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Have your rankings on the search engine started to slip? Are you not a part of the top rankings anymore?

Then, you need to look at your SEO practices and see where you are lacking.

Performing SEO for a business requires remaining steady with the efforts. A single wrong move can enable the competitor to overrank you on the search engine pages.  

As search engines are used to start 68% of internet experiences, rising on them works for the audience’s attention and retention.

In this article, get to know the best options for DIY SEO software to boost the website’s visibility.

Use of Powerful DIY SEO Software 

An infographic on the use of DIY SEO softwareIt is not a novel concept that DIY SEO software is helpful for SEO. 

Many businesses put in hard work to create value for the audience, but the common SEO mistakes don’t drive meaningful traffic to their websites. 

Consequently, the audience stays oblivious to their products and services.

With the best DIY SEO software, you can beat the competition without touting the route of negative SEO to get fast results.

Most marketers are aware that information is power, and with the data tools provided, they can track the overall performance of a website.

Undoubtedly, an SEO approach improves with accurate, dependable, and simple-to-use DIY SEO software at your disposal. 

A DIY SEO software helps you understand the factors that have a knock-on effect on your website.  

Also, it describes how well your site is functioning and how the rivals are approaching SEO.

If you search online, you will find a bunch of names for DIY SEO software. Going through that many options can be overwhelming. 

So, we have made a selection of DIY SEO software to drive traffic without paid help. 

7 Best DIY SEO Software 

Google search results of the best diy seo softwareKeyword research, content curation, rank tracking, website speed, and optimization are some essential components to expect from a tool.

A single DIY SEO software can’t function in all those columns. 

Below are the details, features, and brief guides on the best DIY SEO software to add to your toolbox. 

1. SE Ranking

Homepage of SE Ranking diy seo softwareIt is a tool that performs all of the important SEO tasks related to factual information and analytics.

This DIY SEO software performs competitive analysis, website audit, assesses backlinks, rank tracking, keyword research, and the list goes on.

It provides a quick route for digital firms, small and mid-sized businesses, and entrepreneurs to optimize their websites for better traffic.

Core Features 

SE rankings help with these factors:

Keyword Rank Tracker: Monitors position in Google, Bing, and Yahoo for every location, language, and device. 

Besides that, the user may check whether SERP elements are available for the keywords they’re following and track Google rankings on desktop and mobile devices.

Competitor Keyword Strategy: Helps in examining competitor keyword strategy for both paid and organic search. This shows the Google Ads history with competition research tools for SEO and PPC.

Website Audit: Examines all the sites and subdomains against technical criteria. The DIY SEO software makes recommendations regarding the urgency of each discovered problem in SEO and how to correct it.

Backlink Checker: Studies the backlink techniques of your rivals and organizes your link-building priorities.

On-Page SEO Checker: Finds out the quality of experience on the page for the users by evaluating the page components and metrics.

Pricing Plan: DIY SEO Software 

SE Ranking offers a 2-week free trial for all users to determine whether they want to continue.

Plans  Essential  Pro  Business 
Price  $44.00 per month  $87.20 per month  $191.20 per month 
Targeted Audience  beginners  teams  mid and large Businesses 

(This is the updated pricing plan for October 2023.)

How to Use SE Rankings?

  • On the starting page, there is an option to add a new website.
  • Add the URL and the information it asks for.
  • The information that you see on the page will help in the identification of the report.
  • After adding all the info, you need to insert the keyword.
  • Lastly, a screen will show up where you need to choose which search engine you want the keywords to show.
  • The tool will take a couple of minutes or hours to present the report that shows your website on the top 100 results for the added KW.

2. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools 

Homepage of Ahrefs Webmaster tools DIY seo softwareThis DIY SEO software has made buzz around the industry ever since its launch.

Ahrefs is especially useful because it gives the users access to various information about keywords.

Core Features

The features that contribute to its popularity are:

Website Health: A comprehensive website scan that tests the overall health of a website.

Potential for Traffic: Determined by the volume of visitors to pages that rank for a specific keyword.

Identifies Top Issues: It can search broken links, canonical, HTML tags, missing headings, and so on. 

Concise Overview: of the search engine results pages for the keyword.

Ahrefs has two more tools dedicated to keywords–Keyword Generator and Keyword Difficulty Checker.

Pricing Plan for this DIY SEO Software

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is free of cost for website owners. However, to use it, the individual should claim account ownership. 

If you choose to select the premium subscription option, here are the four plans:

Plans  Lite  Standard  Advanced  Enterprise 
Price  $99.00 per month  $199 per month  $399 per month  $999 per month 
Targeted Audience  small businesses  freelancers  in-house marketing teams mid and Large Businesses 


How Does this Ahrefs Webmaster Tool Work?

On verifying the ownership, this DIY SEO software will begin crawling on your website.

The process of verification goes like this:

  • Join Google Search Console.
  • You can confirm ownership of your website by uploading an HTML file (OR), adding a TXT record to your DNS setup (OR), or adding an HTML meta tag to your homepage.

3. Google PageSpeed Insights 

Homepage of Google PageSpeed InsightsAccording to Statista, Google has 86.86% of the search engine market. Therefore, every website should meet the standard set by Google for the web pages to get promoted. 

Google’s fundamental tenet has always been that relevance is key, and quick page loads don’t always indicate high-quality, useful content. 

Better content that loads slowly may end up outranking poor content. This does not imply that you can ignore the page speed. 

Users interact with the content as a part of the page experience, and the algorithms reward positive page experience elements like speed.

Core Features

Comprehensive Information: Collects information from Lab data, lighthouse diagnostics, Chrome UX report, and field data.

Classifies User Experience: Tells the quality of user experience using three categories: good, needs improvement, and poor.

Engagement Metrics: Provides Core Web Vitals report to fix issues in a website.

Pricing Plan for this DIY SEO Software

It is a free tool. 

How Does PageSpeed Insights Work?

  • Visit PageSpeed Insights on Google.
  • Enter the website’s URL here. 
  • After choosing Analyze, you’re done. 

After a brief analysis period, you will get a report with the overall performance value and a breakdown of the different categories.

4. Semrush 

homepage of SEMRushSemrush is a well-known all-purpose DIY SEO software. 

Its vast product lineup is helpful for small firms engaging in local listing SEO. Or for those who want to get the most value without outsourcing their SEO services. 

Semrush has amazing features; however, you may not find all of them in one plan. Many add-on features require a separate membership. 

Core Features

Keyword Research: Effective DIY SEO software tool for searching national and local keywords.

Google Review Insights: Assists in managing brand perception if you own a small business.

Social Media Marketing: It is an exclusive feature that the users may not find in other tools.

Simple Suggestions: Gives recommendations to enhance the structure of your website.

You can expand your subscription to include a wide range of premium tools if you require them.

Pricing Plan for this DIY SEO Software

Other than the one-week free trial the user can unsubscribe anytime. These are the plans offered by Semrush:

Plans  Pro  Guru  Business 
Price  $129.95 per month  $249.95 per month  $499.95 per month 
Targeted Audience  beginners and small teams  mid-size businesses  large businesses 

How Does Semrush Work?

  • On signing in, you will see a domain overview.
  • Scroll down to discover the Top Organic Keywords section to examine all the top-performing keywords linking to a domain.
  • There, you’ll receive a report detailing the volume of backlinks, organic search traffic, etc.

5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider 

homepage of screaming frog diy seo softwareOne of the most potent website crawlers on the market is owned by SEO firm Screaming Frog. 

Screaming Frog will identify any technical SEO problems with your website, similar to how an SEO agency in Toronto processes.

Core Features 

Website Audit: The best aspect of SEO spider is its capacity to crawl websites similarly to Google. By doing this, the SEO Spider draws attention to any issues a search engine might have while determining or attributing value.

Reporting: Enables users to export the report of issues for further analysis. 

Flexibility: Integrates with Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, and Google Analytics APIs. Also, the user can schedule audits.

Site Structure: Produces XML sitemaps and visualizes site structure.

Pricing Plan for this DIY SEO Software

This DIY SEO software has two pricing plans–free and paid. 

To buy the paid version, the cost is $259 per year. 

How Does Screaming Frog SEO Spider Work?

It has many features that you can use by following different steps. For basic website crawling, here are the steps:

  • Select the Spider option by clicking the Configuration menu.
  • The setup menu’s “Crawl all subdomains” option should be selected. If you’re crawling media or scripts, you can also choose any other alternatives.
  • Begin the crawl, then wait until it is finished.
  • Click on the Internal tab after the program has finished crawling.
  • HTML filters your results and then exports the information.

6. Google Search Console 

Homepage of Google search consoleIf you want DIY SEO software that doesn’t cost a single dime, this one’s for you.

It provides a summary of indicators elaborating user experience and search performance to help publishers enhance their websites and boost traffic.

Primarily accessible through Search Console, it offers the data required to track the performance of websites in search and enhance search rankings.

Core Features 

Website Crawling: Sitemaps for your website can be submitted for crawling.

Website Functionality: Checks the mobile usability of your website.

Technical Issues: Identifies issues related to crawling and structured data markup on a website.

Keyword Analysis: Verify the Google search phrases and terms that people use to reach your website.

Report: Find out how many people have visited the site overall and which pages perform best.

Pricing Plan for this DIY SEO Software

It doesn’t have a paid version. The users can use this DIY SEO software for free. 

How to Use Google Search Console?

Examine your site’s summary in the Google search console once you’ve logged in to find problems with crawling, indexing, or site navigation. 

You can view a thorough evaluation of your website by selecting the Performance report.

7. Surfer SEO 

homepage of SurferSEOIf you are on a tight budget at the moment for hiring an SEO agency in Toronto, this is an inexpensive SEO toolkit for developing content, finding keywords, and optimizing.

Using AI and Google’s NLP, Surfer SEO is a tool that offers support in creating and optimizing content.   

It is not one of the conventional DIY SEO software discussed above. 

Surfer SEO is a knight in shining armour for those who want to write content that ranks. 

It optimizes the content of a website, particularly the one not doing well in the SERPs. 

What’s more, it provides free tools like the Keyword Surfer browser plugin, which instantly displays Google search information for your terms.

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Core Features 

Keyword Research Tools: Helps to organize and use data efficiently. 

Auditing Tool: Improve current pages. 

Additional Features: It provides a free Keyword surfer extension and an AI outline generator.

Content Optimization: Integrated keyword grouping tool to aid in content optimization and offer helpful SEO writing advice.

Recommendations: Use the Google NLP API to generate precise suggestions. The advice and rules are simple to comprehend.

Flexibility: Connects to more tools like WordPress, Semrush, and Google Docs.

Pricing Plan for this DIY SEO Software

Plans  Essential  Advanced  Max
Price  $69 per month  $149 per month  $249 per month 
Targeted Audience  Individuals and small teams  Experts and teams  Teams and agencies  


This DIY SEO software gives large businesses a custom plan to suit their needs.

How Does it Surfer SEO Work?

To configure the content editor, follow these steps:

  • Type 1 to 5 primary keywords.
  • Choose your preferred country and device.
  • Tap on Create from the menu.

You can edit the guidelines by selecting the “Customize” arrow in the top-right corner above your rules.

The top 10 (up to the top 20) pages appearing for the primary keywords on the selected SERP location are organic competitors. Your rules are going to be directly influenced by the chosen rivals.

The DIY SEO software automatically chooses the top pages with the best content rating. 

Who Shouldn’t Opt For a DIY SEO Software?

Website owners believe that SEO is a one-time procedure and that once their site has been optimized, it will remain optimized. 

These entrepreneurs and marketers don’t realize that SEO is a continuous activity. 

Editing page components like copy, headers, and alt tags is the first step in optimizing a website.

Depending on the site, the initial phase can require significant reorganization, restructuring, and reformatting. 

The task isn’t done after this phase, which could last a few weeks. A decent SEO plan involves at least 3-5 hours of upkeep per week between keyword research, copywriting, tracking analytics, and many other activities.

Additionally, you must be willing to explore new ways to improve often because SEO is continuously evolving. 

Consider whether you have enough time to manage optimization and other daily and weekly tasks.

If you can’t commit to it in the long haul, choose an SEO agency in Toronto.


What Is the technique of DIY SEO software?

For better search engine rankings, DIY SEO software helps optimize a website’s content and architecture.

Do I Need DIY SEO software for my company?

DIY SEO software can be a time- and money-saving manner to increase a business’s presence in search engine results. 

Can I perform SEO on your own?

You may certainly perform SEO on your own. You can explore DIY SEO software to optimize your site for superior search rankings.

Can SEO be done without cost?

Yes, there are a number of free DIY SEO software available for use, such as Keyword Surfer, Google Search Console, and PageSpeed Insights.

Final Thoughts 

A DIY SEO software is a superb way to run and optimize the website of an online business. 

Having a properly implemented SEO strategy can make all the difference in this fiercely competitive online market. Even though business owners are tempted to use the easiest DIY software for SEO, the plan may backfire.

To be on the safe side, it is better to opt for an SEO agency in Toronto.

The Dreams Agency doesn’t only have a proven track record. The professionals handling SEO services know all the latest trends, algorithm updates, and cutting-edge strategies.