play.

An ad overlay was less invasive than other larger pop-ups because it displays as a pop-up occupying 20% of the video window, whether text- or image-based. 

Users could view the advertisement while continuing to view the movie they first clicked on. They had to tap on the X (cross for closing the ad option) in the top-right corner to close it. 

When the users clicked on the advertisement, they were directed to the destination URL, a landing page designed to advertise the deal.

Bonus YouTube Ads Example: YouTube Shorts Ads

a list infographic on how to run youtube shorts adsEver since the advent of YouTube Shorts, you can also run ads for Shorts. We have a complete guide on how to run YouTube Shorts Ads that will help you with this.

You can go through the Shorts Monetization Module and run these ads after reading the guidelines. Once you do, you can get shared revenue from these ads.

So, if you post YouTube Shorts on your channel, you can earn from the ads on such content.

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How to Use YouTube Ad Examples for Marketing

An infographic on youtube ad statisticsData Source

The way you promote your brand on YouTube will vary based on your expectations. 

YouTube campaigns through shorts and ads can be used to promote a business, sway consumer behaviour and conversion, or foster brand loyalty. 

Here are the goals you can achieve with YouTube ad examples given above:

Increase Brand Recognition

By introducing your product to those who are unfamiliar with it, you can cultivate a community of like-minded individuals.

You can find any YouTube ad examples to know how other brands make highly compelling content.

Influence the Buyer’s Decision 

Short videos that prove why your product is the best choice for your customer conversion. 

To take full advantage of the opportunity, you need to consider factors such as time, etc.

Increase Sales 

90% of people learn about a new product or service using YouTube.

Therefore, you can extend your reach to audiences that resemble ones you have never previously targeted and try new strategies. 

Raising Brand Loyalty

Invite your consumers to discuss your product in your videos to demonstrate to potential buyers that you offer top-notch goods and services.

Now that you know the goals, let’s move on to different YouTube ad examples.

Short, Smart, And Sweet YouTube Ads Examples 

These are five YouTube ad examples to spark inspiration for your new campaign.

1. Heinz: Give them a Chuckle 

A screenshot of the heinz youtube ad starring ed sheeranHumour in YouTube ads is indeed a great way to market a product without giving the impression that you are outwardly selling it. 

In this one from the YouTube ad examples, we have chosen this ad starring Ed Sheeran.

It is a different and funny ad to keep the audience engaged from the beginning to the end.

For a successful marketing strategy, brands can use humour in advertisements.

While comedy isn’t always the ideal tactic, when it is, it produces memorable marketing campaigns for the recipient.

The reason you remember the last advertisements you watched is because they made you laugh out loud. 

From such YouTube ads examples, you can get inspiration and create ads with situations that are experienced by the audience.

Like in this one, the audience sees what they expect from the food and environment offered at a fine dining restaurant.

The opulent, upscale cuisine lacks any kind of flavour and instead resembles a priceless work of art.

Advertising that injects humour and lightness into the message can be a very effective method to engage consumers and brighten their day.

Full Ad Video:

2. Skullcandy: Provide a Unique Experience 

A screenshot of the skullcandy youtube adThis brand is the uncrowned king of the creative industry, giving us some of the best YouTube ad examples.

Skullcandy’s campaign successfully goes beyond the conventional marketing initiative by focusing on evoking strong feelings through the creation of original content. 

The brand achieved success by investing in providing its audience with entertainment, which helped to strengthen its brand voice. 

Skullcandy is able to speak its ideals to its audience with colours, music, and musicians.

As you browse through their YouTube channel, you’ll see that they’ve developed a concept they refer to as Mood Boost to attempt to market their goods.

It is their intention for you to feel happier by listening to quality music. That’s not the only intriguing thing about them.

Skullcandy’s page is also incredibly visually appealing and easy to use due to the playlists’ arrangement.

Full Ad Video:

3. ChatBooks: Blend Call To Action Into the YouTube Ads 

A screenshot of the chatbooks ad on youtubeWhat goals do you want to achieve with these YouTube ad examples? 

Inform, engage, and convert are the goals most businesses strive for.

Thus, you need to learn how to give your audience instructions rather than leaving them in suspense about what to do from watching the YouTube ad examples.

A statement that makes it obvious what action you want your audience to take is known as a call to action. 

Normally, these are shown online as “Learn more” or “Buy now.” 

A clear call to action is sometimes hesitant to be included since it can come out as aggressive. 

In actuality, viewers will recognize that they are watching an advertisement and anticipate being given instructions.

Take a more nuanced approach if you’re uncomfortable making strong demands of people. 

Full Ad Video:

Let’s look at the Chatbooks ad from above.

The lady instructs the viewers to download the app at the end of the advertisement. 

Also, the audience can locate the call to action at the top left corner. YouTube’s built-in features emphasize the message and convert the leads.

4. Starbucks: Win Them Over with Stories

A screenshot of the starbucks ad on youtube 

We all know that Starbucks is a brand that stays on top of the minds of millions.

If you watch their YouTube ads examples, you’ll find out how they create ads to remind people of their values and strengthen their connection with the audience. 

In this one of our YouTube ad examples, the plot moves forward from start to finish with amazing storytelling. 

For the audience to stay interested in the video, there is a logical progression of the story where a woman is applying for job opportunities.

By including human experiences in the YouTube ad, the brand has fostered a sense of connection with the audience. 

Viewers can empathize with the character because of the commonality of experiences or personal challenges.

Full Ad Video: 

5. Corona Beer: Stop Blatant Marketing

A screenshot of the youtube ad by corona beer77% of the users prefer to filter ads using ad blocks. 

That means your YouTube ads might not reach the 2 billion users.

Users can’t stand YouTube ads that are not relevant to what they want they are interested in.

Regardless of the content in the video, the overt nature can damage your marketing efforts.

That compelled us to add this one as the last one from the YouTube ad examples list.

Therefore, advertisers can now make brief videos or mini-series that fit the landscape of the marketing efforts. 

For instance, the Free Range Human series by Corona Beer introduces their brand to the younger generation.

The theme of this series is about breaking the shackles of an ordinary life, having friends, and living life on your own terms.

As you can tell, all of these themes can strongly pull the youngsters to the product that is subtly advertised throughout the series.

As an added benefit, the brand can get new subscribers.

The story has eight people who abandoned their conventional desk jobs to live life through travel and self-discovery.

With this one from the YouTube ad examples, you know the different themes for your YouTube campaign.

Full Ad Video:


How can I gauge how well my YouTube advertising is performing?

Views, view-through rate (VTR), click-through rate (CTR), and conversions are important metrics to track. Google Analytics is another tool you may utilize for deeper information.

How do I begin advertising on YouTube?

Set up your ad campaigns inside of Google Ads after creating a Google Ads account and connecting it to your YouTube channel. For reference, take help from YouTube ad examples.

Can I run YouTube advertisements in many areas or regions?

Yes, you can target your YouTube advertisements to particular nations, areas, or even particular cities or towns. 

Are there any recommended methods for producing successful YouTube ads?

Learn how to create relevant material, optimize for mobile users, use obvious calls to action, and keep advertisements brief and engaging from the best YouTube ad examples.

The Bottom Line 

These are the YouTube ad examples that portray a deep analysis of users’ needs, behaviour, and expectations from a business.

Simply use the components mentioned above and there you have it.

If you don’t have the talent to launch a successful YouTube ads campaign, then The Dreams Agency can tackle it head-on.

If you have an idea from your favourite YouTube ad examples, you can share it with our team to give it a fresh spin.