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92% of people head to the internet before buying a car. 

That means if you are an Autotrader, automotive SEO can get you on the shortlist of buyers.

As more and more people are able to access your website on the internet, the chances of your business succeeding will multiply.

Hence, automotive SEO can be an absolute life-saver for your business.  

If you have a great website design yet you are not getting any visitors from it, it is a major sign that you need to optimize your website.

To step up in rank on search engines, you will find some tips on car dealer SEO.

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What is Automotive SEO?

A definition post explaining what is automotive seoThe variety of techniques that assist in optimizing your vehicle website for improved search engine rankings is referred to as automotive SEO. 

It entails everything, starting from keyword research to backlink building.

Automotive SEO optimization sharply increases your position on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, generating a great deal of web traffic.

The Automotive SEO strategies are designed especially for companies operating in the automotive sector.

This industry generally includes auto repair shops, dealerships, and other companies with a connection to the automotive industry.

If you are a car dealer, using automotive SEO components will improve your website’s organic traffic and help you make more sales.

Although automotive SEO has many advantages, the following are the key reasons you should spend money on the best SEO services:

  • By placing your web pages above your rivals, an SEO solution for auto dealers will give you a competitive advantage.
  • Automotive SEO will boost natural traffic and website clicks. 
  • More qualified and focused leads will come in due to automotive SEO.
  • Car dealer SEO improves foot traffic and brand recognition for you.

10 Tips for a Winning Car Dealer SEO Strategy

A circular map explaining top car dealer seo tipsOnce you plan to implement the automotive SEO journey, the following tips will get you closer to your end goal.

1. Search For the Best Keywords 

When searching, keywords are the terms you enter. 

They can be two-word or longer phrases. 

You may unintentionally utilize a few relevant keywords when describing the location and services of your business on your website and in your GBP listing. 

However, if you want to take the internet by storm, you have to make a robust keyword strategy.

Google runs around 99,000 internet queries in a second. That means every second brings an opportunity if you do car dealer SEO in the right way.

Choose keywords carefully, taking into account the level of competition, for both short- and long-term tactics. 

For the competitor analysis of keywords, you have tools like Google Keyword Planner, Moz, Semrush, and the list goes on.

These tools utilize a variety of data and algorithms to calculate the keyword difficulty.

Relevance of the content, domain authority, quality and the total number of backlinks are all crucial elements used by such tools.

Keywords with high frequency can rank for a lot longer than those with low frequency. 

Make sure to naturally and organically incorporate these automobile keywords into the content of your website.

2. Create Content Using Keywords

Using long tail content keyword for automotive seoYou need to make sure that the material on your website has all the information that is required to understand your brand and website.

That is because people are constantly searching for information about automobiles and dealerships in their area. 

You need automotive SEO to accomplish this by producing top-notch content that is relevant to your audience.

It will become simple for other companies and people to locate you, your offerings, and any more information they may be searching for. 

Optimize every piece of material for high search engine ranking and increased traffic. 

It can be challenging to rank on the first page for profitable local keywords. One workaround for this concern is to give long-tail keywords priority.

Compared to short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords are more specialized and have lower search traffic. 

When combined, they can account for a sizeable portion of all searches conducted in a given area.

For car dealer SEO, you should focus on specific attributes of individual vehicles when pursuing long-tail commercial keywords. 

Keyword mapping is a good way of making a strategy to add relevant phrases to your content.

3. Embrace Video SEO in Your Marketing Approach

Youtube homepage showing list of automotive keywordsIf you sell cars, you are aware of the importance of video SEO in attracting new clients.

Car dealerships are one of the most watched categories on YouTube.

Additionally, it’s critical to ensure that your videos are appropriately optimized for search engine results, as YouTube is the second-largest search engine.

Internet users are much more inclined to watch a video than to read a written passage. 

You may significantly raise the number of prospective buyers who will see your video by making them search engine optimized.

According to Hubspot, 88% of marketers claimed that video helped them produce good ROI.

Videos may potentially reach an even larger audience because people share them on social media.

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4. Create a Feedback Profile

Car dealer seo reviews on GoogleAny local SEO campaign’s success is greatly influenced by its Google Maps ranking. 

Reviews are a good way to indicate to search engines that your business is reliable, and they impact Google Maps ranking as well.

Building a solid review profile should be one of your main goals. And don’t limit yourself to just Google reviews. Ask customers to rate your page on various social media platforms.

Let’s examine some strategies to assist you in creating a favourable evaluation.

  • Following every auto sale or auto repair, ask the client to provide a review. Most consumers would write a review if you request them to, so it won’t be a tough nut to crack.
  • Make sure you present yourself in the best possible light when providing customer service.
  • As soon as you can, reply to reviews on social media. Answer their questions and take note of any worries they may have.
  • Utilize user-generated content about your car dealership by inviting clients to post online about their experiences.

5. Optimize For Local Automotive SEO

Local listings of car dealers in Canada on GoogleIn the last year, the number of people searching for “car dealerships near me” has increased.

Even before you create social media profiles, begin with local SEO listings.

Build local landing pages for each of your locations, especially if you operate in multiple locations.

Include details, like address and phone, and optimize their title tags and meta descriptions for automotive SEO. 

Localized content and local link popularity are recognized ranking factors in Google’s traditional search algorithm. 

Furthermore, local citations from data aggregators, reviews from your local customers, and business listings on Google My Business are location-based factors that are taken into account for local SEO rankings. 

Local Citations

Online references of your company that contain your name, address, phone number, and other details like business hours and customer reviews are known as local citations. 

Unlike links, it is not necessary for them to be clickable.

The following are the top five sites where companies can develop citations:

Websites known as data aggregators gather and submit company data on your behalf to a variety of directories and search engines.

Centralizing company data facilitates search engines’ display of correct information about your company. 

That draws in more customers and boosts your online visibility.

Local citations may have both good and negative effects on local search rankings. 

A company that has a significant amount of correct data citations on high-quality websites and platforms will leave a good impression on Google.

It conveys to them that reliable sites support the company. 

Rankings may suffer if search engines discover citations on lower-quality websites with conflicting data. Local citations are about quality and consistency in addition to quantity.

6. Boost Performance on SERPs with Link Building 

Link-building is a terrific approach to covering all of your bases and giving your website more authority if you want to set your best foot in automotive SEO.

To put it briefly, it is the process of obtaining high-quality links to your website to improve its ranking on Google and other search engines.

To determine how to rank websites highest, Google looks for signals of authority, reputation, and quality in links. 

One of the first signs that search engines were able to employ in their sophisticated ranking algorithms was the presence of high-quality links.

Ensure that your website is not tainted by spam and there is relevancy between your website and the websites that link to it. 

7. Integrate a Schema Markup

Adding schema markup to your website can provide you an advantage over rivals.

You can include a piece of code called schema markup to your website to aid search engines and site crawlers in better understanding its content. 

It conveys to search engines the meaning as well as the content of your data. 

You can use it to illustrate the distinction between new and old inventories. Also, it determines customer feedback and how well-rated your company is on a scale of 1 to 5.  

Schema markup falls into numerous types and the important ones are:

Auto: Categorizes well-known automobiles, such as cars and motorbikes, focusing on features that are important to the retail market, like engine type, speed, and seating capacity.

Local Business: Describes company information that can be used to provide rich search engine results in SERPs, such as address, opening hours, and ratings.

Product: Records details about a product, such as its dimensions and cost, that show up beneath search engine results pages for related pages.

8. Acquire Inbound Links from Reputable Sources

Building a strong inbound link profile is another way to improve your automobile SEO. 

In short, it’s a backlink to your website from another website.

Opportunities for inbound links are abundant, so you need to sacrifice quality by getting links from websites that don’t belong to your industry.

Advantages of Inbound Linking 

Improved SEO and rankings: Pages or websites that acquire more inbound links will rank higher. However, don’t solely depend on them as search engines use other factors besides inbound links to determine a page’s ranking.

Referral traffic: Your website gains from referral traffic whenever someone clicks on a backlink that is provided to it. 

Building your brand: When reputable websites link back to you, people see your own brand as being stronger.

Networking opportunity: If reputable websites in a related field link back to yours, you may be able to establish mutually beneficial commercial ties with these sites.

9. Come up with a Stunning Mobile-Friendly Design

Users are likely to visit a competitor’s website if they find it difficult to navigate your website on a mobile device. This is basic SEO advice that you will find everywhere.

This may result in a high bounce rate, which may lower your search engine ranks and send the wrong message to search engines. 

On the flip side, if people have a positive mobile experience on your website, they are likely to explore more pages. Subsequently, they stay on your site longer, which can raise your search engine results.

To create web designs that make the audience swoon with delight, use these examples.

10. Spot Issues Technical SEO Analysis 

The evaluation of technical website components that guarantee the optimal operation of your website is known as a technical SEO audit

It is an essential part of automotive SEO because technical SEO affects several Google ranking variables.

For example, it makes sure your website loads as quickly as possible. It also handles indexing, sitemaps, redirects, broken and internal links, crawl errors, HTTPS, and AMP, among other SEO-related issues.  


What are NAPs, and how can I use them for automotive SEO?

They are unique business cards that allow you to add all the necessary business details.

Is social media useful for automotive SEO?

Yes, it helps you connect to potential buyers, offers opportunities for social backlinking, and spreads brand awareness.

Why should I choose car dealer SEO?

If you do it right, it will be a cost-effective long-term solution.

Final Thoughts

If you want your sales to skyrocket without draining your bank account, automotive SEO is the solution.

You can position yourself as an industry leader by building credibility through content, backlinking, and citations.

The Dreams Agency has a highly trained team for continuous assistance through end-to-end SEO management.

We dedicate our time to implementing the best SEO practices to help you stand out in all business sectors.