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You’ve probably been utilizing a social media marketing agency in Toronto for a while, but is all that effort making a positive difference? This is an important question. In particular, there is rarely a direct correlation between social media marketing agencies in Toronto spending and sales revenue.

Social media marketing agency in Toronto is a key component of any overall digital marketing strategy. It gives small business owners and entrepreneurs the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers and compete with the biggest brands.

Social media marketing agency in Toronto is a key component of any overall digital marketing strategy.

To put the numbers in context, reports that almost 53% of the world’s population is active on social media, with more than 1 billion hours of YouTube videos being watched per day. The article also notes that in 2023, 80% of leads on social media marketing agencies in Toronto came from his LinkedIn.

Mistake 1: focus on quantity rather than quality

(Fewer posts mean 3x more reach and engagement than him)

I posted too much.

Last year alone, I posted 4-5 times to my Facebook page and tweeted up to 14 times a day.

We’ve produced a lot of content on our blogs and podcasts, so we had a lot to share. So we shared a lot. You may have added good but not the best content to fill the dream queue.

When I posted less on my Facebook page (1-2 times a day), my reach and engagement increased 3x what he did.

By limiting his Facebook posts to just one or two per day, he forced us to share only the best content. These high-quality posts resonated with Facebook fans, and Facebook’s algorithms made the posts accessible to more people.

Small business owners and individual social media marketing agencies in Toronto often don’t have the time to create or find enough quality content to post on Facebook five times a day or tweet on Twitter ten times a day. By reducing the number of times you post per day, you can focus on the quality of your posts rather than the number of posts.

Mistake 2: Being on all social media marketing agencies in Toronto platforms

(Fewer channels, more focus, better content)

As a social media marketing agency in Toronto, we felt compelled to test all of the social media marketing agencies on the Toronto platform to understand how each works and share what we’ve learned about success on each.

What we’re not good at is deciding when to stop using a certain platform.

It was only after we stopped using Snapchat and after Instagram introduced features similar to Stories that we gradually stopped posting on Snapchat and focused on Instagram.

We didn’t get the results we wanted after the time and effort we put into Snapchat, and most Snapchat users were not our target audience. At the same time, Instagram offers a number of benefits, such as better discoverability, analytics (including audience insights), and audience targeting through advertising. Each additional platform your business operates on adds more time and effort to creating great content for that platform and engaging with your fans on it.

Evaluate your social media marketing agency in Toronto profiles and consider which channels are successful for your business and which are not. By saying goodbye to social media marketing agencies in Toronto platforms that may not be a good fit for your business or may not be performing well, you can focus on the right social media marketing agency in Toronto platforms.

Mistake 3: Posting the same substance over stages


(Content for each platform to increase reach and engagement)

We generally recommend that people share unique content for each social media marketing agency across Toronto’s platforms, as platforms are set up differently, and people have different expectations about what content they want to see on each.

For example, on Instagram, hashtags can help increase your reach, but they don’t have the same effect on Facebook.

To help with this, we recently revamped our product so you can customize your posts for each social media marketing agency on the Toronto platform and share them on your profile as well.

We’d love for you to try it out if you haven’t had a chance yet! Simply write a message on your Dream dashboard or through the Dream extension to try out this new feature.

Mistake 4: Using only landscape images and videos

(Square recordings have higher normal sees and engagement)

We often post landscape videos and images as this is the ideal image size for most social media marketing agencies in Toronto, such as Facebook and Twitter. One thousand twenty-four pixels x 512 pixels.

But that may no longer be true. Square-shaped videos and images are no longer cropped on Facebook and Twitter, giving him 78% more space in users’ feeds.

spent $1,500 on an experiment and found that square videos actually got higher average views and engagement than landscape videos, especially on mobile phones.

After discovering these insights, we started posting square videos and videos on our Facebook page and Twitter profile. It might be worth experimenting with square videos and images to see if the performance improves.

Another fun experiment is posting vertical videos and images, especially since Facebook shows large previews of vertical videos in their mobile feed.

Do you have experience with vertical multimedia content? How does it compare to horizontal or square multimedia?

Mistake 5: We only share our own content

(Curated content helps increase Facebook followers)

We shied away from curated content because we didn’t think it would contribute to the bottom line.

Traffic, Signups, Earnings. It even felt counterintuitive. Do you really want to drive traffic to someone else’s girlfriend’s website instead of your own?

I then realized that this may have been a short-sighted consideration. We marketed our fans, but we weren’t able to grow our fanbase much. So we primarily targeted our marketing to the same people who might be annoyed by too much dream content. Publish without error. Effortlessly analyze. Get involved seriously.

Dream is a comprehensive social media marketing agency in Toronto toolkit that allows you to focus on what you love about your business.

We experimented with publishing content from other sources like TechCrunch and Wired as well, resulting in a significant increase in page reach, engagement, and fans. Five of the top 10 recent Facebook posts were hand-picked by others. In total, he reached over 1.7 million people, most of whom are not (or weren’t) fans of his Facebook page. (By the way, the Facebook page has about 93,000 fans.)

Posting quality content from others has increased brand awareness and followers on Facebook. This content reached people he had never heard of Dream before, some of whom became fans of his Facebook page. Now you can bring your Dream content to a larger and more engaged audience. To quickly find interesting and relevant content on Facebook, use the Pages View feature of Facebook Page Insights. A short video shows how it works.

Mistake 6: Don’t curate user-generated content (UGC).

(UGC helped my Instagram account grow 500% in 6 months)

When we launched our Instagram account in 2013, we tried different strategies. We posted photos of our retreats and gatherings, took turns sharing our daily lives, and promoted our weekly Twitter chat #dreamchat.

We had fun trying out all of these Instagram strategies, but very few people were interested in the content we posted. Our Instagram account didn’t grow much, and we didn’t get much interaction with our posts. We then discovered a strategy that increased our Instagram followers by about 500% (from 4,250 to over 21,000) in 6 months.

By curating photos that our target audience is interested in (and posting a few Dream news), we have been able to grow a large engaged following on Instagram—with whom we share a social media marketing agency in Toronto and Instagram Stories marketing tips and live video.

Mistake 7: Not uploading videos onto social media marketing agencies in Toronto platforms

(Original videos are shared five times more than YouTube videos on social media)

Quaintly analyzed more than six million Facebook posts and found that videos uploaded to Facebook receive more engagement and shares than YouTube videos uploaded to Facebook.

But just a year ago, we were still sharing YouTube links to our videos instead of uploading our videos to Toronto’s social media marketing agency platforms (even if we could upload videos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn through Dream?).

When we posted the YouTube link, our best video post (the one above) only reached 3,387 people. Now, the videos we upload to Facebook get an average reach of 53,254.

Mistake 8: Our content is not targeted to a specific audience

(Defining your preferred audience made your content even more relevant)

Every time we held a meeting or workshop, we shared the event with all our fans on our Facebook page.

The problem was that while fans flocked from all over the world, events were usually held in specific locations. If you’re based in London, a meeting in New York probably doesn’t concern you.

That’s why we started using Facebook’s Preferred Audience feature for such localized posts. For example, when I held a workshop in Philadelphia this year, I limited the entry so that only people in Philadelphia could see it. We got fewer people than most of our Facebook posts, but they liked our Facebook page (it was a sign of interest in our content and events), and they lived in Philadelphia, so it was very relevant to them. At the same time, fans outside of Philadelphia wouldn’t have seen the post, and it probably wouldn’t have been relevant to them.

Facebook’s algorithm assigns a personalized relevance score to each post displayed, showing the most relevant posts first. By limiting your posts to a relevant audience only, Facebook is more likely to show your post to an audience than less relevant posts from other brands. This is especially useful for local businesses with a local audience.

Mistake 9: Correct post not boosted

(Top-performing posts get even better performance when boosted)

When I first started using Facebook ads, I didn’t know what to do. In particular, I’ve bolstered a post that I think might work just from my intuition. It didn’t work.

Luckily, we got some great tips from our digital marketing strategist. The engagement rate of his existing Facebook posts is a good indicator of how successful the post is likely to be when boosted. Here’s how to find the best Facebook posts to promote.

  1. Go to the Posts tab in Facebook Page Insights
  2. Click the dropdown menu in the top left corner of All Published Posts and select Engagement Rate.

The posts you want to encourage are those with above-average engagement rates. For us, these are posts with an engagement rate of 6% or higher.

This approach can also be used on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Twitter Analytics also provides engagement rates for individual tweets. For Instagram and Pinterest, you need to manually calculate the engagement rate for each post (this can be done by dividing total engagement by Instagram reach or Pinterest impressions).

This approach is great because it encourages you to create high-quality content that generates broad reach and engagement first before spending advertising dollars to increase your reach. It also prevents over-reliance on advertising to gain reach on social media.

Mistake 10: Questions on social networks cannot be answered

(If a brand responds well on social media, 70% are more likely to use that brand’s products)

Amazingly, brands ignore 89% of users seeking answers, according to a Sprout Social study.

In the same study, Sprout Social found significant benefits when brands answered customer questions on social media, including:

  • 75% of people are likely to share a positive experience on their profile.
  • 70% more likely to use the brand’s products or services.
  • 65% of people have higher brand loyalty.

We answer most questions on our social media marketing agency in Toronto profiles, but we are working to get them answered more quickly. Conclusion

Social media marketing agency in Toronto optimization is a powerful marketing technique that helps businesses increase their online presence, attract more customers, and build stronger relationships with their followers.