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White labeling SEO is a modern marketing strategy that uses resources well without investing extra time and money to train in-house teams.

With white labeling SEO, you can make money by building a good relationship with a company and hiring them as an SEO provider under your name to handle clients.

If the white label SEO services you partner with are professional, you won’t have to incur the cost of hiring SEO specialists for your company.

In such collaborations, no complexities and complications are involved in getting optimal results.

Let’s learn how to leverage white-labeling SEO to help you gain and retain more clients. 

What is White Labeling SEO?

An answer post explaining what is white labeling seo When a digital marketing agency contracts with an outside business to offer white labeling SEO services to its clients under its own brand, this is known as white label SEO. 

These services are resold to clients by the hiring company. It is possible to use a white-labeling SEO platform for both B2B and B2C goods and services. 

To generate new leads or to upsell and cross-sell SEO services to their current clientele as an add-on to their main product or service, this kind of relationship is quite advantageous.

Similarly, white label SEO marketing is the execution of an SEO strategy and deliverables by a specialized SEO agency on behalf of a business that is collaborating with them as a reseller.

The supplier functions as an employee of the hiring organization. They will utilize the hiring company’s branding rather than their own.

SEO Reseller 

The business that engaged the white labeling SEO and is reselling its services under its name is known as the reseller. 

For the SEO effort, they will serve as account managers and sales representatives.

The majority of resellers already run their own companies, and they typically work in sectors where SEO would be advantageous or complementary. These could be:

  • Public relations firms
  • Website development and design firms
  • Social media management 
  • Content advertising companies
  • Independent Contractors

To their main service or product, SEO would be an add-on that they could upsell or cross-sell to current customers for a profit. Or they may advertise this to entirely new customers.

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What Can You Get from a White Label SEO Provider?

A mindmap of what to expect from white label seo services A white labeling SEO provider’s responsibility is to give you the necessary SEO knowledge at the appropriate time. 

Providers can provide services of various kinds. For instance, a white label freelancer may focus on just one task, like article authoring. 

On the other hand, a platform such as Semrush provides a variety of associated services like workflow management, reporting, and white label pitching.

Conversely, a white label SEO services will suggest packages of different services that most closely align with your needs and those of your clientele. 

White label SEO services normally deliver the following: 

Reports on white label SEO: They deliver easy-to-read reports detailing the effects of SEO on a client’s business and providing growth strategies.

Comprehensive research for keywords: To customize a plan for each client’s audience and drive targeted traffic to their website, white label SEO services do proper research and evaluate keywords.

On-page SEO: To raise a website’s search engine rating off-page SEO, providers optimize links, meta descriptions, headings and subheadings, title tags, URLs, and page speed. Because they are professionals in social media marketing, guest posting, link-building, public relations, and local SEO, providers contribute to rankings indirectly.

In addition to these services, the following can improve your offer and your client’s overall SEO:

Content curation: Providers produce optimal content marketing materials (e.g., blog posts, videos, ebooks, images, etc.) or help generate them.

Making a pitch: Providers create clear, fact-based presentations to highlight your value and persuade more potential customers to engage in SEO strategy. A good white-label SEO services plan outlines the crucial phases of an SEO strategy, such as which strategies to employ and how to implement them.

Significance of White Labeling SEO

An infographic on the importance of white labeling seoThe first question to ask after learning about white-label SEO services is: Why is white-label SEO necessary for your agency?

To give you a definitive answer, here are some factors that may drive the decision to hire a third-party service.

To Increase Availability

With white labeling SEO, you can list and add more services for your clientele, much like a retailer would do to offer more people and increase profits.

Attract and Retain Clients

You can continue serving your current clientele who need SEO services. Additionally, more services equate to more potential clients.

So, with the help of white label SEO services, the clients will know that you can manage their projects.

Compete in the Industry

The number of firms managing online duties is growing quickly as the days go by. You have to compete with better companies if you want clients to choose you first.  

Boost Earnings

You can optimize your earnings by collaborating with white-label SEO services, eventually raising your agency’s overall revenue. 

Helps in Saving Time 

You’ll be able to focus on your primary services for your clients and save a great deal of time by delegating SEO tasks to white-label SEO services.

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What to Look For In a White Labeling SEO Partner

An infographic on what to look for in white labeling seo servicesTo get all the benefits mentioned above from the collaboration, it is necessary to seek the following characteristics in white label SEO services:

1. Simple Pricing

Choose a service provider whose pricing plan works for your needs and budget. 

The cost of white label SEO services varies greatly depending on the supplier, what they supply, and their location. 

Also, providers typically provide a variety of pricing structures. 

You may get the following pricing plans:

Monthly payment: When you sign a retainer contract, you agree to receive the same work, monthly hours, or product for a set period of time (such as six or twelve months).

Rate per hour: Favorable to consultants and independent contractors but less so to agencies. For SEO providers, the average hourly charge is $134.99.

Project-based costing: Depending on what you require, agencies, consultants, or freelancers determine the overall cost. This price structure is typically used for one-time jobs as opposed to continuing work.

Customized pricing plans: A provider creates a price for you based on your needs, either monthly or annually. 

So, examine the value you receive for your money from each of the providers in your shortlist.

Meet the Team Members of the White Label SEO Services 

Never work with an agency without first having a face-to-face encounter or virtual meeting.

To explore their procedures and learn about their operations as a white label partner, set up a video or voice conference with them.

It is critical that you are aware of your working relationships.

Also, this gives you a fantastic opportunity to ask them the questions you want to ask. By watching how they answer, you can tell a lot about an agency.

It makes it simple to assess if the provider you are choosing for white labeling SEO supports their own statements.

2. Observe Their Communication Patterns

Effective communication is essential for the sales, follow-up, and onboarding processes. 

This demonstrates that white labeling SEO services pay attention to your requirements and objectives, consider your advice, and want the greatest result for your company. 

You may not be aware of a company’s specific communication style before you begin dealing with them. But you can see how they interact with you during the initial stages. 

For example, how often do they come to you to discuss the process, and how seriously do they take your work?

There are two types of communication that you can expect when opting for white labeling SEO.

Direct client communication: When your client speaks with your SEO partner directly. 

Indirect client communication: It leaves the client communication to your team and is limited to fulfillment taking place behind closed doors. 

3. Judge Their Honesty

Offering complete transparency is a sign of a professional white label SEO services provider. 

Customers don’t like dishonest or deceptive business activities, which can also damage your company’s reputation. 

Finding a partner for white labeling SEO with whom you can establish a long-term connection is ideal.

Select a white-label SEO provider that exhibits transparency in all of its agreements, services, contracts, and procedures. 

This should cover every facet of completing the job, such as developing backlinks and other link-building strategies, suggesting codes for blog posts, and producing other relevant content for your SEO initiatives. 

4. Select a Company That Offers Only SEO Services

White label digital marketing companies are widely available. They may provide anything from SEO to SEM.

The goal of many white label digital firms is to provide as many services as they can in order to maximize revenue. They don’t prioritize quality.

White label companies that offer SEO as a core service are experts in their field. Their goal is to always remain at the top of search engine optimization.

This indicates that they constantly stay abreast of improvements and employ the most effective SEO strategies to deliver outcomes for their clients.

5. Test the Fulfilment Speed 

Determine the speed at which the white label reseller organization can complete the task. 

Choose a white labeling SEO firm with an excellent turnaround period. 

A white label reseller business that operates quickly will contribute to your clients’ growing confidence in your offerings. 

As a result, your brand will become more recognizable and stand out from the competitors. 

Geographical Location of the White Label SEO Services 

It is common for many SEO firms to establish offices abroad. 

Look for an organization where you can establish a productive working relationship and jointly define objectives. 

To create goals and work toward them together, you should have a partner who lives in your same time zone. 

In addition, in the event that your working hours coincide, you can be confident that your business will operate conveniently and smoothly.

6. Track Their Past Performance 

White label SEO marketing requires the use of case studies. This will demonstrate to you whether the white label SEO services have a proven track record of working with clients and organizations that are comparable to your own.

Even if you’re just starting the shortlisting process with a white label SEO service, ask for case studies. 

A respectable business that you can trust would be happy to share its portfolio with you.

7. Assistance with Sales

The ability of a reliable white label SEO platform to help you sell the service is another quality, particularly if your company is new to SEO.

This is an essential feature to search for in a white label SEO platform, regardless of whether they offer training on grabbing more sales or have an internal sales support team.

Your sales team’s extension is your sales support team. To guide a prospective customer through the SEO process or to retain a sales representative under your brand, you can use the sales support staff. 

They will assist you in explaining the process to them. They will go over the full SEO procedure with you, as well as the various packages and payment options you provide to your customers.

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Top 3 White Label SEO Tools For You

Let’s now examine a few of the top SEO software that you can utilize to offer SEO services to other customers:

1. SEMrush

With its comprehensive suite of SEO tools, SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing platform that provides information on tracking metrics, including backlink analysis, rank tracking, keyword research, and site audits. 

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a well-liked tool for competitor analysis and backlink analysis. Among the various tools they provide are rank tracking, site audits, and keyword research. Additionally, Ahrefs offers a white label option that lets agencies alter the dashboards and reports.

3. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a feature-rich SEO tool that comes with backlink analysis, rank tracking, keyword research, and site auditing. Additionally, agencies can personalize the reports and dashboards with their white-label option.


What are the reasons for choosing white labeling SEO?

If you have a limited budget and less capacity to handle tasks or challenges that are too tough for your in-house team, you should choose white-label SEO services.

What are the cons of white labeling SEO?

You may have lesser control over the fulfillment process, and the communication may be strained.

How can you generate more revenue by hiring white label companies?

You can charge more for your existing services as you offer a more specialized skillset. And you can introduce new services.

In Conclusion 

These are all the reasons why people are shifting towards white label SEO services. 

It saves time and resources and increases performance and profit.

Even if your company offers SEO services, white labeling SEO helps you scale up.

To cultivate all the great advantages, finding an excellent SEO services partner with the aforementioned qualities is mandatory.