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Since the late 90s, email marketing has been an important tool for every business. The number of users only keeps increasing, and it is a fantastic way to reach your customers in their inbox directly. You can create everything from local to regional and even international campaigns. 

Local campaigns might be easier, but you must understand the best practices for successful international campaigns. The best email marketing service in Canada can help you with such campaigns. Here is what you need to know about it. 

Can Email Marketing Be Effective At An International Level?

More than three million emails are sent per second. However, this doesn’t mean that all emails are effective or successful. Most of these emails go unread because people are not interested in reading a lot of content by businesses. 

If you want to have an international campaign, you need to know all the best practices to target your audience. With the right tactics, you can have successful campaigns in no time. Businesses that don’t have dedicated marketing departments can always outsource their email marketing efforts. 

Outsourcing email marketing campaigns can help you have a global reach and target international audiences. Keep reading to find out more about it. 

Why You Need The Best Email Marketing Service In Canada For Facilitating International Campaigns

The best email marketing service in Canada can help you with stellar marketing campaigns. For example, The Dreams Agency follows a meticulous process of crafting email marketing campaigns that convert. 

We opt for the following practices to ensure your email marketing is as effective in the international markets as it is in local: 

Curating Content Specific To Cultures 

Every region has a unique culture and customs that you must be sensitive to when you enter new markets. A small mistake can lead to millions of dollars in losses and your reputation in the international market. It is crucial to conduct extensive research on cultural traditions, regional references, and more. 

Then, you can apply your research to your email marketing content. It may sound easy, but such research requires familiarity with the international market you are trying to enter. When you hire professionals, they understand exactly what to research relevant to your email marketing campaigns. 

It will reduce the chances of blunders and mistakes that will cause financial and other losses to your business. Professionals use references that the international audience is already familiar with and can relate to. Attention to these small cultural details will help you have an exceptional email marketing campaign. 

Overcoming The Language Barrier 

Around 1.3 billion people worldwide speak English, meaning billions of people are unfamiliar with the language. When entering new markets, you must research the audience’s language. If they are unfamiliar with English, you must tailor your email marketing campaigns to their native language. 

However, it is not as simple as that. Even within the language, you must be careful of tone and other subtleties that can impact how your message is delivered to the audience. Professional email marketers have translators at their disposal that deeply understand the language. 

Such translators can help translate messages to the native language and fine-tune them to suit the right tone and message. Small mistakes can lead to major repercussions that can cost a lot for your business. Having the right agency by your side will help you overcome such issues. 

Focusing on Unique Selling Points 

As a business, not all of your products and services will appeal to an international audience. For example, if you run a fast-food restaurant that serves burgers, you will have to tweak your product to an international audience that doesn’t eat meat. Mcdonald’s has vegetarian options in India because they understand that the audience in that region doesn’t consume a lot of meat. 

However, you still have unique selling points to highlight in your email marketing campaigns. We recommend that you focus on those to sell your products or services internationally. An example would be to focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability in European markets, as people are more environmentally conscious there than in other parts of the world. 

Your email marketing messaging should also reflect these selling points so your customers can focus on what you have to offer. The best email marketing service in Canada can help determine your unique selling points and focus on those for the best results. 

Considering The Timing Of Sending Emails

Timing is everything when sending out emails to an international audience. You must take time zones into account before sending an email. For example, in some parts of the world, people might check their emails early morning while others might check them in the afternoon. 

The timing will determine whether your audience will open your emails or not. In some cultures, sending emails during specific local holidays is more effective, as people check their emails more often in their free time. The only way to understand different time considerations is to conduct thorough research into the email-checking habits of your international audience. 

Once you have this information, you will easily create email marketing campaigns that can convert. Find out the most effective times for sending emails and leverage that to enter new markets as smoothly as possible. 

Following Regulatory Requirements For Email Marketing

Yes, there are regulatory requirements, even regarding email marketing. You must understand these requirements before you tailor email campaigns to your liking. Complying with local laws and regulations of different regions is important so you don’t get penalized for your discrepancies. 

For example, if you cater to the US audience and you want to enter the EU, then you will have to follow the GDPR guidelines. It even has specific requirements regarding email marketing that will allow you to optimize your campaigns. In the same way, you must research such guidelines in the market you enter. 

After having such information, it will become easier for you to comply with rules and regulations when you enter new markets. It will also decrease any risks and liabilities you might have to go through when you don’t follow the rules and regulations. The best email marketing service in Canada, like The Dreams Agency, is familiar with these rules worldwide to help you swiftly launch your email campaigns. 

Utilizing Localization Tools 

Personalization is the key to tailoring your email marketing campaigns to an international audience. Localization tools such as hiring local marketers, content creators, writers, and translation tools can help you personalize the email marketing content. For example, let’s say you are trying to target Chinese-speaking customers. 

To achieve this aim, it is always better to hire local talent that can help you create email marketing campaigns tailored to their region. They have better knowledge and will ensure long-term success. If you want to overcome the language barrier, then having a translator will prove to be equally important for your business. 

There are also many other localization tools you can opt for. Email marketing agencies have such tools at their disposal to take your email marketing campaigns to another level. It is always better to let them handle your international campaigns to reduce the chances of mistakes. 

Using Social Proof And Testimonials 

Building credibility takes time, especially when you enter new markets. The international audience doesn’t know you and has no reason to trust you. This is where testimonials and social proof can come in handy for your business. 

When you incorporate these aspects, you will demonstrate that what you offer is useful to customers. Social proofs such as recognition or awards can also help you build that trust and credibility when new to the market. Anytime someone learns about a new business, the first thing they do is conduct a Google search to learn more about them. 

You can apply this to your international email marketing campaigns as well. When sending out emails, you can provide social proof from your homeland. Doing so will make your email marketing content even more trustworthy and reliable.

Tools To Measure Marketing Metrics 

International campaigns require tracking tools to help you understand whether your campaigns are effective. Have some KPIs at your disposal that will aid you with optimizing your campaigns. Some metrics include:

  • Click-through rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Open rates
  • Engagement rates 
  • And more 

The right tools by your side will help you measure these rates. Then, you can derive valuable insights from these metrics and create detailed reports that will allow you to optimize your campaigns. 

The best email marketing service in Canada has all the professional tools to take your international email marketing campaigns to the next level. You will begin on the right foot and then keep tweaking your campaigns for the right results. 

Optimizing Campaigns 

Email marketing campaigns don’t just stop at executing the campaign. You also have to monitor the campaign and optimize it by making relevant changes. For example, optimizing texts, images, tags, and more will help you keep changing your campaigns. 

Staying relevant is important because there is a lot of digital clutter, even in the email marketing realm. People get endless emails every day, and you need to provide them with a reason to open your emails. So, make sure that you also keep optimizing your campaigns with the right tools and practices. 

Getting Your Message Through 

Finally, it is incredibly important for your emails to deliver an effective yet strong message. The more impact your message makes, the more likely it is that your audience will take action. Curated content tailored for your audience will help connect your audience with your brand through email. 

Language and tone are crucial in delivering the right message, which is why you will need professional help when targeting an international market. Opting for the best email marketing service in Canada is a small price to pay for the benefits you will reap in the long run. So, make sure you get your message across with the right practices. 

Successful Email Marketing Campaigns To Take Inspiration From 

Now that you understand the basics of international marketing campaigns, it is just as important to take inspiration from successful campaigns to create yours. Here are some examples of successful email marketing campaigns you can take inspiration from for your next local or international campaign: 


With the advent of technology and creativity, we keep getting new ways to share something important. Memes and GIFs have taken over communication and social media to help us get our message across. Postmates used the power of GIFs to have an emotional impact on their audience. 

The animated GIFs are a fun way to catch the attention of the email audience. It also draws attention to the email and displays your services and products in action. Around 37% of brands claim that visual marketing is an important form of communication. 

That is why it is crucial to incorporate visual cues in your email marketing campaigns. These cues will engage your audience even more and help them take action with your emails. 


Starbucks has many successful campaigns under its belt, and even its email marketing is fantastic. Even they have incorporated animation in some of their campaigns to ensure people open and stay on the email. However, that is not the only thing they have done in their campaigns. 

Instead, they have also framed promotions as a benefit of being a member of Starbucks. When you position your campaigns in such a way, it makes people feel that they are exclusive members of your brand. The problem with email marketing is that sometimes it can get impersonal and boring. 

So, you have to overcome these challenges by incorporating such elements to ensure that people have a reason to open their emails. You can also design your campaigns in such a way that people can’t wait to open them when they see your brand’s name in their inbox. 

Uncommon Goods 

When you create a sense of urgency, you are compelling people to take action as soon as possible. Uncommon Goods does just that during their campaigns. They use calls to action in their emails to create urgency so the customers can act. 

For example, their email marketing campaigns tell people to get their goods before they are gone. Framing sentences in this way lets people know that if they don’t take action, they will miss out on amazing products and services. Remember that these email campaigns are ideal for running sales and promotions. 

You have to find a balance and ensure you don’t overuse inspiration from a campaign for all your campaigns. Striking the right balance will help with having many unique campaigns that will surprise the users every time they open their inbox and encourage them to take the action you need. 

Harpoon Brewery 

Harpoon Brewery sends Happy Birthday emails to their loyal customers and lets them know they are valued. In the age of technology, many of us feel isolated and disconnected from other people. Because of this, a personal message from a brand can help us lift our spirits and make us feel better. 

If you want to strengthen your relationships with customers, you can do it through email marketing. You can send them personalized emails to let them know you are thinking of them. In the long run, it is one of the most effective ways to build strong customer bonds. 

Every single element in the email should be personal to target your audience more effectively. If you use images and animation, make sure they feel personal to the user so they can engage with your brand. 


Looking at Ubers various email marketing campaigns will highlight the fact that they rely on simplicity to target users. It usually has an initial description to hook the reader with a CTA to ensure people can take action. Even people that only skim emails can look at the CTA and decide whether the email is worth their time. 

Then, if people want to learn more about the campaign, there is a header that has a more detailed description of what Uber as to offer. Just like the Uber app, the company also uses visual branding elements to captivate their users in emails. Even during email marketing campaigns, it is important to make your value propositions clear and stay consistent with your branding so customers can remember you. 

Final Thoughts 

Opt for the best email marketing service in Canada to have a global reach and enter into international markets. As your business scales, it is important to diversify and try to have a global reach. However, without the right knowledge and tools, you will et yourself up for your failure. 

If you want to climb the ladders of success, please feel free to get in touch with The Dreams Agency. We have had many success stories with our email marketing efforts. Our dedicated professionals will guarantee you have a successful email marketing campaign locally and internationally to have a wider reach than before.