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Trends come and go, but if you want to stay relevant in the digital realm, you have to keep up with them to ensure your brand is relevant and successful. The best website development company in Toronto can help you stay relevant by incorporating these trends into web design and development. 

If you want to keep up with these trends, you have come to the right place. Our experts have created an extensive guide for you to stay up to date with the most recent trends in 2023. 

What Is The Role of Web Design in User Experience and Business Success?

Web design is crucial in shaping user experience and influencing business success. It is more than just aesthetics; it involves the strategic planning, creation, and arrangement of various elements on a website to ensure that users interact positively and meaningfully with the site. 

Websites are designed well to attract more users to it and retain customers for a long time. If any core elements are missing on your site, there may be a chance that users will not stay for long. 

Here are some core elements in web design that play an important role in user experience: 

  • Loading speed: Users don’t stay on a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load 
  • Intuitive and clean interface: If the interface is not responsive and cluttered, users will not spend time on the website 
  • Call-to-action (CTA) placement: It encourages users to take action, such as purchase your products or services 
  • Engaging visuals: Captivating visuals can hook the user to stay on your site for a long time

Top 10 Website Development Trends In 2023 

Core elements of a website are timeless practices that you must incorporate regardless of your website and niche. According to the best website development company in Toronto, there are many other trends to remember while developing a website. 

These trends will help you create a futuristic website that will compel users to stay and take action. Here are the top ten website development trends in 2023 for you to watch out for: 

Better Cybersecurity 

If there is one risk that keeps on growing in the cyber world, it is that of cyber threats. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, a ransomware attack on businesses will occur every 11 seconds in 2021. This means you must have a security-first mindset when developing your website. 

You will face financial loss if you don’t have proper cybersecurity measures in place and consumer distrust, as they will be hesitant to do business with you. There will be a rise in multi-factor authentication, security monitoring tools, and more for you to choose from. Businesses are also outsourcing cybersecurity and IT solutions for websites. 

Outsourcing allows them to focus on their business while a third party takes care of the cybersecurity of the business. So, if you want to design a website in 2023, make sure you focus on the cybersecurity aspect of it. 

AI Assistants 

The advent of AI in our technological world is a blessing. These algorithms can learn and collect data to solve the most challenging issues. Because of this, these AI assistants will also shape the future of website development. The best website development company in Toronto, like The Dreams Agency, already employs such assistants in website development and creation. 

The primary aim of using these assistants is to enhance the user experience. According to a survey by Capgemini, using AI in the retail industry has significantly improved customer experience. It has also decreased the churn rate of users, making it highly efficient. 

These assistants use the power of voice or text chats to help users and businesses perform operations quickly. When you incorporate these assistants into your website development, you will benefit from better user engagement and retention. 

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is everywhere in our smartphones, games, healthcare, education, and more. Big brands such as Sephora, Amazon, IKEA, and many others have leveraged AR’s power in website and app development.  Most of these brands have used AR to ensure that people receive a tangible experience of the store, even online. 

However, you can also use AR to decrease service time, enable customers to buy the products before purchase, and more. Think of it as a virtual showroom that allows you to bring a physical store experience to life through a mobile or computer screen. 

If you want to enhance customer experience by ensuring that customers receive a physical experience online, we recommend that you opt for AR in website development. Employing such a trend will give your application or website the wow factor that will make customers stay. 

Standardization of Dark Mode 

8 out of 10 users prefer to use dark mode whenever they can. You have to cater to these users on your website by offering them an option to view your website in dark mode. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook already have this feature for users to access easily. 

The best website development company in Toronto offers a high level of personalization to your website by providing the option to access it in dark mode. Users can select a preference between light and dark, as people find dark mode to be much more easy on the eyes. 

If your website doesn’t have this aesthetic development, make sure that you incorporate it for a better customer experience. Customers pay attention to the small details, and use that in their decision making to opt for your business. 

Serverless Architecture 

Cloud technology is what most businesses are shifting to in recent times, which enables them to run code for any backend service or type of application without any administration. You don’t need to manage or upgrade any servers. Big tech companies such as Microsoft and google are already using serveries architecture for their websites. 

In the long run, these servers are great at reducing development and support budgets. You can also use such an architecture for IoT apps, chatbots, and more. When you integrate server less architecture in website development, you can easily scale without any issues. 

You will easily handle significant traffic on your website when you have a server less architecture. Businesses don’t have to worry about resources and limitations when such an architecture is used on the website. So, be sure to consider the best website development company in Toronto that can incorporate a server less architecture. 

Voice UI For More Accessibility 

In 2011, Google introduced voice search, and ever since then, it has been on the rise in popularity. People across the globe use voice search assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and more. The market for such voice assistants will only increase in the coming years. 

Even Google states that close to 30% of people use voice search on their smartphones. Besides that, many people use digital assistants to aid them with various tasks. As a growing business, you can also incorporate voice UI into your website to make it more accessible to users. 

People use these assistants on their phones, smart home devices, and much more. You can add this feature to your website to increase accessibility and reachability. All types of businesses from ecommerce to other industries can benefit from this feature. 

PWAs (Progressive Web Apps)

PWAs are not a new trend, as the best companies have been using this in their website development. If you opt for the best website development company in Toronto, we will also incorporate this feature into your website. These help load your website as fast as possible and work in offline applications such as Google Maps. 

Pinterest, Uber, Starbucks, Twitter, and many other companies are using PWAs enhance the customer experience. In 2023, even more companies will catch on this trend and incorporate it into their website development and creation. PWAs also rescue the cost of website development and guarantee flawless maintenance. 

The best part is that PWAs act and look like a standard webpage. Soon, Angular, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Web Assembly will be sued to write PWAs. So, brace  yourself for this trend and be sure to jump on the bandwagon to benefit from it. 

Content Personalization 

Everything you create for your business, you have to personalize it for your target audience. Because of this, one of the top website development trends is personalization. According to a 2022 report by Twilio, more than 62% of users emphasize that they will not be loyal to a brand if they offer an experience not personalized for them. 

You can leverage the power of machine learning to personalize content and adjust it to the preferences of the customers. Once you do, users will feel much more connected to the brand. Companies such as Netflix and Alibaba use ML to personalize their search results for the target audience. 

So, make sure you personalize everything in your website from the main page to all the inner pages. Such a level of personalization will help users connect to the brand and become loyal to you for a long time to come. Hire the best website development company in Toronto to incorporate this trend in 2023 to your website and see the results for yourself. 

Single Page Applications (SPAs)

PWAs have been a trend for a while now, but a recent trend in the world of website development is SPA. These are JavaScript-based web applications that load a single HTML page in the browser of a visitor and updates content without refreshing the page. A lot of companies have adopted SPAs on their websites, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and many others. 

Keep in mind that maintaining an SPA will require effort, but it will be worth it for your customer experience in the long run. These applications also require less space and users don’t need to navigate around. Because of this, website developers and visitors will benefit from opting for SPAs. 

Your online customers will have a simpler and quicker app experience as the SPA trend continues. So, be sure to consider using SPAs when creating a website for your company. 

Mobile-First Approach 

Many people don’t know this but more than 70% of customers come back to a website if it has been optimized for mobile and friendly to users. Your business must opt for a mobile-first approach to cater to users that utilize their mobile devices to explore the internet. The secret to using such an approach is to also accelerate the mobile pages to provide users with an impeccable experience. 

People use their mobile phones to search on Google, shop for products, look for business, and much more. Their daily life is dependent on smartphones, which is why it is crucial for you to cater to these users. A website that is adaptable to desktop and mobile will do much better than others. 

Your users will also return as they know they can easily access your site through all of their devices. So, make sure that you select the best website development company in Toronto to optimize your site for mobile and desktop. 

The Best Web Design Inspirations To Elevate Your Brand In 2023

There are many brands doing a great job at website design, and so can you. It is good to take inspiration from such brands, and create a stunning website that will attract users to your brand. We have lined up some of the best brands you can use as inspiration to create a stunning and responsive website: 


Apple doesn’t need an introduction because everyone is familiar with this smartphone brand. Their homepage is easy to use and provides you the option of selecting different products to gain more information related to their pricing and features. 

Once you are at the pages, you will have detailed information about the product. These also include high-resolution graphics that will bring the Apple products to life for visitors. 

Key Takeaway: Always pay attention to detail on your product pages. Explain all features and use various visual and text elements to bring the product page to life. 


When you visit Patagonia’s website, you will understand it has two goals, which include driving visitors to make a purchase or enhance their brand image. The brand achieves these goals by providing beautiful pictures on the homepage that capture the attention of users. They have made it in such a way that all visitors understand Patagonia’s stance on environmentalism. 

The best part is that Patagonia has not provided its users with too many navigation options. Instead, it will be easy for you to find what you are looking for and begin shopping or learning more about environmentalism. 

Key Takeaway: Provide your visitors with limited options on the website. It keeps the homepage beautiful and simple so your visitors can find what they are looking for. Just make sure you opt for the best website development company in Toronto for a seamless website. 


Adidas also leverages the power of beautiful images on their homepage to stay ahead of the curve. It also uses a slider to showcase their top products so you can click on them and take action if you need to. The brand has nailed the flow and timing of the images on the slider so users can click on them with ease and convenience. 

Many brands have tried using sliders but sometimes, they have a glitch or the timing is not good enough for users to click. It takes a lot of time and effort to come up with sliders that enhance your website. 

Key Takeaway: If you have created a beautiful slider that flows well, then we recommend that you use it for your website. It will enable you to showcase the best products and offerings of your business in one place. 


Sony is a big tech company and it has hundreds of products you can choose from, which can make the site a little overwhelming for users. However, Sony has bypassed this issue by creating a simple and clean site architecture for users to navigate. The brand has thought about the most logical categorization of its predicts and then used drop-down menus to find any product selection easily. 

There are also different many categories you can choose from such as Accessories, Support, Shop and Compare, and more. So, regardless of the product you select, you can take these actions. 

Key Takeaway: If you have a lot of products, categorize them logically and utilize various navigation features such as drop down menus. It will ensure your visitors don’t have to spend too much time finding what they are looking for. 

Final Thoughts 

Now that you understand the best website development trends in 2023, you can incorporate some of them to your website design. However, if you don’t know where to begin, you can hire the best website development company in Toronto, such as The Dreams. 

We can create a stunning yet functional site for your brand that your users will keep coming back to. For more information on our extensive range of digital marketing services, feel free to book a consultation with us.