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As we begin the New Year, it is time to reflect back on the year and look ahead toward new trends and horizons. The digital advertising market and industry is booming, and there is no better time to advertise than now.

However, if you want to make the most of your digital marketing ad spend, then it is time to conduct some research. So, if you want to maximize your ad spend, you have come to the right place.

Here is a complete guide to better understanding the digital advertising market with its statistics and trends.

What is Ad Spend in the Digital Advertising Market?

A post explaining the definition of ad spendIn simple terms, ad spend is the amount of money you spend on digital advertisements or marketing campaigns. There are different ways marketers use to account for their ad spend.

For example, some may take into account the spending on placements while others may count the cost of an agency or personnel in the ad spend.

There are various ways the digital advertising market measures ad spend, which can include the following:

  • CPC (Cost per click)
  • CPM (Cost per thousand impressions)
  • CPI (Cost per install)
  • CPS (Cost per sale)
  • CPA (Cost per action)
  • CPL (Cost per lead)

With time, the trends and statistics of ad spend have changed. Let’s review it in detail.

Digital Advertising Market Statistics to Maximize Ad Spend


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If you are in the digital advertising industry, keeping an eye on the most important statistics will help you put your ad spend in the right place.

Let’s review some digital advertising statistics you must know as a marketer:

  1. Most ad spending in 2024 will be generated in the United States
  2. In 2024, the ad spend in digital advertising marketing is estimated to reach $740.3bn
  3. The largest market for advertising is Search Advertising, with a market volume of $306.7bn
  4. In 2028, the average ad appending per user in In-App advertising will reach over $306.7bn
  5. Google has an estimated share of 25% in the digital advertising market
  6. 81% of the Digital Advertising revenue will be generated through programmatic advertising in 2028

Top 3 Digital Advertising Trends in 2024 for Marketers

An infographic on the digital advertising market trends and statisticsNow that you are familiar with the most important digital marketing ad spend statistics in 2024, it is time to look for some trends to ensure your ad spend goes in the right direction.

Our expert marketers have used the data to analyze some possible trends, which include the following:

1. Voice Search Ad Optimization Will Remain Popular

Voice assistants have become increasingly popular over the years, so ad optimization for voice search will remain important. According to Statista Research, the number of users of digital voice assistants will reach 8.4 billion in 2024.

People use these assistants to find information; advertisers can capitalize on this research. So, be sure to optimize your ads for voice search to cater to billions of users and queries.

2. It is a Good Time to Capitalize on Mobile Gaming

By 2027, the in-game ad market is estimated to generate more than $145.5 billion in revenue. Another research indicates that more than 90% of media buyers will implement in-game advertising by 2025.

This means that if you want high returns, you can begin investing in the in-game advertisements. Many big companies are already doing this and reaping high returns.

These include Ford, Coca-Cola, Unilever, and much more. So, be part of the gaming advertising industry in 2024 and witness the returns on your ad spend.

3. Mobile Advertisements Will Remain Steady

We recommend you shift some ad spending toward mobile ads. According to the research above, more than 70% of total ad spend will be generated through mobile.

You can also capitalize on this ad spend and begin targeting your audience through mobile. Once you do, you will easily reach your target audience and maximize your ad spend.


What is ad spend in digital advertising market?

Ad spend is the cost of acquiring new users through paid advertising sources of the company.

How much should you spend on digital ads?

It is important to set aside a percentage of your revenue to spend on digital advertising. As a general rule, we recommend you set aside between 6 and 9% of your revenue for this purpose.

How do you calculate digital ad spend?

If you want to calculate your ad cost, you can follow this formula: Total Cost = Number of Impressions x Cost per Impression.

How much does digital advertising cost?

Digital advertising can cost anywhere between $1,200 to over $10,000 per month. It will depend on your channels and many other factors.

Final Thoughts

Digital advertising is crucial for anyone in the industry or for marketers looking to maximize revenue on ad spending. These trends and statistics of the digital advertising market will help you find ways to maximize your spending and gain higher revenue.

If you want to take charge of your digital marketing efforts, you can also maximize your spending by investing in a digital marketing agency like The Dreams Agency to take care of all your marketing needs.