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While the advent of digitalization and technology has made life easy, it has also provided businesses with endless marketing channels. Because of this, it is not effective to only use one channel, but combine two or more for maximum impact. For example, you can opt for the best email and sms marketing services to combine both effective marketing channels for maximum impact. 

If you think email and SMS are dead, think again. Our digital marketing experts have created a comprehensive guide to help you combine email and SMS marketing for effective results. 

SMS Vs. Email Marketing: A Deep Dive 

More than three billion people across the planet own a smartphone, and over 95% of text messages are opened within three minutes. Comparatively, emails have a lower open rate but there are over four billion email users worldwide, making it a powerful tool to have a global reach. 

If you are creating a complete marketing strategy, then we recommend you combine both of these powerful services. Let’s take a deep dive into each of these services to help you understand. 

SMS Marketing Explained 

SMS marketing is perhaps one of the fastest ways to reach your customers because of a high open rate. People open their text messages within three minutes of receiving them, which can help you stay on top of your customer’s minds. For example, if you have a time-sensitive promotion or alert, then SMS is the most effective way to let your customers know about the offer. 

You can start this marketing yourself, but it is always best to hire email and SMS marketing services to do it for you. Experts will combine these elements to target your customers more effectively. 

Email Marketing Explained 

As the name suggests, email marketing refers to sending marketing emails to the inbox of customers emails. There are various types of marketing emails you can opt for. These include the following:

  • Abandoned cart summaries 
  • Customer re-engagement 
  • Messages about events or sales 
  • Newsletters
  • And more 

In the long run, the right email marketing strategy can help you with enhancing brand recognition, build credibility, and boost traffic. On average, the return on investment of email marketing is $36 per dollar you spend. It is best to know when to use both to benefit from maximum impact. 

When To Use SMS Marketing? 

By now you might wonder when should you be using SMS marketing. After all, it might not apply to every campaign. Here are some times it is best to use SMS marketing: 

  • When conducting a limited-time promotion or sale 
  • Providing a more personalized feel with SMS segmentation 
  • Special events 
  • Promoting a product 
  • Building brand awareness 

If you want to fulfill any of these aims, then it is best to use SMS marketing. However, when you opt for email and SMS marketing services and combine the two, you will receive the maximum benefits of both strategies. 

When To Use Email Marketing? 

While email marketing can be used for almost any campaign, it is still best to understand where it will be most effective. We have listed some effective times when it is appropriate to use email marketing for your campaigns: 

  • When you want a high ROI for your ad spend 
  • Nurturing leads 
  • Building brand awareness
  • Boosting customer loyalty 
  • Obtaining more prospects 
  • And more 

Achieving these goals takes time and commitment, which is why email marketing is a long-term strategy. It is also best to combine it with other marketing strategies to ensure you make the most out of your campaign and receive high returns on investment. 

The Power Of Using Email And SMS Marketing Together 

You can use email and SMS marketing as standalone marketing campaigns, but you will be missing out on all the benefits you receive if you combine them. For example, the top email and SMS marketing services leverage these two strategies to help you reap the following benefits: 

Cross-Channel Marketing 

Cross-channel marketing is when you market across various channels so more potential customers can get to know about your brand. Doing this will help you move along the sales funnel and enhance brand awareness. You can leverage this by using SMS and email marketing for the same purpose. 

For example, let’s say you want to announce a new product line to your customers. You can do this by sending a text enticing your customers to let them know you will soon be launching something new. Then, you can also send an email providing extensive details regarding your new product line. 

When you send such texts, people are more likely to open your emails. So, you can leverage the open rate of texts to boost the open rate of your emails. In the same way, you can utilize cross-channel marketing for your marketing campaign. 

Reducing Cart Abandonment Rates 

Many businesses use emails to lower cart abandonment rates. However, if you want even better results, then you can combine an SMS strategy with this too. Most businesses have automated cart abandonment emails as it automatically goes to customers’ emails within a few hours of them abandoning a cart. 

The only problem with such emails is that very few people open them. This is where SMS marketing comes in to leverage higher open rates. You can use it to get better open rates for all your messages. If you want to reduce these rates, then you can employ both these strategies together. 

Better Customer Engagement 

Any business that wants to boost customer engagement can leverage the power of email and SMS marketing. For example, you can send an email about new promotions and then send a reminder text regarding the promotion to help customers avail this opportunity as soon as possible. Customers will engage with what you have to offer and wait for your text messages and emails. 

The key is to understand what your audience wants so you can cater to their desires. If you don’t know how to use these opportunities, we recommend you opt for email and SMS marketing services. The Dreams Agency provides the best email marketing service along with SMS targeting to help you crush your business goals. 

Better Data For Sales 

When you are using different marketing channels, you have data from all these channels to understand your customers better. You can take analytics from SMS and email marketing to analyze key metrics and determine how you will use both channels in your strategies. The more data you have, the various ways you can find to boost your campaigns effectively. 

We recommend you invest in the right tools and services that can track email and sms marketing metrics. These tools will allow you to set various parameters and assess what is working for your business. Once you have this data, you can utilize it to make your sales better. 

Tips To Integrate Email And SMS Marketing For Maximum Impact 

Understanding the benefits of email and SMS marketing is critical, but it is of no use unless you understand how to incorporate both of these elements in your marketing strategy. We have used both these strategies for hundreds of clients till now with our email and SMS marketing services. 

Our dedicated professionals have given their two cents on the various ways you can follow to integrate email and SMS marketing for maximum impact: 

Complement SMS And Email Lists 

You can’t use email and SMS unless you have the permission of the customer when they provide you with such personal information. Businesses can use incentives to encourage users to subscribe to both communication channels. Doing this will also allow you to provide your customers with a tailored experience that will target them directly. 

Some businesses offer a certain percentage of discounts when users subscribe to email lists. You can also use the power of such incentives to enhance your customer base. Once you do, you will have unique email and SMS lists that will easily complement each other. 

Use SMS To Build Anticipation 

One of the best ways to combine both channels is to use SMS to build anticipation for what you are about to launch or offer. For example, you can use text messages to help people to mark the date on the calendar for when you are about to launch something or have an event. People check their texts more often as compared to emails. 

Once you have built all the anticipation, you can send them an email providing them with more details about the offering or event. When you build so much anticipation, people will be more likely to open your email. Our exceptional email and SMS marketing services can help you create buzz and anticipation through the power of SMS marketing. 

Keep Your Messaging Consistent 

It is crucial not to create conflicts in customers’ minds regarding your brand. If they are receiving SMS and emails from you, then you need to keep the messages consistent and straight. Another thing to keep in mind is that you must not bombard customers with messages or send duplicates. 

Doing this will lead to customers not opening your messages. Instead, give them a preview of your message with SMS, and then dive into more detail through email marketing. Such a strategy will complement both channels and ensure your message stays on point without confusing the customer. 

Gather Feedback And Reviews 

Feedback is important because it helps you understand your areas of improvement and what you can do to enhance customer satisfaction. You can use the power duo of email and SMS marketing to gather feedback and reviews. Encourage your subscribers to leave feedback regarding their experience with your business through a text message. 

If they forget to do that, you can send an email reminding them of the feedback. You can also automate this process to make it easier and reduce the need for manual labor. There are many tools available that will aid you with this process. 

However, if you don’t want to use a tool, you can always hire the best email and SMS marketing services. Such professionals have all the tools to help you with your campaigns without you having to lift a finger. 

Look For The Channels Your Customers Respond To The Most

Depending on your target audience, your customers will respond to a certain channel the most. They might be checking text more rather than email or vice versa. It is up to you to track and figure out what channels your customers use the most. 

When you have this information, it will allow you to better focus on those channels. It is also vital that you keep trimming your kist by weeding out any user that is inactive or doesn’t check emails at all. Diverting your efforts where they matter the most will yield overall better results for your business. 

Follow-Up On Special Announcement

Let’s say you had a big announcement regarding your business that you made through email. Now, you can create even more buzz regarding this announcement by sending our SMS to your customers informing them of the announcement. Doing this will minimize the chances of your target audience not looking at your message. 

In the long run, your open rates will increase, and customers will be eager to view your messages. You can do the same with any other announcements you make about your business. Following up will also let your customers know that you care about them and value their business. 

Final Thoughts 

Let all your worries go and hire the best email and SMS marketing services to boost your business. At The Dreams Agency, we have successfully run email and SMS marketing campaigns for various businesses. For more information regarding the services we offer, please book an initial consultation with our marketing experts.