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Your visibility plays a huge role in getting you bookings for short-term rentals on Airbnb.

Just like SEO for online business, on Airbnb, you need to rank on at least the first two pages to operate a successful business.

Therefore, it goes without saying that for good business, you need great Airbnb SEO.

Airbnb SEO may seem intimidating, but if you know the SEO basics and are clear about the myths, you just need a push in the right direction.

This blog turns the spotlight on Airbnb SEO and how to do Airbnb listings.

Continue reading to get the attention of the browsing guests and rank higher in search.

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What Does Airbnb SEO Entail?

A definition post explaining what is airbnb seoSearch engine optimization for Airbnb hosts is known as Airbnb SEO. 

This indicates that to raise your Airbnb ranking, you are making the most of your listing description, photographs, and other platform activities.

The idea is to learn what metrics Airbnb uses to evaluate hosts and work to make those metrics better.

Some lesser-known indicators, like the click-through rate of your listing, also matter for ranking.

Example of Airbnb SEO

The best way to create a strategy for Airbnb SEO is to think with a guest’s mindset.

For instance, the guest is looking for a food-themed experience. When searching for the food tour online, you will focus on location and the type of food you want to try.

Hence, including this information in your title is a good Airbnb SEO strategy to boost relevance.

The example below shows how the host organized an activity for the tourists wanting a taste of the popular Portuguese dishes and drinks.

An example of an airbnb host listing The Importance of Airbnb SEO For Hosts

Similar to SEO, Airbnb SEO seeks to raise a website’s position on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). 

It entails making your listing page as searcher-friendly and relevant as possible. 

The more effectively you tailor your listing to Airbnb’s unique ranking criteria, the more prominent it will be.

Fortunately, Airbnb has made clear how it creates search results. 

Airbnb uses an algorithm to produce search results that visitors find interesting. 

For every search, the algorithm selects the best listings from among the millions of listings on Airbnb. When visitors input their search parameters, an algorithm produces listings that match those parameters. 

The algorithm decides how to arrange search results by taking into account several variables. 

Airbnb’s SEO algorithm may appear balanced and perfect, but a minor problem exists.

The issue is that to provide search results for every user based on their search parameters, past searches, demographics, etc., Airbnb’s search algorithm analyzes different data points for every single listing.

In an effort to streamline the booking process, Airbnb uses this data to present guests with the best matches.

Specifically, a listing’s price, popularity, and quality all have a significant impact on how it shows up in search results.

These three primary factors are defined as follows:

Quality: The quality of the listing’s images, ratings, and other elements

Popularity: The frequency and depth of user engagement with the listing, as well as the frequency of bookings

Cost: The degree of competition between the listing price and that of comparable listings

So, you need a thorough plan for Airbnb SEO if you want to rank well on search engine results pages.

How To Do SEO for Airbnb Listings

A circular chart on how to do seo for airbnb listingsIn this section, you will discover how to do SEO for Airbnb listings and adapt good SEO practices. Read on to become one of the 7 million listings on Airbnb.

1. Become a Host 

Airbnb hosting page on websiteTo begin learning how to list on Airbnb, go to and click the Airbnb set up button located in the upper right corner of the site. 

You will be taken to a new page where you will have the option to sign up by inserting your personal information like contact number, date of birth, name, etc. 

After that, a succession of pages will appear and ask you to fill them out with information about your Airbnb house. 

Note that you will need to create an account to fill out this initial form. 

You will now be requested to enter your information if you haven’t already signed up or logged in.

Although having a detailed host profile makes an Airbnb listing appear more genuine and reliable, this is not a validated ranking criterion.

To have an Airbnb profile, these are three important requirements:

Verifications: A variety of identity verification methods to make sure you have a real profile.

Description: You can make your profile more interesting and personal by including at least 50 words about yourself and your interests.

Profile picture: When visitors see your recent profile photo with your face, they will know who you are when they arrive.

2. Write a Detailed Listing Description

An example of airbnb seo descriptionTo rank highly, you can satisfy the search algorithm’s quality criterion by crafting an original and comprehensive listing description. 

Above all, it draws guests’ attention. This step helps with Airbnb SEO as well. 

There are four description areas in your Airbnb listing:

Primary Description: The primary portion outlining the characteristics of your property and its various features

Space: The area Information on the location, the property, and the particulars of each room

Access for guests: An explanation of the property’s accessibility and visitor amenities.

Additional points to consider: The section to discuss anything else not covered by the other topics, such as reminders.

Each part is shown when you select Show More from the main listing’s description.

To increase your chances of ranking, include thorough information in each of the four parts. 

For Airbnb SEO, you can make use of your amazing writing skills. It is up to you if you want your audience to see a concise text or if you want to add a fun element to it. 

You can list six different kinds of properties on Airbnb. The size and its accommodation capacity.

Airbnb also lets you rent out unusual areas. That means you can rent out a spare room or even an earth home.

3. Categorize Your Property 

Airbnb is popular as it offers a wide range of lodging options.

Selecting the precise kind of property you are advertising is crucial when listing on Airbnb. 

The audience searches for the type of property they want. Hence, categorizing the type of property works for Airbnb SEO.

For instance, designate a room in your home as a residential home when listing it. 

You can also list into categories, such as houseboats, bungalows, and farms, as shown in this example below from the Airbnb website:

Categories of airbnb on the websiteYou may offer countless properties on Airbnb; just make sure the one you select works best for your particular listing.

Remember to constantly consider your visitors’ expectations while listing any kind of property on Airbnb. 

If you’re not sure what kind of property you’re renting out, Airbnb has detailed descriptions of all of them. Select one that visitors would anticipate seeing when they arrive at your home.

4. Specify the Space You Offer 

Decide a particular kind of room to post on Airbnb. This is an important step in Airbnb SEO and listing.

What type of experience you want your guests to have should come first. 

For instance, a private room would be preferable if you want to create a hotel-like experience. And if you want to give your ideal guest a homely experience, you turn your property into a cozy guest house.

5. Choose Your Location

An visual map on how to add location to airbnbAdding your location comes next after you’ve selected the kind of rental you want. Since visitors who reserve your home will look for it, it must be accurate. 

Only if you enable this option will browsers be able to see your precise location. When listing your house, keep in mind that Airbnb’s map search feature will also display your location.

Choosing a place that is on the list of the platform’s prime locations works for Airbnb SEO. 

If you are getting a property to list on Airbnb, you can please the algorithm by opting for a strategic place in the best city with nearby local attractions and commute options.

6. Mention the Additional Facilities 

Providing precise information regarding the number of bedrooms and other amenities is integral. 

For Airbnb SEO, you can offer amenities that are highly in demand.

You may help guests better grasp what your space offers and whether it will fit their needs by including an outline of these elements in your listing.

Furthermore, giving them this information in advance will help prevent any miscommunications or disappointments during their visit, which help you acquire more favourable ratings.

If a guest creates a fuss about the amenities you provide, you can use the details you have mentioned to support your complaint when submitting a report. 

For instance, if the group staying said they had fewer people, yet they show up with too many visitors wanting to stay at the property.

The first thing you’ll need to decide on is how many people you can accommodate in your space, as well as how many beds, bedrooms, and bathrooms you can offer.

Put any facilities you currently have or want to have next. This is made simple by Airbnb, which offers all the well-liked features categorized into categories, such as safety items, stand-out luxuries, and guest favourites. 

Look at what’s under guest favourites if you’re not sure what to serve them. Offering these facilities, which are frequently asked for or anticipated, will help browsers find your offering.

7. Include Your Images

Incorporating images is necessary for a number of reasons, and one of them is Airbnb SEO. 

Before they make a reservation, prospective guests want to see the space. Adding bad-quality pictures may result in negative comments, hurting your Airbnb SEO.

Second, carefully selected images can enhance the invitingness of your offering and help it stand out from the competitors. 

It is recommended by Airbnb that hosts post a minimum of five photographs with a 3:2 width-to-length ratio, a minimum size of 1024 x 683 pixels, and without any distortion.

Here are some pointers to add pictures for Airbnb SEO:

  • Select vivid, sharp images that truly capture your room. Don’t use images that are too dark or hazy.
  • Make sure there is no mess or clutter in your area to make it appear welcoming.
  • To help guests understand the layout of your space and specifics like furniture and decor, mix wide images and close-ups.
  • Make sure you provide a picture of any exceptional features you have in your area.
  • It is best to avoid utilizing pictures of individuals in them since visitors can feel like they are encroaching on their personal space.

8. Decide the Pricing 

Competitive pricing works great for Airbnb SEO.

The average per night cost is $137 worldwide.

It takes balance to determine the right price for your Airbnb property; you want to attract bookings, turn a profit, and maintain a positive guest experience. 

Select a price that is reasonable, pays for all of your expenses and gives you a profit.

When determining your price, bear the following points in mind:

Location: If it is situated at a popular place or in an isolated area.

Season: The demand for Airbnb accommodations varies with the seasons. In general, costs are lower in slower seasons, i.e., spring and fall and higher in the busiest ones, like summer and winter.

Rent: The size and type of the property affect the price.

Amenities you offer: Consider the amenities you can provide to the guests. For instance, if you provide a washer for laundry, electrical appliances, entertainment options, and the list goes on. With such added services, the price will go up.

Lastly, investigate local pricing for comparable listings before deciding on an Airbnb price. Based on this information, determine your beginning pricing and make necessary adjustments.

Keep updating your listing for Airbnb SEO.

7 Components of Airbnb SEO 

Keyword Research: To get positive results, make a list of the phrases, places, or words that relate to your property.

Optimize Meta tags: Increase the CTR by writing compelling meta tags using keywords. 

Keyword Strategy: Make sure you have a keyword strategy that includes keywords in the title, has relevant tags, and emphasizes listing descriptions and the use of local keywords.

Unique Content: For Airbnb SEO, establish a brand identity and improve business growth using content with a natural and user-friendly tone. You can use both long-tail and short-tail keywords for it.

Build Backlinks: Interact with other real estate or travel sites by participating in forums and online events. 

Guests’ Rating: To improve your ranking and get the superhost status, you need 80% 5-star ratings.


What is the best way to list for Airbnb SEO?

Do keyword research and add them to your title and description to increase the number of clicks.

How do you create content that is good for Airbnb SEO?

The content you create should be useful for the audience. You should add the keywords and make the content organic and natural at the same time.

Do reviews count in Airbnb SEO?

Yes, ratings are important for ranking. If you have a good rating, you will get more bookings and a better ranking.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this blog on Airbnb SEO, you know how you can become a popular choice for the audience.

By setting up the profile, selecting the right space, adding high-quality pictures, and offering good prices, you can take maximum advantage of Airbnb SEO.

To analyze your performance and improve visibility, contacting a trusted SEO agency with relevant experience is a good investment.