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Everyone in the marketing world dreams of ranking on the first page of Google. 

It would be fair to say that with the changing trends of search engines, our information on SEO may become obsolete. If you don’t already know, social backlinking is the golden ticket to SEO.

To give internet users a good experience, backlinks marketing is mandatory.

In our last blog, we talked about how to get top backlinks in detail. This time, we will bring social backlinking all together.

What is Social Backlinking?

A link from any social media platform to a page on your website is known as a social media backlink. 

Backlinks from social networking platforms can typically be found in user profiles, comments, and posts. 

These can be shared on social media feeds, such as

  • Facebook
  • X
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

With 3 billion monthly active users on Facebook, it is a great platform for businesses.

Importance of Social Backlinking

A definition post of social backlinkingBacklinks from social media platforms are useful. That’s why many marketers rely on social backlinking for relevance. 

The reason for this is that they don’t count in terms of traditional SEO and aren’t followed.

However, social signals actually function as a ranking element. Furthermore, social media is receiving a lot of attention that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Those who don’t acknowledge social backlinking are missing out on a big fraction of their prospective audience.

Backlinking marketing from social media platforms provides a user base that can help your website. 

Individuals click on links on their newsfeeds all the time to visit websites.

It’s normal to have some doubts about boosting SEO from backlinks marketing with social media concepts.

To see it for yourself, you can monitor the clicks that come from your social media backlinks.

Google Analytics and UTM parameters provide the most convenient method for monitoring social backlinking.

If you want to check out more tools to get insights into your rivals, read our guide on the best analysis tools.

Social Backlinking: Does it Affect SEO?

An infographic on what is social backlinking best forIt’s still a popular debate whether social media can improve SEO rankings. 

Nofollow links are still important to your SEO strategy even though they have no direct effect on your Google rankings.

This is due to the fact that you want your backlink profile to look as authentic as possible. 

However, some link types are more beneficial to your SEO than others.

Links uploaded on social networking platforms are not followed. 

This implies that they won’t influence your Google results or give your website any authority.

However, social media also has additional advantages.

Social backlinking is best for:

  • Creating links
  • Advertising 
  • Expanding the audience
  • Building more clickable links

If you have been sidelining the benefits of social backlinking, we have listed a few benefits to help you realize you need amendment in your strategy.

Advantages of Social Backlinking 

A diagram on the advantages of social backlinking1. Returns in the Long Run

Backlinks from social backlinking will eventually bring visitors to your website in the long run. 

In contrast to certain transient marketing tactics, these backlinks contribute to your SEO efforts for a considerable amount of time once they are established. 

Hence, with social backlinking, you won’t complain about putting too much effort for little return.

2. Increased Online Exposure

Through the use of social backlinking, you can make your website more visible on the many bookmarking networks. 

Users are likely to bookmark your material when they find it interesting and helpful, which increases its reach. 

A higher number of website views and possible conversions may result from this enhanced visibility.

3. Higher Positioning in Search Engines

Backlinks from other websites are seen by search engines as a vote of confidence. 

Social backlinking informs search engines that your material is worthwhile and deserving of a higher search result ranking. 

Consequently, over time, your website’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs) can rise.

Social backlinking targets a large number of active users who want to be updated with fresh content. Hence, it helps search engines crawl. 

You increase the likelihood that search engine bots will find and index your content more rapidly when users bookmark your website on these platforms. As a result, you can see the benefits of your content in search results more quickly.

4. Developing Domain Authority

One measure of a website’s legitimacy and dependability is its domain authority. 

Social backlinking may have a favourable impact on a website’s domain authority. 

As domain authorities are one of the best friends of the ranking factors, they can improve your SEO efforts all around.

5. Encouraging Content Spreadability

Social backlinking gets a jumpstart from content sharing. 

Users effectively share your web pages with their network when they bookmark them. 

This may have a snowball effect where more people find your social backlinks, increasing its visibility.

Most people are at their wit’s end to make their content viral.

With social backlinking, you should focus on shareable content instead of prowling after virality.

Are traditional Backlinking and Social Backlinking Interchangeable

If your backlinks marketing is strong, that doesn’t mean you are all covered. Backlinks and social backlinking have their unique identities.

Social connections are crucial because they make it simple for people to find and interact with your social media sites. 

They also assist you in building a solid online presence and increasing website traffic through referrals. 

Examples of Social Links 

  • Social media icons
  • Sharing buttons
  • Connections to social media pages

Links pointing from other websites to your website are known as backlinks. They go by the names of incoming or inbound links as well. As the most significant component in Google’s ranking algorithm, backlinks are crucial.

Compared to websites with lower backlink profiles, those with strong profiles receive more organic search traffic

Example of Backlinks 

  • Links from reputable blogs
  • News stories
  • Directories
  • Reference pages

It’s critical to concentrate on both social links and backlinks to have a functional SEO strategy for small and large businesses. 

Social media connections can raise the visibility of your brand, enhance website traffic, and increase the number of backlinks pointing to your website.

Conversely, backlinks are necessary to build your website’s authority and reputation inside your sector or niche. 

You can develop a comprehensive SEO plan that optimizes your website’s exposure and growth potential by concentrating on both social and backlinks.

There is a chart down below that highlights the differences between the two.

Differences  Backlinks  Social Links 
Aim Drive referral traffic and boost rankings  Links websites to social media accounts
Relevance  Relevant to websites  It’s not always necessary to be relevant to the website
Authority  Included on authoritative websites  Used on social accounts 
Acquirability  Relatively time-consuming and hard to obtain  Easier to obtain


Learn More: The Power Play: Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing 

Social Backlinking: 6 Best Practices to Follow 

An infographic on the six best practices of social backlinkingThere are several ways to effectively backlink with social media.

1. Produce Quality Content

Even if you post many low-quality links on social media, you won’t see a difference. That is because the consumer prefers quality over quantity for social backlinking and many other things in the world.

Developing excellent content is one of the best strategies to obtain backlinks on social media platforms. Excellent content promotes itself by getting shared a lot.

Focus on producing material that is timeless and relevant at all times. As content consumption and the hunger for new topics is higher than ever, people like fresher content.

You can ensure everyone who looks at your profile sees it by pinning it to the top of the feed.

Increasing the number of individuals who view your content boosts your backlink profile.

To create engaging posts on social media that the users can’t ignore, take a look at 7 Best Practices For Social Media Engagement Posts

2. Pay Attention To Trends

Topics gain popularity due to the buzz surrounding them. 

One strategy to increase the number of people who view your material is to discuss topics that are popular right now.

Social backlinking by providing insightful analysis of current affairs raises the likelihood that the item will be shared.

However, you must exercise caution to avoid adopting trends that could damage your brand.

Producing information about current affairs that is pertinent to your work makes more sense. 

Using trends to your advantage, you can become an authority in your industry and highlight your business.

3. Reviews From Recognizable Social Media Platforms 

Search engine exposure for your social media profiles will increase with reviews.

You can improve your search engine ranking for new keywords by getting reviews.

If your material ranks higher, more people will notice it and are more inclined to connect to it through social backlinking.

The audience will click on your links and share your material if you have positive evaluations since they boost trust.

Here are the two techniques for using reviews for social media backlinking:

You can obtain additional high-quality reviews by sending the buyer an automated email asking for a review.

Another great way is to give them a free item or a discount on their subsequent purchase in return for their feedback.

4. Use Blogger Recommendation  

You can quickly turn anything of worth you sell, including software, physical goods, consulting services, or anything else of value, into dozens of excellent backlinks.

As a business, you can send famous bloggers one of your hero products as a gift or PR package.

Refrain from doing this with any blogger. For backlink marketing, relevance is a primary factor.

Therefore, for social backlinking, find someone who would make sense in marketing your product.

For instance, if you have a makeup brand and the blogger you choose has zero credibility and knowledge in that area, it’s pointless to send a complimentary product.

Also, you can search for the topics that people are curious about and request the bloggers to create content around those topics.

A makeup brand can ask the bloggers to do a before and after video or try out different looks types of videos.

To get an idea, search for terms that relate to your business, and Google will show you a variety of blogs, news websites, and how-to websites. 

Remove news and how-to websites from your list, and pick others that connect with the business. 

5. Use Appropriate Keywords As Link Builders

The success of your brand depends on your ability to understand your language and target audience. 

People like and trust you more when they can relate to you.

Thus, be sure you know the terms your viewers use when doing information searches. 

Next, develop content using these keywords as a torch leading the way. This guarantees that when people search for something, your posts will come up.

The likelihood that someone will use social backlinking to one of your posts increases with the number of likes and comments on it.

6. Resort to the Second-Tier Links 

Second-tier connections are formed when you link to one website, which connects back to yours.

The fact that you aren’t sharing your own website content is one of the main advantages of using second-tier links for social backlinking.

People find this appealing since it seems more reliable than advertising your own products.

You are more likely to receive traffic and backlinks to your own website the more shares and traffic the primary site receives.

When the website you’re linked to has a lot of authority, you create a close rapport with the audience. 

Not only that, others are more inclined to ask you to guest post for them when they observe the positive effects of your social media presence on a website.


What is more effective, social links or traditional backlinks?

Backlinks are great for SEO, and social links are valuable for better engagement. Hence, both help with different aspects of backlinks marketing.

How can I improve the results of social backlinking?

By creating high-quality content and forming relationships with sites and accounts well-liked by the audience.

What are dofollow links in social backlinking?

Dofollow links point the user to the website you want them to see.

Can I use Instagram for social backlinking?

Currently, creators can’t share dofollow links on the platform. There is only one place where an account can put up a link, i.e., the bio section. 

The Bottom Line 

To reap maximum benefits with social backlinking, you need to be consistent with your efforts. 

It entails consistently creating and sharing top-notch content, interacting with your audience and influencers to foster relationships, and tracking and evaluating your development and success. 

Furthermore, you can try out various formats, platforms, and methods for backlinking marketing and gain knowledge from your mistakes and triumphs. 

Similar to other practices in an SEO strategy, social backlinking also requires patience, effort, and creativity.

If you are not ready for this long-term commitment, hand this job over to SEO and social media marketing experts from The Dreams Agency.