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An average person spends 2.5 hours of the day on different social media platforms, making it a powerful medium for engagement.

Even though it has now become a crowded space, with the right social media engagement posts, you can get the attention you aim for.

To intrude into a world with over 4 billion people, you need to target the angles you may not have thought of yet.

Basically, you need to create engaging posts for social media that are an intersection of your brand’s personality and your consumer’s personas. 

In this guide on social media, we will take you through the curation of social media engagement posts. 

Social Media Engagement Posts: Striking Up Interest of the Audience

The amount and frequency of interactions with your account and content on social media are measured by social media engagement.

A greater percentage of engagement suggests that:

  • Your audience appreciates the content you are posting online
  • A strong online community is developing around your brand
  • Your followers are developing a bond with your business 

The social media engagement posts metrics indicate that more people are becoming aware of and able to recognize your brand. 

A chart of social media engagement KPIs for trackingAll elements of social media marketing aid in attracting clients, converting leads, and generating revenue.

A lower engagement rate indicates that you should update your social media engagement posts and develop a new marketing strategy

One way to gauge the performance of social media engagement posts is through:

  • Saves 
  • Likes 
  • Shares 
  • Subscription
  • Remarks
  • Responses
  • Mentions/Reposts 
  • Retweet
  • Direct Messages 

Importance of Social Media Engagement Posts 

A list chart of the importance of social media engagement posts77% of small businesses in the United States leverage the power of social media for brand growth. That puts emphasis on the use of social media engagement posts as a revenue driver.

Let’s take a look at three factors that underscore the importance of engaging posts for social media:

Inform People About a Brand 

In the world of increasing stress and workload that we live in today, it is nearly impossible for people to meet their friends and relatives every day. 

To keep up communication with their loved ones or new businesses, they often use social media.

In fact, after viewing a story, 50% of Instagram users visit the website of a business to purchase from a brand.

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Allows Brands to Stay Relevant 

We might not always be surrounded by people who share similar opinions in our day-to-day activities. 

A divergence of viewpoints is inevitable. However, social media platforms allow us to express our thoughts. 

It even clears the path for people to have a productive conversation and develop a strong voice for the issues they believe need to be discussed. 

Consumers drift towards relevant brands. Therefore, Facebook polls get a great response from the audience. 

That said, as social media engagement posts, video content performs the best. 

Due to this, YouTube is a valuable platform for staying relevant and engaging with the audience. Over 70% of the users claim that YouTube made them aware of the presence of a brand.

To learn how businesses can use YouTube at its full potential, here is our blog on How it Works For Businesses.

Ensures People Enjoy Entertaining Content

Social media is so much more than just tools for employment, branding, and communication. 

Sometimes, all they want is a little entertainment. 

In the United States, 73% of 18–24-year-olds and 61% of those in the United Kingdom regard social media as a source of entertainment.

Social networking sites give weary people personalized feeds with news, memes, and quick video snippets based on their preferences. 

A brand’s social media engagement posts can be a breath of fresh air for people wanting a break from their busy schedules.

Advantages of Social Media Engagement Posts

The heavy-hitter brands largely attributed their success to word-of-mouth advertising encouraged by social media engagement posts.

Here are the key benefits of engagement posts for social media:

1. Builds Connection With a Wider Audience

Social media targets a total of 58.7% of the global population. 

This lets you connect with more individuals simultaneously and raise their awareness of your company. 

Regular posting will increase the number of people who view your posts, significantly boosting your social media engagement.

2. Encourages Belief in Your Brand

Being active on social media means you are committed to creating excellent content and providing your clients with worthwhile offerings. 

Viewing such messages can increase visitors’ trust and convert them into possible clients. 

According to Forbes, social media posts from friends have an 81% impact on consumers’ buying decisions.

People will start looking for your brand when they need to purchase a product related to your brand. 

When social media engagement posts receive sufficient likes, shares, and comments, new audiences will consider them credible and continue searching for more.

3. Improve Your Standing in Search Engines

Social media greatly impacts SEO. While there is no direct correlation between the two, the benefits of social media do trickle down into SEO. 

This implies that Google will be more inclined to identify and indicate your channels as a significant source of traffic on having engagement on different social media accounts. The likes, shares, comments, etc define this engagement.

It may increase the number of people who follow your social media accounts.

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4. Provides Invaluable Input

Apart from helping you attract new clients, social media can also be used to enhance your offerings through the feedback you receive. 

You can follow up on complaints to enhance your customer service. 

Not only that, you can consider releasing new products after reviewing the recommendations and comments your clients have made on your goods and services.

For that, you need to get your social media marketing practices right with clever social media engagement posts.

5. Be More Human 

Customers are likely to stick with your business and believe that your services are human when they perceive that you answer their questions. 

Thus, social media engagement posts include responding to their queries and examining their comments. 

This fosters interaction and strengthens the bond between you and your clients.

Approach For Thumb-Stopping Social Media Engagement Posts 

To perform well as a business on social media, you need to adjust your engaging posts for social media per the unique metrics, culture, and trends.

To establish your brand voice and consider the nuances of various platforms, you can use the following tips:

1. Recognize Your Objectives for Social Media Engagement Posts

Every business uses social media for a different purpose. 

It’s difficult to determine whether your social media engagement posts approach is effective if you don’t have clear goals.

Together with important stakeholders, determine the precise objectives you have in mind for your social media platforms. 

For instance, the goal can be to create leads, foster client loyalty, or boost word-of-mouth.

It is simpler to monitor and calculate the return on investment of your engaging posts for social media if you have clear objectives.

2. Set Goals 

An infographic explaining smart social media engagement goalsEstablish specific targets for social media engagement posts so you can concentrate your content and social media post design efforts.

Metrics related to engaging posts for social media will be measured specifically. 

These metrics revolve around how many people engaged with your content and what kinds of engagement did they carry out.

3. Familiarize the Audience with Business

To create social media engagement posts, you must first have an in-depth understanding of your target demographic. 

To get to know them well, you must find information about their interests, demographics, and areas of suffering. 

Having a buyer persona is insufficient; you also need to have an idea of who they truly are.

This will also help you in finding the best social media platform for your business.

4. Pick a Platform 

The typical social media user interacts with 6.6 different social media platforms on average.

However, using them all wouldn’t make sense. Investigate and decide which social media platforms are most appropriate for your audience and business.

For instance, Last year, TikTok was used by 16% of B2B marketers. This is a perfect example of the need to choose the right platform. 

B2B marketing on TikTok would have looked completely futile a few years ago. However, today, with the correct approach, businesses are getting favourable results.

5. Identify the Elements of Engaging Posts for Social Media

Regarding content that attracts the audience, each network varies slightly, but there are some common elements. 

Additionally, we discovered that customers are searching for real posts, such as endorsements from satisfied customers, that showcase a brand’s good or service.

Observe the material that performs best on each platform and think about whether your audience would find it appealing. 

To find out if and how different types of social media engagement posts resonate with your audience, review your own metrics. 

For instance, Rare Beauty raises awareness on various social issues and often adds questions to their posts for customer engagement.

a q&a social engagement post by Rare Beauty on Facebook

6. Create Highly Shareable Content

The social media engagement posts should trigger people to click the share button.

To succeed in making shareable content, you must make it valuable. 

People often choose content that best represents who they are as individuals to publish on social media platforms. 

They wish to demonstrate their identity, values, and information that validates their viewpoints.

To enhance the quantity of shares on social media engagement posts, attempt to comprehend the values held by your intended audience.

Following that, you won’t struggle to craft engaging posts for social media that speak to their individuality.

For instance, if musicians make up your target audience, write a thoroughly researched blog demonstrating how listening to music improves the mood, etc.

7. Revise Your Strategy

Once you execute a strategy for engaging posts for social media, it is best to evaluate it time and again.

Make it a practice to continuously test, amend, and experiment with your social media marketing plan. 

Since social media is always changing, your plan should change with it.

For instance, the best time to post YouTube shorts is on Sunday between 2 to 4 p.m. Nevertheless, it can vary with different time zones and demographics. 

The strategy needs testing for your fun social media engagement posts to create buzz.

Engaging Posts For Social Media Ideas: Stacking Up Examples For Higher Engagement

If you capitalize on the advantages of social media engagement posts, it will end your brand’s visibility struggles online. 

Maintaining a consistent and proactive presence on social media platforms can undoubtedly control existing and prospective clients’ perceptions of your business.

Instead of allowing yourself to be restricted, let your creativity bloom with these examples of engaging posts for social media:

1. Create Polls 

Polls on different platforms are a great method to gain feedback from users and learn more about a topic. 

They may be an excellent source of engagement and variety in material. Pose a query that pertains to your business and the interests of your followers.

A restaurant or brand in the food sector can create a poll offering lunch, dinner, and morning options. Anyone may easily respond to this question.

You can get very deep with your poll and gain insight into the habits and preferences of your audience. 

This information will help to improve the social media engagement posts or even products.

Below, you will find a basic example of Twitter polls from Krispy Kreme, a doughnut brand with 2M Instagram and 7.9M likes on Facebook. 

A Twitter Poll by Krispy Kreme

2. Go Live

A live video can get a lot of attention on social media and reach. Check them out on Instagram, Twitter, and now Facebook as well. 

Partner with influencers to do a Q&A, present a product, or simply have a conversation with their audience. 

Twitter chats are no different. Both accept pre-submitted questions from the audience and take a few live queries.

Social media engagement posts of this nature have the potential to become mini-campaigns and generate content that can be used again in the future.

One of the brands that consistently plans Facebook live for the followers is Benefit Cosmetics.

A screenshot of a go live post by Benefits Cosmetics

3. Announcing Giveaways 

Giveaway social media engagement posts are one of the quickest ways to reach your goals. 

No one would ever mind receiving freebies.

For instance, to be eligible to enter, a lot of these contests require followers to like, comment, tag a friend, and follow.

These giveaways on Instagram and Twitter are popular but can also be conducted on other social media platforms. 

In fact, you can host the competition via engaging posts for social media on several platforms.

By tailoring freebies to your target demographic, you can make them even more memorable. 

In the example below, you can see how Lipton is offering different variants of their tea as a giveaway and has set out a list of rules for the participants.

A screenshot of giveaway social media engagement posts by Lipton

4. Say Yes to User-Generated Content 

Any social media management plan should incorporate user-generated material. 

These types of social media engagement posts can offer genuine, dependable word-of-mouth advertising from actual individuals. 

Through the use of actual consumers, this strategy uses word-of-mouth advertising to reach your target market and naturally raise brand awareness. 

These social media engagement posts can be:

  • Reviews 
  • Pictures 
  • posts on social media 
  • Video content 

When it comes to user-generated content, SHEIN has used it as a set-it-and-forget-it formula. The haul videos on YouTube, Instagram Stories, and TikTok content on the brand are all examples of engaging posts for social media.

A screenshot of user generated content by Shein

5. Work Together with Other Influencers or Brands

Working together with businesses and influencers in your niche can immediately increase the interaction from social media engagement posts. Not to mention, it helps with publicity and brand awareness. 

Influencers are significant because they have a following of people who respect their viewpoints. 

These viewpoints can be recommendations on products, thought leadership, or any other topic. 

An influencer shares your brand with their whole audience when they promote it. 

Many of those followers will then interact with the post, increasing brand recognition all around.

For instance, Boohoo spent £80m on influencer marketing in 2018, making their sales thrive.

Two brands can also collaborate to blend in their ethos and reach the same target audience. A good example of such collaboration is between FENDI and SKIMS.


How to boost social media engagement with embedded Facebook posts?

With the new feature of embedded posts on Facebook, the posts can be shared, increasing their shelf life. These engaging posts for social media posts are interactive and can be used for cross-promotion and increasing web traffic on your website.

What are the best social media engagement posts?

When social media engagement posts ask specific questions, they get the most attention. Polls, contests, and giveaways all fall into this category.

Do emojis get more engagement when used in social media engagement posts?

Definitely! Emojis in social media posts make a brand look more natural, friendly, and fun, garnering more attention from the audience. 

Does the frequency influence the engagement of social media posts?

Different posting frequencies work for different brands. You need to find the right frequency for engagement posts for social media, depending on your audience.

Final Thoughts 

To start your work on social media engagement posts strategy, be authentic and consistent.

Engaging posts for social media that provide value and evoke emotions get the best response.

To amp up your social media marketing strategy, you can always join forces with industry geniuses like The Dreams Agency.