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SEO is synonymous with websites, but do you know that you can reap similar benefits for your Facebook page? Facebook SEO strategies allow you to reach your target audience on the most popular social media platform.

While the basic principles remain the same, it is important to follow some practices that are specific to Facebook. So, if you are running a business page and looking for higher visibility and reach, you have come to the right place.

Our SEO experts have created a comprehensive guide with the top twenty tactics you can implement today.

What is Facebook SEO?

Facebook SEO is the comprehensive strategy for optimizing your Facebook page. These strategies will help users find your page when looking for a certain keyword on the platform.

Even though Facebook is not a search engine like Google, it still has search capabilities to help people find what they are looking for.

So, you can leverage the power of social media and SEO by optimizing your Facebook page.

You can implement basic SEO principles and avoid common SEO mistakes on your Facebook page to boost organic visibility and gain more customers.

The Importance of SEO for Facebook

A screenshot of the Shopify Facebook business pageSEO for Facebook should be one of your top priorities as a business. After all, billions of people use the platform daily to conduct searches, connect with people, and find businesses.

Let’s review some top reasons why you must think of implementing Facebook SEO:

Social Media Profiles Help You Rank

SERPs also take into account business social media profiles to help them rank. Every bit helps, and Facebook is one piece of your marketing puzzle that you must fit with other pieces.

As a rule, the higher you rank on SERPs, the better it will be for your overall website traffic. So, leverage your Facebook page, other social media profiles, and your website to rank higher on Google.

Facebook makes it Easy for People to Find You

People are always looking for information on the Internet. With Facebook Marketplace, they also look for local or global businesses that can help them with what they need.

Conducting Facebook SEO will help people easily find you on this platform and decide whether they want to do business with you. As a business, you get to leverage the power of billions of people on this platform.

Part of a Well-Rounded Digital Marketing Strategy

Your digital marketing strategy should always include a mixture of many components. These include strategies such as:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Influencer marketing
  • SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • And much more

Once you begin incorporating these strategies, you will have a comprehensive strategy that will complement one another for a long time.

Top 20 Facebook SEO Tactics for Better Reach in 2023

Now that you know what Facebook SEO is and its importance, you should know the various strategies that will help you gain better visibility and traffic on your Facebook page.

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Our digital marketing experts have listed 20 SEO tactics that will ensure a better reach in 2023:

1. Create a Unique Name for your Facebook Page

Yes, this is an obvious tactic, but getting the name right should be the first step. The name you create will depend on your business name and how well it is optimized for search engine rankings.

A secret we use is to understand the keywords and key phrases related to your business that you can add to your Facebook page name. Let’s review some important basics of creating a unique Facebook page name:

  • Consider the products and services you offer
  • Add important keywords or phrases
  • Choose a name that will serve your business for a long time
  • It should align with your brand’s core values

An Example of How to Create a Unique Name for Your Facebook Page

Let’s say you are running a business known as “Jane Doe Contracting.” A good way to let people find you will be to add something specific to your location.

For example, you can create a Facebook page named “Jane Doe Contracting – California Contractors.”

The second option allowed you to add a keyword based on your location that people will use to find you. Be smart about the keywords, and sprinkle them in your unique name.

Another thing to remember is that Facebook will only let you change your page name once. So, be sure to select the name that might offer you the most value.

2. Conduct Keyword Research for your Page

This goes without saying, but keyword research is important for any SEO strategy, even Facebook SEO. You will use these keywords in the Facebook:

  • Page name
  • About section
  • Image alt text
  • Descriptions
  • And much more

Remember to check various features of keywords that will help people to find you. These include search volume and keyword difficulty.

Many free tools can help you with keyword research, or you can do it manually through Google Autocomplete, as we have done in the example below.

A screenshot of a Google search result of emergency dentist near me

If an emergency dentist wants to conduct a Google search like in the image above, they must write the keyword in Google. Then, Google will autocomplete the results with the most searched terms on its search engine.

As you can see, there are many keyword variations you can choose from here to add to your Facebook page.

Other free places to look for keywords include Google’s related searches section and People Also Ask. All of these will help you find the right terms for your business.

3. Optimize your Page URL

Many new businesses overlook this factor when doing Facebook SEO, but it is an important ranking factor. If you don’t create and optimize a page URL, Facebook will automatically generate one.

By now, you should know that even your URL must include a keyword related to your brand. You can use the keyword you have used in the Page Name as your URL.

You can create a URL through this process:

  • Go to your Facebook Page Settings
  • Click on Page Info
  • Enter the URL you want to create in the Username field
  • Click on Create Username

You can also create a vanity URL. For example, the name of your Facebook Page may be “”

However, you can create a vanity URL like “”

Note that you need at least twenty-five fans to create a vanity URL, and you can only choose it once. So, choose wisely.

4. Make Sure the About Section is Informative

The Facebook About Section of ShopifyThe About Section is an important part of your page and Facebook SEO. You must complete this section to let users know what your page is about while engaging them and enhancing organic traffic.

Google will show the About Section of your Page as a meta description in the search results. Here are some ways you can optimize your About Section for Facebook SEO:

  • Include links to your social media profiles and website
  • Describe what your business is about
  • Sprinkle keywords in the description
  • List any places you have been recognized or awards you have gotten

You can edit your About section by visiting your Facebook page Settings and clicking Page Info. After that, you can go to the About Section and begin editing it.

Be sure to save your changes before leaving the settings and returning to your Facebook Page.

5. Provide Accurate Contact Information for Local SEO

Example of local SEO on the New York Times Facebook page When you post inaccurate contact information about your business, you will lose the trust of your potential customers. Local SEO strategies are all about being on the top for the search results in your local region.

If you want to stay on the top, here are some details you have to provide accurately:

  • Business hours
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • And more

For example, people looking for a coffee shop nearby might search “coffee shops in Toronto” to see what is there on Facebook.

When your contact information is up to date, it will improve your visibility. So, add accurate information and make it easy for your customers to contact you.

6. Customize the Featured Images of your Facebook Page

A screenshot of Shopify featured images on FacebookSocial media is visual. You must have captivating visual content to grab the attention of your visitors.

Because of this, it is important to optimize and customize the featured images on your Facebook page. These can increase the time users stay on your page and interact.

There are various ideas to use featured images on Facebook. These can include the following:

  • Past projects
  • Promotions
  • Testimonials
  • Events
  • And much more

The best part is that you can get creative and also create a slideshow, as images are not the only thing to add to the featured section.

We recommend you read Facebook’s guidelines to comply with their rules and create stunning visuals for featured images. Once you do, your business’s Facebook page will become more visually appealing.

7. Add a Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

A table of the types of CTA with examplesOne of the objectives of creating a Facebook page is to encourage your followers to take action. You can add CTAs throughout your page to help people learn more or take a purchasing action.

The type of CTA button you add will depend on your business. However, some common CTA buttons include:

  • Contact us
  • Sign up
  • Shop now
  • Call now
  • And more

You must ensure that the CTA button stays true to the purpose of your Facebook page. You can add the button by following these instructions:

  • Go to your Facebook page
  • At the bottom right of your Featured Posts, you will notice a CTA button in blue
  • Click on the button and pick the CTA you like

Then, just wait for this Facebook SEO strategy to work so people can take action and do business with you.

8. Add Keywords to your Facebook Content

Your Facebook page will be loaded with various types of content, from images to reels, captions, descriptions, and more. An important aspect of Facebook SEO is to add keywords to all these content types.

During the initial keyword research, you would have found various keywords related to your brand. Make sure you have a tool like Google Keyword Planner to help you with these tasks.

Now, it is time to dig deeper and find keywords related to the content you publish.

Be sure to optimize your posts by sprinkling the keywords in the descriptions and image alt text. Doing this will help you take the Facebook SEO to another level as you make it easier for people to find you on the platform.

9. Leverage the Power of Backlinking for Facebook SEO

A visual explanation of backlinkingWhen authority sources link back to your Facebook page, it indicates your content is valuable and relevant. The Google algorithm likes it when multiple trustworthy sources link to your page.

On the other hand, if the backlinks are coming from spammy sources, then Google will not like this, and it will hurt your rankings. Now, you might wonder how to increase your business page backlinks for Facebook SEO.

Here are some methods you can try:

  • Add backlinks from your site to your Facebook page
  • Write regular guest blogs and add the links to the Facebook page
  • Add backlinks from your site to the Facebook pages you are collaborating with

For example, if you are writing regular guest posts for a blogger, you can encourage them to add a link to your Facebook page in their blog posts.

You can also build high-quality backlinks by collaborating with strategic partners and influencers. The key to getting organic backlinks is to create high-quality content that matches the needs of your users.

10. Manage the Customer Reviews and Comments

You will get many reviews and comments on your Facebook page as a business. There will be good ones and bad ones, and you must have a strategy for both.

When you reply to the reviews and comments on Facebook, it shows your customers that you care. It can be a great way to build goodwill with your audience and improve Facebook SEO.

If you receive a negative review, it is crucial to tackle that, too. We recommend to resolve the problem of the customer and provide some compensation.

It will show your potential and existing customers that you can take accountability and rectify the issue where possible.

All of us make mistakes, but how many of us are willing to fix them? That is what matters in business.

Businesses with good reviews and five stars are more likely to get interactions on their Facebook page than others.

11. Add Facebook Messenger to Connect with Customers

Connect with your customers even more closely by opting for Facebook Messenger. However, you might worry about how you will reply to potential customers when you are offline.

Fortunately, Facebook Messenger has AI-powered chatbots that will continue to reply even when you are offline. These chatbots can play an important part in Facebook SEO.

These chatbots enhance the user experience by automating the replying and messaging process. Here is some important information you can offer with the chatbots:

  • Location
  • Contact number
  • Timings of your business
  • Price range
  • Any other information you think is relevant to your users and people ask often

Remember that if you opt for Facebook Messenger, you will need a strategy to deal with customers and respond. Responsiveness rates appear on your page, and the customers will know whether you are efficient and quick in your responses.

12. Create and Organize Custom Tabs

Facebook can add, customize, and optimize tabs on your page. It is a great way to boost your Facebook SEO practice.

You can easily edit the custom tabs available by following these steps:

  • Navigate to “Templates & Tabs”
  • Click on “Edit”
  • Select the tab template you think suits your Facebook page best

If you want any tabs you want to use on the page, then you can easily drag and drop these tabs. Just make sure you prioritize the tabs that are relevant to your business.

Following these guidelines will make it easy for people to get important information regarding your business. It will also allow you to sprinkle keywords throughout your business page for optimal Facebook SEO.

Important Note: If you want to set up your Facebook page tab, you will need a secure URL for your webpage based on Facebook Guidelines. Secure URLs have “https://” instead of “http://” initially. If your website doesn’t support https, then Facebook will not let you set a custom tab, and you will have to get an SSL certificate.

13. Claim any Unofficial Pages

When you conduct a quick search of your Facebook page on the platform, you will find that your company has a few other pages, but you don’t have access or control to it.

Well, Facebook creates these pages for businesses to allow users to leave reviews, comments, and check-ins. Because of this, you must claim any pages Facebook has created for your business.

You can claim and merge these pages if you wish. When you do this, you will have complete control of your business on Facebook.

Facebook will also require you to provide some information for verification, which includes the following:

  • Business documents
  • Brand email
  • The phone number of your business

Once Facebook verifies these things, you can claim ownership of the unofficial page. Remember that if both pages exist, it can negatively impact your Facebook SEO, so combining them is your best bet.

14. Share Long-Form Content through Facebook Notes

A screenshot of how to create Facebook NotesWhen you want to boost the SEO of your website, you begin by publishing content, such as blog posts and articles. But did you know that you can also boost Facebook SEO with such a practice?

Facebook Notes are a great feature that will help you share blog-style posts with your Facebook audience. You can use this section to share:

  • Industry updates
  • Community Guidelines
  • Business news
  • Case studies
  • And much more

Sprinkle important keywords throughout this content and optimize it properly. You can also add a CTA to encourage readers to visit your website or make a purchase.

Conduct some research first, and see what your competitors are doing and the keywords they are using. These will give you an idea of the type of content and keywords that work on Facebook Notes for the best results.

15. Monitor the Facebook SEO of your Competition

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you must know what your competitors are doing. Check out their Facebook pages to see how they have optimized it and the type of content they are posting.

A thorough analysis of your competitors will let you know the type of strategies you can also use for your Facebook SEO.

There are also SEO tools, such as Ahrefs, that you can add to your analysis arsenal. These tools will analyze the keywords of your competitors to let you know what works.

In the same way, there are many free and paid tools that will help you with such SEO tasks for a long time.

16. Invest in Tools for SEO for Facebook

There are various tools you can invest in to conduct SEO for Facebook. You can opt for ad management tools, SEO tools, and more. Here are some top tools we recommend you opt for:

  1. Facebook Ads Manager: When running a business page, this tool will help you launch and manage ads. It is a simple tool that offers basic features you will need for ad management.
  2. Hootsuite: You can use Hootsuite to manage your social media accounts and analyze performance. Such analysis will help you enhance your Facebook SEO strategies.
  3. Google Keyword Planner: This helps create a list of keywords you can keep an eye on.
  4. SEMRush: You can use it to conduct keyword research to target the best keywords.

With these tools in your Facebook SEO arsenal, you will soon benefit from higher traffic and more conversions. Go through each tool to decide which one will fit best for your budget and needs.

17. Share Content Regularly

Make people know you consistently use your social media platforms by sharing content regularly. You can create a content calendar and automate the entire process by using tools such as CoSchedule.

Consistent posting will also let Google know that you are active and you regularly have something useful to say. You can also cross-post the content among various social media platforms you are active on.

In the long run, it will also help you build more trust and credibility with your potential customers. They will know when to expect your content and will be on the lookout for it, which can only help your Facebook SEO.

18. Post at the Correct Time

An infographic on the best times to post on Facebook page

Image Source

Posting at the correct time is a complex topic to tackle. The right for your Facebook page will depend on various factors such as:

  • When your target audience is the most active
  • The location where your audience is located
  • Their demographics, such as jobs, age group, etc.
  • And much more

When you please the algorithm Gods, your engagement rates will automatically increase. We recommend you conduct a deep dive into the best times to post on Facebook.

It will help you reap incredible benefits for a long time. Be sure to remain updated to always post at the right times for the best Facebook SEO.

19. Add Alt Text to Facebook Images

Adding alt text to the images helps the platform and search engines understand and index your content appropriately. Because of this, it shows up more in users’ search results.

It makes the content accessible and ensures that everyone can understand what your Facebook page is about. So, even if you have an audience of visually impaired people, they will still enjoy your content.

If you want to be more inclusive and ensure search engines understand and index your content, then begin adding alt text to images whenever you need.

20. Create Content Specific to Locations

Finally, if you have more than one location for your business, then we recommend you create a Facebook SEO strategy based on multiple location pages.

When you create such a strategy, it will help you benefit from localized SEO and marketing tactics. Let’s take an example:

You are running a seafood restaurant in Portland, Michigan, and Detroit. If you want to rank high for region-specific keywords, then you will have to create a separate page dedicated to each region.

For example, you can create a separate page for Portland, Michigan, and Detroit and target the keywords specific to those regions on each of these pages.

Targeting the keywords in this way will help you rank better while doing Facebook SEO.

Facebook SEO Checker: How do you Track Results?

Even after implementing all of these Facebook SEO strategies, you might wonder whether they work or not. The good thing is there are SEO checkers you can use to check whether you are on the right track.

Some of the top ones you can implement as a Facebook SEO checker include the following:

  • SEMRush: This comprehensive tool has an on-page SEO checker for free on-page analysis.
  • Seobility: The SEO checker can instantly review your page and give you tips for better optimization.
  • WebFX: They have a free Facebook SEO checker to completely assess the SEO of your website.

These are the top three Facebook SEO checker tools you can implement today. They are free to use, and you can implement the learnings to make your SEO strategy better.


Can you do SEO on Facebook?

Yes, SEO is also applied to Facebook pages. You can follow the same principles to attract more leads, boost organic growth, and maximize your reach. It will lead to better rankings in the long run.

How do you do SEO on social media?

You can do SEO on social media with the following tips:

  • Optimize the social media profile
  • Sprinkle relevant keywords where necessary
  • Add alt-text to images
  • Target location-specific keywords
  • And much more

Does SEO help with Facebook ads?

Yes, you can create an SEO and Facebook ad campaign at the same time. It will help with quick results, but you will have to incur a higher cost when implementing both strategies together.

What is the meaning of SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization. The process is used to optimize the website, its content, technical aspects, and much more. It helps the pages to become visible so they can rank better on search engines.

Final Thoughts

Any business that wants to increase traffic organically and rank higher should opt for Facebook SEO as part of its digital marketing strategy. After reading this guide, you can begin implementing the strategies our experts have listed.

However, if you require professional expertise, then we recommend you opt for our Facebook SEO specialists. We have all the resources you will never need to begin ranking higher on Facebook and search engines.