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Can’t decide on the perfect YouTube Shorts length? You have found the best guide.

In the fast-paced world, people like to watch fast-paced content with quick transitions, brevity, and fast cuts.

The infinite scroll option of the feed can engross the viewers so much that they forget about the rest of the world.

To get the audience addicted to your videos, too, you can’t forsake the elements that make a video engaging.

And the primary component that is co-related to engagement is video length.

In this guide, we will discuss the optimal YouTube Shorts length and its importance.

Let’s get on with it!

The Inception of YouTube Shorts 

An infographic on YouTube subscribers by regionIn 2019, TikTok amassed a soaring number of downloads as a comprehensive video-sharing app. And no other platform could come close to it.

Shorts, the newest feature on YouTube, was launched to draw in international content providers following the prohibition of TikTok in many countries

Similar to the TikTok app, this feature makes YouTube content extremely alluring. 

Of course, there are other comparable apps as well, such as Instagram Reels and Snapchat. But with 2 billion active users watching YouTube Shorts, it has secured a stable position.

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The Rise Of YouTube Shorts 

YouTube Shorts was first made available on the Google video platform in India in the fall of 2020

Since then, the service has been extended to 26 additional countries, including the United States. 

Over the last three years, people have taken maximum advantage of the platform’s propensity to share diverse content with the world.

At the moment, there won’t be any famous content creators left who won’t be creating YouTube Shorts.

For the video to get an A+ from the viewers, YouTube Shorts length is a main element.

No matter how many trends slip in and out of the decade, short videos will be beloved by everyone.

Currently, YouTube Shorts are available in over 100 countries.

According to Google, YouTube Shorts received 6.5 billion views daily in March 2021. 

Marketing teams have the chance to deliver their brand’s message in a way that engages viewers by running YouTube ads.

You can also start highly targeted ad campaigns with YouTube Shorts. 

People can specify the demographics of the individuals they desire to reach and start retargeting campaigns to display YouTube ads.

Interested readers can get an insight into successful ad campaigns by going through our blog on YouTube Ad Examples.

Difference Between YouTube Shorts and Other Platforms 

The age range of each platform’s targets distinguishes them from one another. 

The majority of TikTok users are under 24 years old

Therefore, the creative campaigns that make a big splash on TikTok are for Gen Alpha and Gen Z.

However, YouTube, one of the internet video giants, targets a slightly older demographic.

The 20% of the viewership of YouTube is 522.5 million people aged between 25-34.

Since the attention span of an average person has been reduced to 8 seconds, you only have that much time to stop them from pressing the back button.

How Long Can YouTube Shorts Be? 

A poster of youtube shorts length The YouTube Shorts length was 18 seconds when the feature was first introduced.

However, now, the maximum YouTube Shorts length is 60 seconds. A short video can end in a minute or less.

Currently, there are no limitations for the type or niche of YouTube Shorts. 

People can create a continuous vertical video for a minute or compile several short videos to reach the 60-second YouTube Shorts length.

If a creator makes a video that follows a set YouTube Short length, YouTube will count it as a Short.

Not to forget, if a person decides to add music to a video clip from the YouTube catalogue, the duration of the video will automatically be reduced to 15 seconds.

Do you want a recommendation as a reply to the question, how long can YouTube Shorts be?

The answer is: It depends on the point you are trying to put across in the video.

How Long Can YouTube Shorts Be: Factors to Consider 

People have 60 seconds to record a video that qualifies as a YouTube Shorts.

However, it’s up to the creator to produce a full-length video or make it short.

A creator has the first 8 to 20 seconds to hook the audience to their content. 

The audience addicted to short-form videos wants instant gratification from your content. 

They will probably lose if the video can’t pull them in at the right time.

Even though creators habitually create videos with long introductions, this method won’t work for Shorts.

That is because you have to stick to the YouTube Shorts length. 

Remember how you wrote assignments in school. You had to come up with a strong hook early on. 

Your opening statement and supporting details used to be in the first paragraph. 

For the YouTube Shorts length to be right while being engaging, you need to apply the same tactic.

Moreover, it’s simpler to eliminate redundant information from your supporting material when you prioritize the most crucial details and maintain focus, enabling you to support the facts in minutes. 

Why Does YouTube Shorts Length Matter

 A map of the reasons youtube shorts length matterShort videos give marketers and content producers a golden age of opportunity to present their work, spread knowledge, or make a statement.

So, you should incorporate YouTube Shorts into your content strategy for a number of reasons. 

Reason#1: They can be skillfully used in marketing materials to evoke strong feelings in viewers and make themselves a trustworthy brand for the audience.

Reason#2: Customers interact with your brand directly with these clips. At various stages of the buyer’s journey, businesses can use video advertising to grab their attention.

Reason#3: You may expand your channel and reach a new audience by making YouTube Shorts. With a 135% annual growth rate, Shorts presents numerous prospects for personal development and interaction.

Reason#4: You can keep trying to improve your craft as long as you share YouTube Shorts. You’ll eventually see improved metrics related to the performance of your content and start to expand your audience in significant ways.

4 Benefits of the Right YouTube Shorts Length

A map of the benefits of the right youtube shorts lengthHere are the four benefits of sticking to the YouTube Shorts length:

1. Encourages Greater Involvement

A good YouTube Shorts length can potentially increase viewer engagement, especially with younger audiences that prioritize video over all other kinds of content.

YouTube, as a social media platform, allows comments and feedback. With that, it boosts the chances of customer engagement and communication.

The main benefit of a perfect YouTube Shorts length is that users desire to see more content in a shorter amount of time. 

If you create 20–30 videos per day, you may receive more views. To increase the likelihood of that, utilize user-generated content.

Furthermore, post the YouTube Shorts at the best time.

Once this format successfully draws users, you can go on to longer videos on your primary channel.

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2. Get Engraved in the Viewer’s Mind

When the YouTube Shorts length is right, the creator will avoid superfluous filler content.

That excludes the extra information on the topic or concept of the video that may annoy the viewer.

Consequently, the video becomes simpler to watch and retains the audience.

Hence, the intended audience finds it more memorable and impactful.

3. Boost Ranking on Google

These shorts improve the SEO by attracting the audience and keeping them on the page longer, which can raise your Google ranks.

The Google algorithm rewards creators sharing content on YouTube with higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Small businesses wanting to improve their social media presence can take a bet on YouTube Shorts.

4. Improves Open Rates for Emails

Email open rates can be raised by including short-form video content in your email marketing campaign. 

For optimal results, ensure the term video is in the subject line of your email.

Including video in an email can increase open rates by 19%, rates of click-through by 65%, and rates of unsubscribing by 26%, according to Campaign Monitor.

These are encouraging numbers, and including a video in your email newsletters is a great way to boost engagement, condense your content, and get clicks.

Now Is the Time To Follow the Hot Trend 

Following the optimal YouTube Shorts length, people will be glued to the screen to watch your content.

With the rise and fall of different video-sharing platforms, such as Vine, we can tell the demand for content with the right YouTube Shorts length will diminish anytime soon. 

It is an irrefutable reality that even if the content provides high value, the wrong YouTube short length may give the audience a reason to skip it.

Types Of YouTube Shorts to Add to Your Channel

A list of the types of youtube shorts to add to your channelYouTube serves as an income stream for many individuals and businesses. 

This is due to the fact that YouTube is now the only platform that allows creators to share their money.

Creators of Shorts may be eligible for the Partner Program beginning in early 2023, which entitles them to YouTube ad money.

To set up an account and start pumping YouTube Shorts, you can pick one of the following categories:

1. Cool Comparisons

A fantastic platform for showcasing before-and-after videos is YouTube Shorts. 

You can exhibit the transformation of a room through remodelling, introducing personal development, and so much more.

With such content, it is easy to optimize the YouTube Short length.

2. Tips & Tricks 

Everyone enjoys hacks, and YouTube Shorts is the ideal platform to showcase your creations and make a difference in people’s lives. 

Cooking, cleaning, and organizing tips are excellent examples.

Also, these are any tasks that may be made easier for individuals on a daily basis.

3. Give a Sneak-Peak Before Launching Full Video

Trailer shorts are linked to long-form content. 

Brands can use them when a new product is about to be released. Meanwhile, content creators can use a good YouTube Short length before posting vlogs. 

You can shoot a visually appealing video that beautifully highlights the best parts of your day. 

4. Answer Questions for People 

If you’re an influencer or brand, you might have gathered a series of inquiries from your following over time. 

Consider creating a brief FAQ YouTube Short to address your most often asked questions if you don’t want to dedicate a whole YouTube video to answering all these queries.

If you want to know other kinds of content formats for marketing, here is a brief guide.

How To Publish YouTube Shorts

For those who don’t know, here are the steps to create YouTube Shorts: 

  1. Open the YouTube App. 
  2. Pick an option to upload the video.
  3. Choose the video that matches the right YouTube Shorts length from the camera roll.
  4. Insert the details that enhance the visual appeal of the content, such as the caption, and adjust the colour, style and alignment on the screen.

The intuitive tools that you get to make your video look nicer include: 

Camera flip: to help in creating vlog-style content.

Playback speed: This feature helps adjust the YouTube SHort length. The speed options are 0.3x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and 3x.

Timer: there is a timer to record a video without needing another pair of hands.

Green screen: This feature helps superimpose the picture of choice as the backdrop.

Lighting: fix the brightness of the short to make it look better.


What are the other requirements other than YouTube’s short length?

The file size shouldn’t be more than 10MB, and the video resolution should be 1080 x 1920.

Is it advisable to combine short-and long-form content on one channel?

According to YouTube, publishing short videos won’t likely hurt channels that started off with longer ones. It might have the reverse outcome.

What are the common mistakes creators make with YouTube Shorts?

Not performing competitor analysis, adding too much information, and putting extra effort into the production value rather than the quality of the video.

In Conclusion 

Selecting the appropriate YouTube Shorts length is just half the battle.

Making a YouTube Short is a method to communicate your ideas, knowledge, or experiences to a global audience. 

However, not every video is made in the same way. Some fail to get traction, while others become viral and garner millions of views.

Use the tips that work and avoid the common mistakes to make your plan work.

If your marketing was a one-hit wonder and you are struggling to retain the target audience now, reach out to The Dreams Agency.

We have specialists to give expert advice, track your performance, and boost your bottom line.