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The pursuit of customer acquisition, growth marketing, and customer retention has become more than just a buzzword.

44% of brands focus on customer acquisition, and 57% of marketers say customer acquisition is the most important part of their company’s marketing spend.

Engaging customers and getting them excited about your product is a whole different game with precision, analytics, and a quality customer experience. Plus, it’s a big job to inspire prospects who trust your digital marketing agency in Toronto.

But the right mix of strategies and the right marketing tools in place can serve as a guide to grab the attention of your clients and drive your agency’s marketing funnel forward. Additionally, creating an attractive marketing plan for your marketing agency will get you noticed by more people.

Explore, evaluate, and deepen sections to develop a market-centric approach and increase customer acquisition for your digital marketing agency in Toronto.

What does a digital marketing agency in Toronto do?

The question comes what do I need to ask a marketing agency, and what does a marketing agency do?

A digital marketing agency in Toronto acts as a compass that steers your brand in the right direction to be recognized by your competitors and generate revenue by providing the right product value to your audience.

Digital Marketing agencies Toronto help clients implement and manage strategies to achieve business goals.

Let’s take a look at an overview of the activities that Dreams marketing agencies offer their clients.

Derive an irrefutable marketing strategy

Dreams marketing agencies Toronto work with clients to mitigate client pain points and determine marketing strategies that produce the best business results. They take care to maximize return on investment (ROI). A solid strategy helps brands identify the channels that can best contribute to their goals.

We conduct demographic surveys to create a complete and ideal customer profile. Then, articulate your marketing audience and assess what you’ve done to reach them.

Management and implementation of marketing solutions

Dreams marketing agency Toronto plan, lead and manage marketing campaigns for their clients. We assess the client’s target market, analyze data, communicate with the client, and accordingly convey the underlying brand message and create a blueprint for successful campaigns to nurture leads.

We develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, plan social media campaigns, speak to influencers when necessary, and execute plans. Additionally, working with dreams agency gives you the opportunity to reach out to industry experts.

You can effectively manage your campaigns and focus on developing your core business. This saves time and allows you to leverage the expertise of our thought leaders to increase your brand visibility and reputation in your target market.  

Monitor and evaluate marketing results

Monitoring results is critical to growing your brand as it helps you understand how your audience perceives your marketing efforts. Additionally, continuous monitoring and optimization help achieve the best results, and marketing agencies make sure to check the campaign pulse from time to time.

We monitor efforts and evaluate analytics such as audience engagement, reach, and impressions. Then observe if your campaign needs improvisation and work towards it.

Performance reports and analytics give you a deeper understanding of where your marketing investments are going and how effectively those efforts are supporting your business goals. When customers are unsatisfied with service, agents adjust and optimize their goals to secure new buzz.

Marketing agency statistics

Attracting clients and increasing retention is an ongoing process that expands an agency’s sales funnel.

Before we dive into strategies for attracting more customers, let’s take a look at the stats.

Statistics on lead generation

  • Her 17% of marketers rely on A/B testing to increase conversion rates. 64% of marketers invest in their SEO.
  • 63% of marketers say driving traffic and generating leads through content is a major challenge. 
  • Between 40% and 70% of your company’s qualified leads aren’t ready to buy a product, and 80% of new leads don’t convert.
  • With 20-40% of webinar attendees becoming leads, a lead nurturing agency costs 33% less and generates 50% more sales-ready leads.

Customer behavior statistics

  • Organizations with blogs saw a 55% increase in web traffic, and 57% of businesses acquired customers through their corporate blog.
  • Implementing video content on landing pages increases conversions by 80-86% and converts 42% more visitors to leads with personalized CTAs.
  • 78% of the online population does product research, and 93% of online consumers monitor product reviews before purchasing. 
  • Prospects trust product reviews 12 times more than manufacturer-generated product descriptions and sales statements.
  • 85% of prospective customers trust online reviews from other consumers as much as they make personal recommendations.

This is how marketing agencies give game changing strategies

  1. Find a niche

It is true that not all digital marketing agencies Toronto have the resources and expertise to serve every client industry. But dreams marketing agency has it all.

Therefore, it is important to decide what kind of agency you want to start. In addition, the demand for professional institutions will increase. So assess your resources, narrow down your niche, and stick to it.

Evaluate and define the market niche in which you want to sell your services. Startups, corporations, e-commerce, healthcare, or non-profit organizations. Alternatively, you can minimize your niche based on the types of services you offer.

If you have a niche, rather than setting vague goals, you can be more concise about your target market and develop strategies for targeting. This is an effective way to attract more clients to your marketing agency.  

  1. Suggest service to the ideal customer

Who are your ideal customers, and how do marketing agencies find them? Well, the answer starts with you! I am a customer. Evaluate the process by planning timelines and implementing support mechanisms across services and the business.

Be sure to follow all the steps you tell other customers. Collect analytics, create brand guides, plan data-driven marketing plans, and track and measure performance every step of the way.

Use all the tactics and advice you offer your customers to decipher your storytelling and build trusting relationships with your audience. Notice the quality that shows how competent the service is.

You should also create a service buyer persona to assess your ideal customer. Give a quick overview of what your customers can expect from you and how you should serve them to meet their needs. Additionally, buyer personas can help you understand your target group’s weaknesses.

But prospective clients gain credibility and credibility when they see your strategy contributing to the success of your own business. This helps lead prospects down the conversion funnel.

  1. Communicate with your audience

Communication with prospects is key to attracting new customers. In fact, it’s one of the fastest ways to reach customers and connect them to your existing network.

Be sure to ask prospective customers specific questions about your product or market and evaluate their feedback and suggestions. It helps to get an overview of the current market scenario.

Plus, when you consider potential customers’ feedback and suggestions, they’ll feel valued. Increased loyalty to agency. Communicate with prospects through social channels, conduct polls on Twitter, and ask and answer questions on Instagram Stories.

Additionally, you can drill down through his existing LinkedIn connections to find audiences in your industry and send emails describing the services you offer.

Communication is essential to customer acquisition, but many new businesses fail to acquire customers because they don’t talk to them. Sure, you might already know everything about your target market, but to start winning customers right now, you need to be humble enough to talk to prospective customers to confirm your hypotheses.

  1. Understand your target market.

Try to subdivide your target market into subtle levels to create content that adds value. In addition to communications, we also develop research methodologies and conduct market research.

To find potential customers, do thorough research on social networking sites to find out who has a problem and how your service can solve it.

Contact them and ask if they’d like to chat with you to alleviate any issues or complications. To find online complaints, you can search online forum comments and blog posts.

This helps clarify what the service needs to solve and also helps you easily understand the language the market uses to describe that problem.

It helps you create high-converting sales copy and blogs that have a big impact on your audience. Sales pitches and blog content are great tools for increasing sales and attracting new customers. 

  1. Build an offline presence

Be sure to establish an offline presence. The online world is about not only standing out but also attracting more customers. We also need to increase our offline visibility and enter the “real world.” Attend seminars and offline networking events to meet and network with new business owners and decision-makers.

Networking events are a great place to present your pitch as a marketing agency. We will explain what kind of service we can provide and what kind of support you need.

At the seminar, we will turn our findings into a research paper, set goals, point out existing gaps, and use data to explain how our service can be a solution to fill those gaps. Plus, business fairs and trade shows are great places to make plausible connections.

The focus should be on making your marketing agency part of your local business community so that your fellow entrepreneurs can get to know you and bring in new clients through referrals.

The right networking events and conferences are truly transformative for our clients, strengthen our client base, and drive our distributors’ sales funnels.

  1. Use an online directory

Besides websites, online directories are a great way to reach out to potential businesses seeking marketing agency assistance. You can also start with Google and focus on industry-specific directories.

There are many directories of online marketing agencies that can help you attract more customers, as almost everyone in the directories are qualified potential buyer looking for services.

List your business in local directories as well. Because you can find people who want to support businesses in the area, and these sites act as a resource.

Choose the right directory for your business. Look for directories that provide even more information. B. Advertising opportunities, events, etc.

  1. Stand out on social networks

Social media marketing acts as the fuel for customer acquisition. This consists of two methods.

Organic social media is a great way to build brand awareness, develop your company’s personality, and share content. If you offer a variety of services, you can create shared profiles that segment the demographics of your target audience.

This is an effective way to directly reach your target market within a limited amount of time. Use social media to broaden your Dreams marketing agency’s horizons.

Plan and create content that integrates your brand assets and remains relevant to your target market. To post on a professional network such as LinkedIn, we typically search for service providers on the platform.

If you want to know how to get more clients into your agency, but you’re ignoring your LinkedIn posts, you’re missing out.

Also, post your video content and tutorial tips on Facebook and Instagram. Use Instagram reels to inform your audience of your services. With Reels spreading like wildfire among the online population, you can expect impressive reach with quality Reels content. 

Extra Tips

Provide access to the latest tools and technologies

Dreams Digital marketing encompasses many areas that require unique technology and tools. An experienced agency should provide the necessary resources to enhance your social media strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and more.

Free tools and free trials like Google Analytics and Hootsuite are especially beneficial for small businesses on a tight budget.

These are enough to effectively perform basic social listening, keyword research, benchmarking his website against competitors, and other marketing tasks.

If you want to grow your business or use advanced features, you should invest in premium tools. Some of these apps offer automation, streamlined campaign, and account management, intelligent and actionable analytics, and other valuable features.

When working with digital marketing partners, many agencies purchase premium software at discounted prices through the Technical Partner Circle.

Create fresh and impactful content

An effective Dreams digital marketing agency Toronto professional stays abreast of the latest events and news that may affect your business. We focus on our audience (i.e., the questions consumers typically ask) so that we can create content that addresses market concerns. 

We are able to understand how users are consuming content on their real estate sites and social accounts. Do how-to videos get more attention than on-page blogs? Does downloadable content get enough clicks?

Do social media posts get enough responses? And the insights you can expect from digital marketing professionals to help you create more engaging content. Many digital marketing agencies plan their content marketing strategy by platform.

On-page advertising, off-page advertising, social media advertising, and PPC advertising. You need to create content that is suitable for different types of platforms while maintaining your brand message. 


Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Dreams Agency is a team of more than 15 marketing and advertising professionals with offices across Canada and the United States. We work with SMEs (SMEs) and large enterprises in a variety of industries including:

E-commerce, legal, health and medicine, SaaS, beauty and fitness, travel, automotive, insurance, retail, fashion, professional services, and more. Our team has the experience of delivering both e-commerce sales and service leads. With customers on five continents within two years of launch, our results speak for themselves. 

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