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After TikTok short videos and Instagram reels rose, YouTube Shorts provided a content form for creators.

With YouTube Short ideas, creators can build a connection with their audience by giving them a sneak peek of their content.

The changing trend of challenges and creative videos leaves many thinking about how to consistently post shorts that the audience likes.

As we don’t want you to break the chain of consistency on your busy days, we will share a list of YouTube Short ideas to implement.

To become an expert, start reading our best YouTube Short ideas.

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Why Do You Need Good YouTube Short Ideas?

Conventional YouTube videos have been far more extensive, well-produced, and lengthy. 

Some even last for several hours. Although this kind of material has its place, it isn’t the most popular format on social media for users.

Conversely, YouTube Shorts have a 60-second limit and may include the standard narrative components you’ve grown accustomed to, including music, lyrics, or effects.

Similar to its rivals, YouTube Shorts is continuously adding new features and enhancing existing ones in order to make it easier for users to create and find Shorts content. 

For instance, by encouraging collaboration between video material previously published on the site, YouTube is attempting to simplify the process for content creators. 

According to the data, YouTube Shorts had a 25% annual increase in monthly views between 2022 and 2023. 

It all comes down to being ingenious and methodical: making your videos and descriptions as optimized as possible, researching keywords, and participating in your community.

You can get inspiration or direct quotes from your well-received long-form videos to build the cornerstone of your YouTube shorts strategy.

10 Best YouTube Short Ideas 

An infographic on the best youtube short ideasIf you want to grow the number of views, try out these YouTube Short ideas.

1. Share Useful Tips 

You are an expert at what you do, and sharing quick bits of advice is one of the best YouTube ideas for you.

 It’s likely that some people in your audience are unaware of the information you consider common knowledge.

By sharing such information with your intended audience with a brief tip, you can become their go-to source of knowledge. Honestly, it could be anything. 

To give you an example, let’s watch a video of a famous plastic surgeon on social media: Anthony Youn.

He shares brief advice on skincare with his viewers through YouTube Shorts. As he is in the cosmetic surgery industry, he focuses on the same target audience.

It will be simpler to decide what kind of advice to give if you are aware of what your audience needs. 

By providing brief advice, you’ll establish your credibility with your audience and turn them into subject matter experts.

Check out this example.

If you still don’t know where to begin, you can take input from your audience and then respond with a brief 60-second video.

Moreover, you can read our blog on YouTube Shorts Length.

2. Show Them Cool Hacks

Everyone enjoys hacks, and YouTube Shorts is the ideal platform to showcase your creations and make a difference in people’s lives.

Cooking, cleaning, and organizing tips are excellent examples; these are any tasks that may be made easier for individuals on a daily basis.

This one from the YouTube Short ideas list works for many people.

Life hacks include using salt to remove wine stains, twisting the straps of a face mask to fit better, and so much more. 

These ideas range from extremely helpful to not very helpful. 

For example, there is a channel on YouTube called 5 Minute Hacks that gets millions of views from the audience.

As it is a page based on a secret hacks video, you can find Shorts in almost every niche.

Another approach that people are using these days is trying out popular hacks on the internet. 

Hence, for YouTube Short Ideas, you can pick the hacks that are related to your niche and create your version of it.

Check out this example.

3. Inspire the Audience 

The third one from our list of YouTube Short ideas works excellently to engage the audience.

People love content that inspires and encourages them to work towards their goals.

People who are pursuing common goals like maintaining their health, getting in shape, or changing their thinking are the perfect candidates for motivational content. 

They’re very difficult to complete, so a little drive helps a lot.

By discussing a goal that you have gradually accomplished, you can make a difference. Display a time-lapse of your development or come up with original ways to encourage others by summarizing your inspirational journey.

As an example, we have picked a small business that makes slime. The video has over 4 million views and it tells the story of a business that was started six years ago. 

A motivational video can be of anything and is not only limited to businesses making big.

It may revolve around achieving career or fitness goals, etc.

Check out this example

4. Tell a Story

If you want YouTube Short ideas that foster trust and loyalty, learn how to engage people in a story.

To implement such YouTube Short ideas, you need to work on your storytelling. Whatever story you decide to tell the audience, it should have a hook and come across as easily digestible.

YouTube Shorts provides an artistic platform for telling concise yet gripping tales about your company’s history, journey, or objectives.

Narrating brief stories is great as they use the emotional power of storytelling to establish a personal connection between your brand and the audience.

Authenticity is demonstrated by sharing your brand’s history, emphasizing important milestones, or communicating your basic principles. 

It has the power to immerse viewers in your brand’s story, fostering a sense of loyalty and trust beyond the brief video.

5. Highlight the Benefits of Your Products 

Make an entertaining and interesting YouTube short video about it. 

The YouTube audience is a diverse blend of learners and entertainers, making it an ideal platform for promoting your goods. 

Putting together a brief list of all the advantages you provide is a fantastic method to write captivating YouTube Short ideas.

In the example for the YouTube Short ideas below, you can see how the brand used only 15 seconds to highlight all the features of the product.

Check out this example.

6. Feature Your Community

If you have never interacted with the audience as a brand, you can use different YouTube Short ideas that include them.

Short videos featuring happy clients’ voices, letting them provide brief testimonials and commend you in real-time.

Real clients testifying to their satisfaction with your goods or services validate your brand and build a sincere relationship with your audience. 

To demonstrate your excellence and improve your brand’s reputation, you can also publish compliments from happy clients, positive reviews, or awards your company has won.

Prospective clients can view and hear testimonials from individuals who have profited from your products. 

As an example, you can consider how Panadol featured their community to vouch for them.

When viewers witness other people endorsing your goods or services, their faith in you builds organically.

Check out this example.

7. Display your Workplace

Showcasing the personality, culture, and work ethic of your brand is one of the brilliant YouTube Short ideas.

Workspace tours provide an intimate look into your workspace, illuminating the areas where innovation takes place.

These behind-the-scenes looks into your workstation may enlighten viewers about your daily setup, provide organizing ideas, or serve as an inspiration to others.

By occupying the zone where productivity and creativity collide, you can build stronger ties with your audience and produce more relatable and interesting content.

Use a humorous YouTube short to introduce your team to the public. 

From the following example, you can get YouTube Short ideas from how the creator has shown Google headquarters.

Check out this example.

8. Do a Question & Answer Video

By responding to frequently asked questions (FAQs), you proactively make information about your specialty that your audience may not be aware of.

You can satisfy viewers seeking instant insights by providing Shorts with clear, concise responses. 

By looking at some funny YouTube Short ideas, you can learn how to make your video more entertaining and less serious.

The brief Q&A sessions can address various issues related to your industry or niche and ensure that frequently asked questions are categorized and dealt with effectively.

By using these YouTube Short ideas, you can show the audience that you are dedicated to solving their issues.

When posting the video, ensure that the time is right.

9. Launch a Product 

Product teaser marketing to generate interest in your company and heighten anticipation for the release of your goods. This marketing tactic involves providing as little information as possible about your new offering.

Before your brand or product launches, your audience and potential customers are piqued by the bite-sized info, which builds curiosity and intrigue. 

Prior to the official launch, the goals are to raise awareness, encourage engagement and excitement, and get people talking about your brand.

YouTube Short ideas for product teasers are ideal for your product teaser campaigns because they just reveal a tiny bit of information. 

Remarkably, one of the most popular content marketing strategies for 2024 is the product teaser. 

Check out this example. 

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Pack a Product

While very different from unpacking YouTube Short ideas, this is nonetheless entertaining to watch. 

Select a recent order that you received and demonstrate the entire assembly process using this one from the YouTube Short ideas.

Viewers particularly enjoy it when these are done in the ASMR style—with little dialogue, calming music, and simple graphics.

Check out this example. 

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10. Film a Vlog

Although this is not from the new YouTube Short idea, it may give you an opportunity to stand out.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, begin recording and walk viewers through a regular day.

To ensure you don’t miss any thrilling experiences, look for all the events and record them in a series.

Allow people to join you on this adventure in your unique style.

Make sure you film it in the best lighting and publish it in high quality. 

For instance, a creator, Kaeli maee has used ASMR in her daily mini vlogs to add her personal touch.

Check out this example.

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Is YouTube better than TikTok for marketing?

Because of the wide demographic range of everyday users, YouTube offers a platform for nearly any brand or company to reach its target audience. The majority of TikTok’s user base may be more difficult to organize on such a large scale.

How can I use the YouTube app to create a YouTube Short?

While using the YouTube mobile app, click the + button located at the bottom of the screen. After choosing Create a Short from the Create menu, grant access to the camera and microphone. To start recording your Short, select the red record button.

Are YouTube Shorts profitable?

Yes, creators can participate in the YouTube Partner Program and make money from ads by uploading Shorts to their channels. Shorts’ revenue, however, may not be as high as that of full-length videos. 

In Conclusion 

These are the YouTube Short ideas that you can play around with to maximize your reach and spread awareness.

Whether you want to package yourself as a brand or want to market a business, you can work around these ideas.

To establish yourself as a bonafide expert in your niche, you can also get help from The Dreams Agency.

We are skilled at raising the rank of your websites and getting you exposure on various social media platforms.