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Just like a physical store or business has signage to entice people to enter, websites also have CTAs for visitors to follow a certain path.

When you use these CTAs poorly, your visitors will not know what to do and may leave your site. Because of this, it is crucial to use 50 powerful call to action phrases to help map the user journey.

These CTAs allow you to meet the customers at the right phase and encourage them to take action.

Our marketing experts have created a comprehensive guide for you to convert your users with powerful CTA phrases and incredible CTA best practices to follow today.

Table of Contents

What is a Call to Action Phrase?

Example of cta buttons on the dreams websiteA call to action (CTA) is a word or phrase created to help a visitor on your website take action. Think of them as concise instructions on the site that guide users, and are optimized with SEO techniques.

Most CTAs have a button or link to help visitors convert. However, other elements make the CTA converting.

Keep reading to find out 50 powerful call to action phrases and more.

The Core Elements of a Powerful CTA

A powerful CTA button or phrase has various elements that ensure readers take action. Let’s understand the core elements that should be part of your 50 powerful call to action phrases:

1. Power Words

These are persuasive words that must be part of your messaging. CTA buttons include these words to get people to take action for better conversions and brand awareness.

Think of these as psychological triggers that will help people feel the emotion you need them to take action. For example, the word “free” is incredibly powerful in advertising.

When people hear free, they want to know what the business offers that doesn’t require money.

Here are some other power words you can use in your 50 powerful call to action phrases:

Power Words to Build Trust

Secure Provides a sense of protection and safety
Guaranteed Suggests assurance or a promise to customers
Certified Indicates that what you offer has endorsement or qualifications
Proven Suggests that something has been tested
Reliable Conveys dependability
Trusted Shows people rely on it
Respect Shows consideration for others
Commitment Indicates seriousness and dedication
Privacy Ensures discretion
Risk-Free Suggests safety from harm or loss


Power Words for Encouragement

Discover Suggests finding something new
Elevate Implies raising to an impressive level
Focus Encourages clarity on goals
Ignite Implies sparking enthusiasm
Excel Ensures being proficient at something
Innovate Encourages thinking uniquely
Boost An implication of giving something an uplift
Dream Suggests envisioning aspirations and goals
Brilliant Indicates praising skills
Transform Implies significant change or growth


Power Words for Sparking Curiosity

Exclusive Implies unique, limited access or information
Sneak Peek Offers a brief and early look at something that is yet to be revealed
Insider Suggests access to privileged information
Uncover Indicates digging deeper into something unknown
Behind-the-Scenes Provides a glimpse into what happens privately
Unveil A promise to reveal something new or important
Breakthrough Implies a significant development or discovery
Untold Suggests information not shared previously
Bizarre Indicates something out of the ordinary
Unbelievable Captures interest by promising something astonishing


Power Words to Ignite Greed

Win Suggests a sense of victory
Profit Indicates financial gain
Jackpot Associated with a desirable or large prize to win
Bargain Implies you will get something of value at a lower price
Bonus Suggests an extra benefit or added value
Limited Implies urgency and scarcity
Premium Indication of high quality that justifies a high price
Saves Conveys that you will be saving money
Exclusive Suggests a limited offering
Double Implies increasing benefits or money with something twofold


2. CTA Button Fonts & Colors

There is a lot of research on the psychological effect of colours. It is well known that colours evoke emotions, and marketing experts have been using them for a long time now to invoke a certain feeling or mood.

Because of this, you can also leverage the power of colours and fonts for CTA buttons. We have divided both these aspects to help you understand their significance better for marketing:

The Power of Colors for a CTA Button

A color wheel depicting colors and their meanings

Different colours invoke different moods, which can include the following:

  • Yellow: Optimism and warmth
  • White: Balance, purity, and calm
  • Red: Excitement and boldness
  • Green: Natural, health, and peacefulness
  • Purple: Creativity and wisdom
  • Blue: Dependability and trust
  • Orange: Friendliness and confidence

Depending on the message you want to showcase in your 50 powerful call to action phrases, you must select an appropriate colour for the button. Another thing to keep in mind is your brand colours.

Let’s say you are a digital marketing agency with a blue website and branding. If you use the same colour for the button, then it might get camouflaged or lost within your website.

The key is to select a colour that stands out and attracts the reader’s attention. It is best to follow good website design practices to ensure the right colour scheme and aesthetics.

Selecting the Right Font

Another important part of your 50 powerful call to action phrases is the font. Make sure the font is legible and clean, as difficult-to-read fonts can hurt the conversions from CTA buttons.

However, if you select a flowery font, then we recommend you go for a bigger size to ensure that people can clearly read all the letters. But such a font is not a good idea for a CTA button.

3. The Placement

While the aesthetics are important, the placement is also equally important. We have provided a comprehensive overview of how you can place the CTA buttons and 50 powerful call to action phrases best:

Understand the User

A pyramid chart explaining the aida marketing modelThe most important acronym in marketing is AIDA. This means Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

These are the steps that the users go through when they become aware of a product or service before becoming a customer.

As the users go through your website, you will have to sprinkle various CTAs that take into account AIDA. A good website and CTA placement ensure that:

  • The website and buttons grab the user’s attention
  • Then, some interest is sparked in the brand
  • As they go through, they have the desire to benefit from the product or service
  • Finally, users decide whether they will take action or not

Primary and Secondary CTA Buttons

If you want users to go through the AIDA journey with success, you must divide your CTA buttons and 50 powerful call to action phrases into primary and secondary ones.

We have divided how you can spread the buttons on each section of the page:

At the Top of the PageAn explanation of z-shaped website pattern

Research suggests that readers follow a Z-shaped pattern when reading information on a website. The top of the page will be the area above the fold where you can add CTAs.

As you can see from the image above, there are various optical areas, and in the weak ones, it will be of no use to add the CTA.

According to our experts, here are the steps you can follow to sprinkle CTAs at the top of the page:

  • The primary CTA should be below the header
  • Include a secondary CTA such as Check our Work or Learn More for people who are not yet ready to buy
  • You can also add an urgency statement below the primary CTA to encourage people to take action
In the Middle of the Page
  • You must use secondary CTAs in the middle of the page. These can include things such as Read our Blog, Learn More, etc.
  • Another tactic is to use CTAs that will promote your offer or help you build an email list
At the Bottom of the Page
  • Use the same primary CTA you used at the top of the page to conclude the page
  • You can also add blog post CTAs to redirect people to valuable information
  • You can use primary or secondary CTAs here
  • It can include newsletter signups to get people to subscribe to your site

Over 50 Powerful Call to Action Phrases in 2023 for Maximum Conversions

An infographic on the 50 powerful call to action phrasesNow that you have some idea about CTA buttons and phrases, you might wonder about the best phrases that will get customers clicking.

Our digital marketing experts have divided more than 50 powerful call to action phrases into various categories for you to select the best one for your needs:

Best Call to Action Phrases for Instagram

The purpose of call to action phrases for Instagram is to engage with your audience. We have listed the best ones you can use:

  1. Save for later
  2. Double tap if you agree
  3. Swipe to find out more
  4. Link in bio
  5. Read more on our blog
  6. Follow for more tips
  7. Let us know in the comments
  8. Turn on post notifications
  9. Check out our stories
  10. Tag a friend who needs to hear this

Real Estate Call to Action Phrases

Real estate call to action phrases encourage users to take action for checking a property that might lead to sales. Here are some converting call to action phrases for real estate:

  1. Talk to an agent right now
  2. Get the best possible bargain
  3. Get this property before it goes off the market
  4. Schedule a property/home tour with us
  5. Learn more about the property
  6. Get the best deal on your home

Creative Call to Action Phrases for Events

As a business, you likely host online and physical events. For your next event, you can opt for these call to action phrases for events that are sure to get people attending:

  1. Join us for an unforgettable experience
  2. Book your spot now for early bird discounts
  3. Grab your seat
  4. Limited seats available
  5. Sign up before it is too late
  6. Reserve your spot today
  7. Unlock early access

Powerful Call to Action Phrases for Email Campaigns

The type of call to action phrase you use for any B2C or B2B email campaign will depend on the purpose. Whether launching a new product or having a sale, you can create an email campaign.

Our campaign experts have listed the following powerful call to action phrases that will work for most email campaigns:

  1. Start your free trial today
  2. Join our exclusive mailing list
  3. Subscribe now to get more updates
  4. Request early access
  5. Unlock dozens of discounts
  6. Find out more
  7. Claim your freebie today

Best Call to Action Phrases for Services

Any business offering a service can benefit from these CTA phrases. You can use them throughout your website as primary and secondary CTAs.

Here are the best call to action phrases for services:

  1. Schedule a free consultation today
  2. Get started with a free quote
  3. Request a personalized demo today
  4. Get professional advice now
  5. Reach out for customized solutions
  6. Let’s get started on your project
  7. Last chance to register for our services

Call to Action Phrases for eCommerce Businesses

Effective CTA phrases for eCommerce businesses guide people into taking action and making a purchase.

Our experts have created a list of effective call to action phrases for ecommerce businesses:

  1. Add to cart
  2. Enjoy free shipping with orders above {insert: amount number}
  3. Complete your purchase now
  4. Join our loyalty program for rewards
  5. Reserve your favourite items now
  6. Get the best deals before they are gone
  7. See what’s new in our store

Best Call to Action Phrases for Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to help you engage and connect with your readers.

Here are the best call to action phrases for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels:

  1. Like our page for more updates
  2. Follow us to remain updated
  3. Book your appointment directly through Messenger
  4. Comment below to let us know your thoughts
  5. Visit our website for more info
  6. Explore our collections today

Call to Action Phrases for Discounts and Offers

Call to action phrases for discounts and offers are important to drive sales. A good strategy is to create a sense of exclusivity and urgency to ensure the audience can act quickly.

Let’s review some top powerful CTA phrases for offers and discounts:

  1. Use code now for 10% off
  2. Limited offer – click to redeem
  3. Score big savings today
  4. Special discount just for you
  5. Flash sale – don’t miss out
  6. Hurry, offer expires in 24 hours
  7. Shop the sale before it is too late
  8. Ends tonight – don’t wait
  9. Last chance to save big
  10. Don’t miss out on our biggest-ever discount

Call to Action Phrases: CTA Best Practices In 2023

Now that you know more than 50 powerful call to action phrases, it is a still a good practice to use tried-and-tested strategies.

These evergreen tactics will help you get the most out of your CTA button and text. Be sure to follow these CTA best practices:

1. Make Sure It Is Visible

There is no point in having a CTA button and text if your website visitors can’t see it. The placement, colour, and font size will help you with this.

However, it is also crucial to ensure that you follow some other strategies to boost visibility. These include the following:

  • Add white space to minimize clutter
  • Don’t bury your CTA in the middle of your content
  • A good practice for maximum visibility is to add a CTA at the beginning and end of your page

When you follow these practices, the CTA will be easy to spot, and the users will take the action you need.

2. Play with the Button Shapes

Yes, many people ignore this aspect, but even the button’s shape can impact the CTA conversions. You can choose from square, round, rectangle, and many other buttons.

Remember that not every shape will work well for every type of CTA; instead, you will have to conduct A/B testing to decide what works better, which brings us to our next point.

3. Conduct A/B Testing with the Right Tools

A diagram explaining a/b testingA/B testing is also known as split testing, a popular marketing analysis technique. You split your audience and test different campaign variations on different types of audiences.

The results of the test will show you which variation works better. You must test your 50 powerful call to action phrases to see which ones perform well on your website.

Test the style, text, font, colour, and much more to determine the performance of each. Keep an original version and then make minor tweaks to determine which works well.

Once you do this comprehensive testing, you will see which changes bring the best outcomes. Remember, there is a risk you will lose conversions if you don’t measure the CTAs.

So, if you want to grow your sales and leads, then we recommend you conduct A/B testing for the CTAs. Here are some tools you can opt for to conduct these tests

Optimizely – Best for Fast-Growing Businesses

Pricing: You have to contact them for a custom quoteA screenshot of the Optimizely home pageOptimizely is a paid tool for enterprise brands that will provide you with complete features for A/B testing. It has many testing and tracking features that will help you understand what works best.

Some of the top features of this A/B testing tool include the following:

  • Advanced testing
  • You can also run multivariate testing
  • Visual editor
  • Personalization and targeting
  • The exclusion groups feature lets you run different tests on one page without affecting the user experience or SEO
  • Comprehensive reporting

If you are a first-time user or a small business, this tool might not be for you. However, large-scale websites will benefit greatly from one of the top A/B testing tools.

Firebase A/B Testing – Best for Small Businesses

Pricing: Free

As the name suggests, this is an A/B testing tool by Google that will integrate well with Google Analytics. The platform makes it easy to see how the variations will impact the website’s performance.

Some of the top features of this platform include the following:

  • SEO features to help understand the ranking
  • It can run multivariate, personalization, server-side, and split URL tests
  • Visual editor
  • Customized goal setting
  • Customizable reports
  • Integration with other Google tools

The best part is that it is a simple tool to use. You can visit their page and begin designing and conducting the A/B tests.

Apptimize – Best for Mobile Apps

Pricing: You will have to contact them to get a custom quote

A screenshot of the Apptimize home pageAccording to a recent study, nearly 60% of people like shopping on an app rather than other channels. However, conducting A/B testing on a smartphone app can be difficult.

This is where Apptimize comes in to make your life easier and help you conduct A/B testing for the CTA buttons on your app. Here are the top features of this tool:

  • Funnel analysis
  • Access controls and permissions limit
  • Activity dashboard
  • Different types of A/B testing

If you want to better understand the customers who use your mobile app, then this is the top choice for you.

4. Less Is More

Indecisiveness has become the norm in the 21st century. The reason for this is that we have so many choices, we are overwhelmed, and it hinders our decision.

For example, it would be easier to decide between burgers and pizza. However, if we present the choice of burgers, pizza, salad, fries, fruits, and chocolates, your head might explode from deciding between all the choices.

So, it is important to follow the CTA best practices of less is more. You can provide multiple choices to users, but ensure you give weight to one choice more than others.

It will help you with funnelling users towards a specific path. The path doesn’t matter, but users want guidance about what action to take next.

5. Add Supporting Text before the CTA Button

an example of the supporting cta text on HubSpot home pageSome users will be easy to convince, while others will need a little more convincing. Give the latter a reason by adding supporting text before the CTA button to encourage the users to click.

Let’s say you want people to sign up for your email newsletter. Then, you must provide an incentive such as 10% off when a user provides you with their email.

The offering will be your supporting text, and with this offering, you will lead them to the CTA button that will enable them to subscribe to your store.

So, you must create an enticing journey with the text to help people click the CTA button with the 50 powerful call to action phrases.

6. Create a Natural Hierarchy of your CTA Buttons

It is not necessary that you only have one CTA button on your website pages. Instead, there will be various CTA buttons on a web page that will not be your main CTAs.

The key is to let the flow of the CTA buttons remain natural. The main CTA button must grab the most attention, while the others should be less attention-grabbing.

Example of main and supporting cta buttonsAs you can see from the image above, HubSpot has sprinkled its main CTA on the top with a darker and bolder colour. Then, it used the same colours in monochrome for the supporting CTA.

We recommend you use monochrome colours or light-coloured CTA buttons for your supporting ones. On the other hand, the main CTA must have the brightest colour and be the biggest.

Learn From the Best: Powerful Call to Action Buttons from the Best Brands

Finally, it is important to look at some examples to determine how you can implement CTA buttons in your strategy. While having 50 powerful call to action phrases is important, it is also vital to witness how other brands use them.

So, we have rounded up some of the top examples of the best brands to help you understand how to make the most of your CTA phrases and buttons:

1. Glossier

CTA: Sign Me Up

An example of the Glossier cta buttonGlossier is one of the top beauty brands that understands how marketing is done. When you visit the official website, you will instantly realize how clean and minimal it is.

Their CTA is a pop-up that urges you to sign up for their email subscription. Now, you might think this is ordinary, but the language that Glossier uses is important for converting users.

The image above is a CTA pop-up from their site, and the line “Want 10% off? Of course you do” is an encouraging way to ask users to sign up for the newsletter.

So, all you have to do is click “Sign Me Up,” and you will get a discount on your purchase.

Takeaway from Glossier’s CTA

Use language that entices the user and encourages them to sign up. An incentive such as a discount can go a long way in ensuring people take the action you want them to through your 50 powerful call to action phrases.

2. Buffer

CTA: Get Started Now

An example of the Buffer cta buttonWhile the CTA phrase and button might not be exciting, the text supporting the CTA is important. Buffer first entices users by inviting them to try the platform for free.

Then, they also let visitors know that more than 140,000 small businesses use the platform to build their brand.

When a visitor is done reading the text, they are curious to try the platform for free and check whether it is right for their business.

Takeaway from Buffer’s CTA

Buffer uses large graphics with big fonts and contrasting colours to make their CTA easy to see. Their CTA targets a certain audience (small business in this case) and promises to help you grow your business.

3. HubSpot

CTA: Get a Demo & Get Started Free

An example of the HubSpot cta buttonHubSpot uses multiple CTAs to encourage people to take action. They also use monochromatic colours to focus attention on the main CTA and then the supporting CTA.

With the CTA, the platform is prompting visitors to get a demo and get started with their premium tool for free. The word premium here indicates that you will get to try an exceptional service for free.

The language is important because it is what helps the user make an informed decision.

Takeaway from HubSpot’s CTA

Provide a demonstration or free trial to users to encourage them to get a sneak peek of what you offer. Also, offer supplementing free tools or resources to gain higher conversions.

4. Evernote

CTA: Sign up for Free

An example of the Evernote cta buttonYou will notice that many brands leverage the power of the word Free to get people to click on the CTAs including Evernote. When you visit their home page, you will find a bright and bold green CTA button with the word free.

The CTA works because it immediately catches the eyes and ignites your desire to sign up for their tools without any cost. They also have special discounts and offers going on that they add to the top of the home page.

With such offers, visitors can count on them to provide discounts and special offers in the long run.

Takeaway from Evernote’s CTA

Use bright and bold colours and fonts to make your 50 powerful call to action phrases as visible as possible. Then, complete the CTA by offering an incentive to encourage users to click on the button and hopefully convert.


What is an example of a great call to action?

Some examples of great call to actions include: subscribe now, sign up for free, add to card, get a demo, learn more, continue shopping, etc. Build a sense of urgency and encourage people to take action.

What is a strong call to action?

A strong call to action will grab the attention of your customers and provide them with an incentive to take the action you want them to. Such strong CTAs will prove to be effective in giving customers a boost of confidence to do business with you.

What are the trigger words for call to action?

Examples of CTA trigger worlds include Get Started, Join Now, Download Now, Claim your Offer, Book your Spot, and more.

What is an example of a call to action reminder?

CTA reminders are there for people to remember they have to take a certain action. These can include phrases such as download the free trial, buy now, join our mailing list, contact us today, etc.

Final Thoughts

These were the more than 50 powerful call to action phrases you can add to your arsenal today. Such CTAs are common, and you can customize them according to your brand.

Just be sure to follow CTA best practices and see what other brands in your niche are doing. Research will help you go a long way in having a converting CTA.

However, if you find this overwhelming, you can always hire marketing experts at The Dreams Agency. Our specialists will be more than happy to help you out with your CTA efforts.