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In SEO, there are no lasting factors you can rely on year after year. For massive success in this industry, you need massive action, which is why countless people choose SEO outsourcing.

If your SEO effort has seen a minor setback today, it will change into something more tomorrow. In the worst case, your results may decline to zero. Hence, people often find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to choosing one from SEO in-house vs. outsourcing.

Today, we will take a look at the advantages of SEO outsourcing and what to avoid when reaching out to third-party services.

What Does SEO Outsourcing Entail? 

A definition post explaining what is seo outsourcingHiring a freelancer or external SEO agency to do search engine optimization-related work for your company is known as SEO outsourcing.

These tasks can include anything from link building and content creation to keyword research and content planning. 

Depending on what the company wants, SEO outsourcing services can be tailored to include consultancy, continuous SEO management, or one-time projects.

Basically, it breaks down the steps in your strategy and makes improvements in each, bringing a significant change.

The size of the project and the SEO provider’s level of expertise can affect the cost of SEO outsourcing.

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SEO In-house Vs. Outsourcing

Maintaining an in-house SEO staff can be stressful and expensive. 

You need a professional who can manage workload and play a pivotal role in the decision-making process whenever needed.

As the clientele of a company expands, it becomes challenging to keep up a sufficient workforce. 

The expenditures increase as the company needs more advanced software and expertise. 

If you have a very niche clientele or know your client list won’t expand, hiring an internal team may be a good option. 

In any case, you want to confirm that your internal staff has sufficient capacity and expertise to deliver advanced SEO services to every client. 

SEO outsourcing to a third-party company with large teams and established track records comes in handy when the in-house teams don’t have the capacity to manage tasks.

81% of marketers believe that SEO outsourcing helped maximize their SEO efforts.

SEO outsourcing is primarily focused on SEO, tracking algorithm updates, and promoting organic growth for businesses. 

Such companies help in avoiding hefty overhead expenses. 

They have all the equipment and software required for tracking SEO operations. 

With in-depth knowledge and diverse experience, they handle every aspect of the campaign. 

Additionally, they can handle all of your existing clients as well as any new ones you bring on without needing to hire more staff. 

9 Benefits of SEO Outsourcing

A circular diagram of seo outsourcingThe legitimate and proven strategies of SEO services can have many advantages.

Below are the most important pros of SEO outsourcing:

1. Availability of SEO Knowledge

SEO is a dynamic sector that calls for a high level of expertise. 

You can access experts who have spent years perfecting their skills. Their knowledge of the trends helps companies prepare for what’s to come.

SEO outsourcing helps you connect to professionals who can create plans to raise the ranks of your website as they are aware of the nuances of search engine algorithms.

Working with professionals from across the world helps to guarantee that you select the best fit for your company. 

You gain a competitive advantage and can utilize the knowledge and abilities of experts who are committed to the success of your website.

2. Saving Money with SEO Outsourcing

Implementing an effective SEO strategy takes a lot of effort, time, and training. 

Additionally, it may take many months to train a team member who lacks experience managing SEO campaigns. Your customers won’t wait for your strategy to be in place.

Furthermore, there are other variations of SEO, such as white hat SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, and more. For individuals who only know the basics, it may take a lot of time to master these aspects.

If we compare the cost of SEO in-house vs. outsourcing, the breakdown will look like this:

For In-house SEO:

You need to pay $50,000-120,000 to the employees.

The cost of employee insurance may add around 30% of their gross salary.

For training them, you’ll have to pay $ 3,000-5,000 per annum to an external source.

You need to pay the rent of the facility and other utility bills.

Lastly, you need SEO software to improve and evaluate your performance.

For SEO Outsourcing:

You need to pay $1500-$5000 per month.

As an SEO business will manage SEO activities on a daily basis, an existing employee may not even have time to learn about the new trends.

To save time and money that goes into training a single person who may or may not understand the key steps of a campaign, you should consider SEO outsourcing. 

3. Helps Businesses Grow

You should constantly stay one step ahead of your agency as it begins to grow rapidly. 

With SEO outsourcing businesses, you can move forward rather than slipping behind when you start to get overworked or find it difficult to meet deadlines.

These companies do competitor analysis so that you don’t miss a beat. 

Outsourcing is a terrific advantage to assist you in keeping consistent or even ahead of your daily tasks when your business wants to focus on business growth.

Hence, without compromising on any tasks, your company can carry on with its daily operations.

4. Help in Building Great Industry Relationships

An SEO outsourcing company has connections in the business that can offer value to services like lead generation, branding and logo creation, and advertising. 

Additionally, they can give you insights into the digital advertising market to increase your visibility.

If you choose in-house SEO, you will need to establish this network of professionals on your own. 

Having access to tools that could help you create and distribute, or even social backlinking for your website, could improve your search engine rankings. 

You may be surprised at how much these kinds of benefits may strengthen your SEO plan.

5. Gives Quicker Outcomes

When an in-house team does SEO, you have to deal with the typical delays that result from internal pre-planning and experimentation.

Therefore, the company takes a substantial amount of time to find what works for them.

SEO outsourcing helps you get traffic from your existing content. 

Creating and executing an effective SEO plan on a website with respectable traffic and content can yield comparatively quick results.

6. Maximize Your Exposure

There are several ways that using outsourced SEO services can help you expand internationally. 

With SEO outsourcing, you may get the greatest SEO services at affordable prices from the best SEO experts in the world. 

SEO outsourcing may offer vital insights into specialized industries and assist in the development of plans to optimize for various regions and languages.

So, if your company aspires to expand internationally, SEO outsourcing is crucial.

7. Strong Risk Management

For companies without the required resources or experience, it is painstaking to stay on top of the trends and make sure they are complying with search engine rules.

Businesses may reduce the risk of algorithm changes and make sure their website stays optimized and visible on search engine results pages with SEO outsourcing. 

Such companies have access to cutting-edge technologies and techniques that can help lower the possibility of fines or ranking declines.

8. Lesser Need to Manage People 

You can relieve yourself of the stress of overseeing an SEO team with SEO outsourcing.

To squeeze more quality and productivity out of the employees, you need to control them. 

Managing people with different temperaments and personalities can never be easy.

SEO outsourcing will relieve you of the burden of recruiting, onboarding, and much more.

There are no absenteeism, turnover, or performance concerns to deal with.

You may concentrate on the core business operations as your SEO provider handles all these details. 

9. Maintains Proper Documents

Having a written strategy is essential to success when it comes to SEO. 

Put another way, the lack of a written approach will result in a disorganized and wrong implementation that yields worse outcomes.

Consider how much time it takes to monitor the performance of your website across tens of criteria, backlinks, rankings, traffic sources, and stats. 

This time, it mounts up and begins to deplete your resources. You may even need to establish a weekly or monthly routine for creating reports because SEO takes months to show benefits.

When you collaborate with an outside partner, they have no choice but to record the approach they intend to use. 

They first obtain your approval as their client before they can start implementing the plan. 

Every step of the strategy is properly documented, so there is no room for mistakes.

All you have to do is make sure the contract specifies the Key Performance Indicators that will be measured and how frequently reports will be provided to you when you sign it.

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3 Mistakes When SEO Outsourcing Your Website

The top three mistakes of seo outsourcing explained in an infographicSome of the common mistakes businesses make while SEO outsourcing are listed below:

1. Using Too Little Money

If a company is charging a price that is too good to be true for SEO outsourcing, they are probably in it just for the money.

They may just take the money and sneak lies, false reports and inaccurate information about your work.

Even if you find an SEO service at less than typical prices, you will ultimately have to pay more to rectify the subpar outcomes.

Though it initially costs more, good SEO eventually pays for itself in return on investment. 

Working with a reputable company also ensures that every dollar is invested into achieving your objectives.

2. Inexperienced Service Providers

Although new businesses are also capable of producing high-quality work, they may find it more difficult to be adaptable or solve problems that they haven’t encountered previously.

SEO outsourcing won’t show desirable results if the company has a wishy-washy approach and lacks expertise.

No one can indeed guarantee great results. But you will have the best chance of achieving effective SEO from a more seasoned SEO business.

To judge their experience, you can ask them for a portfolio and check out their client testimonials.

3. Not Setting Goals

Defining your expectations for SEO is crucial after you’ve determined how it will fit into your overall marketing mix. 

If you don’t have a clear set of objectives, your SEO efforts won’t be as concentrated as they are supposed to be. 

Furthermore, it will be harder to track progress if there are no clear targets.

If you don’t know about the KPIs and what you need to achieve, you are leaving the door open for scams. 

You may even end up hurting the ranking of your website.

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When Is SEO Outsourcing Appropriate?

You should consider SEO outsourcing if you lack:

  • Resources, time, or knowledge to employ an internal SEO team
  • Capacity to handle workload
  • Experience within the company to guide the SEO team

What should be included in a brief for SEO outsourcing?

It must touch the practical side of content creation (everything that would help shape the content). Apart from that, it must talk about your goal, target audience, budget, and deadlines.

What makes SEO outsourcing money-saving?

Agencies frequently include the cost of technology and tools in the pricing of SEO services. If you don’t have an SEO partner, you’ll have to pay for the software and tools separately, increasing the overall cost of your SEO services.

Wrapping It Up

Search Engine Optimization is continuously measuring, testing, and improving your SEO activities over time. 

No company has a crystal ball to tell you about your future ranking number. But with the use of competitive keywords, building backlinks, analysis tools, and content creation, they can get positive results.

On the other hand, less experienced individuals will require time to understand and iron out issues before they even begin.

If you want to get your SEO strategy or website reviewed, contact us any time.

We can help you identify and fix issues with our effective solutions.